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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/12/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/12/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

"There's a buzz around the WWE universe wanting to know what's more powerful the Brogue Kick or the KO Punch. Well, we're going to find out right now." - Booker T

Big Show's punch
"Guess I'll be seeing you at Hell in a Cell, fella." - Big Show
"You 'bout to get fired. Just get yo @$$ out of here." - Booker T to Tensai
Booker then made Sheamus vs Tensai apparently during the break.

Sheamus vs Tensai
"Tensai translates to destruction in Japanese" - Josh Matthews
"Tensai badly wants to make a name for himself. The only foreigner to ever hold the IWGP championship and the NOAH championship." - JBL, who is wrong as Tensai held neither. He only held the tag titles in both companies.
"This match hasn't even officially begun yet Josh, and it may not. I'm not sure Sheamus cares to have a wrestling match." - JBL
"Sheamus likes poking the bear that is the Big Show. The only problem is that the bear pokes back." - JBL
"Look at the power and strength of the World Heavyweight Champion." - Josh Matthews
"Pure Power." - JBL
The finish
Sheamus beat Tensai in a short but good match with a Brogue Kick. They had a match on SD a month or so ago that was really good and this was no exception. They work pretty stiff with each other and clobber each other alot with forearms and it's quite good. I really liked the brawl outside to start this and I thought that JBL/Matthews were really good building this up at the booth. Gotta love a battle of the hosses! It should also be noted that a light Tensai chant broke out during the match. Rating:**1/2
"I don't care what Randy said on Twitter the other day. Just remember what I did to him on Monday and what Big Show did to him on Wednesday." - Alberto Del Rio
"If you're so worried about him, why don't you just go and find him?" - ADR
"But I, uh.." - Ricardo Rodriguez
"Go and find him." - ADR
"You scared of snakes Ricardo?" - Santino
"No" - Ricardo
"You should be, snakes are one of the scariest animals in the world." - Santino
"But there's another snake you should be worried about. One that's equally deadly. Some say more so. It's called THE VIPER. " - Santino
"You got him good. There'll be more of that in the ring tonight," - Santino Marella
"Heath Slater's the one man band. Looks like now he's got an entire group of WHAM" - JBL
"As solo acts, our careers were out of tune. But now we're united. We've formed a supergroup." - Jinder Mahal
Okay, these guys are now my favorite team. Take a look at that gif and tell me that you don't love these guys.
Heath Salter and Jinder Mahal - The Band vs Santino Marella and Zack Ryder - Team Cobro
"An impromptu game of paper, rock, scissors." - Josh Mathews
"Paper, rock, scissors? You gotta be kidding me. I'm the longest reigning champion in the history of Smackdown and this is what we've come down to? Paper, Rock, Scissors? Me and Ron Simmons never did that." - JBL
Santino Marella hits a double axe-handle from the bottom rope
"Santino has a little bit of a history of being afraid of heights." - Josh Mathews
"How about eccentric? How about just crazy?" - JBL
Heath Slater hits Zack Ryder with a "From Lust to Dust" snapmare driver.
Heath Slater beat Zack Ryder with a "From Lust to Dust" snapmare driver for the win. This was a really fun match. Team Cobro is a great name and they make a really fun team. The Band is kind of like the heel version of them with their eccentricity and goofiness. This match was all-fun and it was quite enjoyable. They really need to go over the top with the Band and have them do performances, get silly gear and really play it up, because I really think people would get a kick out of it. I know I do. Rating:*1/2
"Big surprise, it took two people to beat me on Monday Night Raw, so now I am officially releasing a challenge to Kane on Friday Night Smackdown, because wrestling is like the 5th best thing I do. SHOW OFF." - Dolph Ziggler
Kane vs Dolph Ziggler
"Kane is one half of the dysfunctional tag team champions." - Josh Mathews
"They keep winning, is that dysfunctional? How do you call them dysfunctional? Team wins a Super Bowl, you call them dysfunctional. The Bears make a rap video and you call them dysfunctional?" - JBL
"Dolph Ziggler was briefly heavyweight champion at one time." - Josh Mathews
"Why you gotta mention briefly? He was world heavyweight champion. You know how many great talents have never been heavyweight champion? Hot Rod Roddy Piper, Ted Dibiase, never been World Heavyweight Champion, and yet you gotta put a caveat on Dolph Ziggler." - JBL
"Vickie is a good coach. She's like the reincarnation of Farmer Burns." - JBL
"I saved you." - Daniel Bryan
"NO, what are you talking about?" - Kane
"No you did not, I had it under control." - Kane
"Gentlemen, do you agree that it's this bickering that might cost you the tag titles at Hell in a Cell?" - Matt Striker
"Daniel Bryan, many people feel that you might be the weak link in this team. How do you respond?" - Matt Striker
"NO" - DB
"YES" - Kane

Kane beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Dolph Ziggler used the briefcase as shown above. After the match, DB came down to save Kane from a Dolph Ziggler attack before they argued. Matt Striker then tried to cool them down and got "no lock'd" and chokeslammed for his troubles. As for Dolph/Kane, it was a really good match. Dolph bumped everywhere and was really entertaning as was JBL on commentary. I had alot of fun watching it and I think you will too.

"Are you ready for an RKO? Be smart and walk away"

"It's a brawling buddy, see it talks. Hey! Gimme that." - Hornswoggle
Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show
The Big Show beat Kofi Kingston with his knockout punch in about 2 minutes. This was too short and Kofi/Show didn't work too well together. Show got too close to Kofi when he was hitting moves so it didn't really work out well.
"Really? Really? Isn't this appropriate. Kofi, this is where you should be. This is what always happens doesn't it." - The Miz
"I'm going to leave with my head held high and the intercontinental title over my shoulder just like it will be this Wednesday on Main Event, when I beat you." - The Miz
"Expecting somebody else?" - DB
"Yes, I was expecting a little snake, not a smelly goat." - ADR
"If I am a GOAT, it's G as in greatest, O as in of, A as in all, T as in time." - DB
"I just got out of Booker T's office and he just told me, you and I have a match tonight. I gues we're gonna find out who the real goat of the WWE is. Oh yeah, I'm the tag team champions." - DB
"It proves everything. We found a blonde wig." - Layla/Kaitlyn
"Aksana told us that she found a blonde wig in Eve's bag." - Teddy Long
"I actually happened to go through your bag Teddy. And I found this. So before you all start pulling fingers, Teddy, how do we know it wasn't you? " - Eve
"That is not funny Eve." - Layla
"This isn't over Eve." - Kaitlyn
"I don't know what you're trying to do or what you're trying to prove. You know I had nothing to do with this." - Teddy Long
"Neither did I. Teddy you looked ridiculous in that wig." - Eve
"Nobody talks to you. I don't know why anybody talks to you." - JBL to Josh Mathews
Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara
"Sin Cara, a great star in CMLL, but now he stepped up to the major leagues of the WWE." - JBL
The finish
Sin Cara beat Damien Sandow with a super hurracanrana in a quick match. This was good but way way too short. Cara mostly flew around and Cody Rhodes ended up getting ejected leading to Cara getting the win.
"Even if it seems like I'm in trouble, I don't even want you to think of getting involved." - DB
"Dont worry, I wont." - Kane
The finish
Alberto Del Rio beat Daniel Bryan with the cross armbreaker. This was a good match but it mostly focused on the yes/no chants and not too much else. DB was in control for most of this and looked pretty strong against ADR. It was surprising to see ADR win clean like that and to not see Orton get involved. Rating:*3/4
"Social media is messing with you, because Randy Orton did not show up." - Alberto Del Rio
"Randy Orton is nothing but a small garden snake with no cajones to show his face tonight." - Alberto Del Rio
Randy Orton returned and did a small beatdown on ADR before ADR ran. He then RKO'd Ricardo on the table.

Overall thoughts: Good show tonight. I liked Randy's return, I liked the Teddy Long storyline and loved the Sheamus/Show and DB/Kane stuff. What more can you ask for really. A definite home run of a show!

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