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WWE Superstars 10/11/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 10/11/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:


Wade Barrett vs Tyson Kidd
This is a rematch of last week's great match.
Wade Barrett beat Tyson Kidd with the Souvenir. This was a good match but not as good as last week's match. They were stiff and Kidd did some cool moves, as did Wade. Kidd hit Wade with a stiff kick from the apron that the announcers really loved. Tyson Kidd is becoming a great opponent for Wade and hopefully they put this on one of the main shows real soon. Rating:**1/2
Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro
"I've interviewed Antonio Cesaro lately and do you know what it's like to be insulted in 5 different languages?" - Matt Striker
We got a USA chant here even though Cesaro is from Switzerland and Gabriel is from Africa.
"Antonio Cesaro does the catch as catch can style in the same way as the great Frank Gotch and Billy Robinson." - Matt Striker
"Imagine the force he took." - Matt Striker
Antonio Cesaro hits Karelin's Lift, aka The Cesaro Lift
Scott Stanford brought up Aksana being sad and how Cesaro dumped her after she failed him by costing him a match.
"You gotta give Gabriel a 9.9 on the moonsault, no?" - Scott Stanford
Antonio Cesaro beat Justin Gabriel with a Gotch-style Neutralizer in a really good match. This was probably the best match of the week. Highflying, stiff moves and all kinds of cool things going on. These guys really went all out and gave it the extra effort. This was a ton of fun and well worth a look. Don't miss it! Rating:***

The rest of the show featured Raw clips, which I hope is not something permanent. It's true that Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd can only work so many matches, but I much rather prefer 3-4 matches a week, especially if they are quality.

Overall thoughts: Two great matches here but tons of raw clips. The matches were that good and worth checking out, but it does suck that there's less than 25 minutes of fresh material total.

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