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PURE-J 3/17/2019

PURE-J 3/17/2019

Hanako Nakamori vs Hiroyo Matsumoto

The finish

They lock up to start. Hanako leg kicks her and Hiroyo knocks her over with a shoulder. Hananko yakuza's her. Hanako runs up the ropes and armdrags her then sends her outside, where they exchange strikes. Hana tries to run at her from the apron but Hiroyo throws a chair at her and stops it. Hiroyo pulls her by the nose on the ropes and squashes her when she is tied up. Hiroyo leans back and stretches her. Hiroyo grabs her legs and stretches them back, then adds a crossface onto it. Hiroyo then goes up top for the vader bomb style double knees and gets 2. Hanako hits a kick combo and takes a hard forearm from Hiroyo. Hanako fisherman suplexes Hiroyo from the top and shining wizards her for 2.

Hanako misses a destiny hammer attempt and then germans Hiroyo, who doesn't really sell it. Hanako gets german'd after. Hana hits a high kick and eats a lariat. They trade elbows and strikes then Hiroyo takes an enzugiri. Hanako hits the destiny hammer for 2 then a pair of cradles for 2. She kicks Hiroyo right in the face for another 2, then gets wheel barrel backdropped. Hiroyo hits double lariat then a back elbow. Hiroyo then backdrops her three times and wins it. This was okay. I thought Hiroyo should have sold more though, especially on the kicks she took.

Manami Katsu and Mari Manji vs Miyuki Takase and Noa Igarashi

The finish
Takase pushes Manji to start and Miyuki hypes the crowd. Katsu rolls out of an armlock to start and they do the usual countering. Katsu hits a big shoulder block and surfboards Takase. The announcers talk about orange juice...Manji gets in. Takase half-camel clutches her and Noa is supposed to dropkick Manji, but won't stop running. Noa tires herself out and gives Manji a minor tap. Takase crabs Manji. Noa gets in and Maji forearms her, then gets in Katsu who slaps her with her feet. Katsu flips off Takase and yakuz kicks Noa. Katsu and Manji sandwich Noa and Takase together then double armlock Noa and pose over her. Katsu and Noa trade strikes with Katsu hitting some good ones. Noa is about to get forearmed and blocks it, then also avoids getting her foot stomped on.

The feed gets stuck with Noa grabbing Katsu up top, then Katsu lays the boots on her. Takase and Katsu have a lariat battle which Katsu tries to cheat, but Takase ends up winning. Taakse fires up and misses a legdrop then gets superkicked in the head twice. Takase takes a backbreaker over the knee and Katsu slingshot underhook drops her on her stomach. Takase and Manji chop each other, then Takase does her chop and forearm combo. Takase dropkicks Manji for 2 and hits her 2nd rope forearm. Takase hits her 2nd rope legdrop on Manji I think Natsu kicks her own partner in the back to break up a hold then superkicks both opponents right in the head. Takase hits a lariat and downs Manji and it's funny as right as this happens Katsu goes outside. Noa finally gets back in and they double dropkick Manji, then senton/legdrop her at the same time. Noa and Manji trade pin attempts and Manji wins with La Escalera. This was just an average match. Nothing wrong or bad with it, just a little long. Noa didn't do much here and this wasn't anything special.

Kaori Yoneyama vs Leon

The finish

They go to the mat to start with chain wrestling. They shake hands and Kaori steps on her feet then throws her. Kaori ties her up in the ropes and hits a bunch of chops. Kaori pulls on Leon's mouth while sitting on top of Leon. Kaori takes a running dropkick and a senton then gets her nose stretched by Leon. Kaori overhead double chops her then Leon lawndart spears her in the corner. They trade some shots and Leon dumps Kaori over the top rope. Leon dives from the top onto her and everyone else. Somehow, Kaori gets up before she does and hits running knees from the apron. Kaori beats on her some and hits a senton on her from the middle rope.

Leon gets up and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then a very high texas cloverleaf. Leon charges at the ropes at Kaori and clotheslines herself then she hits a cool back rack and then a tilt-a-whirl slam. Kaori kind of back body drops Leon from the top, which Leon doesn't sell much, then Leon spider german's her and splashes her for 2. Kaori ducks a spin kick and does a shiranui up the ropes(not the corner). Leon spin kicks her twice. They roll up each other and Leon hits a spear and pins her. I didn't like the selling at all here, and it hurt the match. They did spare no bumps though.

Bolshoi Kid vs Mayumi Ozaki
Bolshoi bows to Oz. She starts dancing around and gets the ref to join, but Oz won't join. Oz tries to leave but she stops her. Oz ducks down and Kid joins her, then kips-up and walks the top rope, then armdrags her down. Kid teases diving out but rolls back and poses. Oz tries to leave but Kid takes her chain and hops around it. Oz comes back and tries to use the chain but misses and they tug of war over the chain. Kid keeps pulling on it and Oz lets go, which makes Kid fly. Oz pulls on Kid's mask and then steps on both of Kid's hands. The ref makes her break so she stomps on them. Oz does a chain shot in front of the ref to no DQ. Oz then ties Kid to the top rope. Oz then mocks her and kicks her. Kid starts crying and the crowd boos Oz, who isn't happy. The ref unties Kid. Kid trips then 619's her. Kid ties a band around Oz then is forced to let go of it, so it nails her in the face. Kid gives it to the ref and counts at her to break it, then the ref nails Oz with it.

Kid blows up a balloon and chases Oz with it. They all then get in Kid lets go of it and everyone in the ring falls down. Oz and Kid then both play possum about getting up. The ref bends over to check Oz and Kid trips her onto Oz and then counts the 3. The ref and Kid then celebrate. Oz brings in a chair. Kid and Oz both try to sit on it. They they do the game where you run around the chair until the music stops. They fight over it. Kidd offers her it then moves it out of the way as she tries to sit. She then sits on it and Oz kicks her over. Oz throws a chain at her. They go outside and both fight each other and end up counted out. This was all comedy here and not my cup of tea. Kid and Oz shake hands after then Kid steps on her foot and runs for it.

Daily Sports Tag Titles - WANTED - KAZUKI and Rydeen Hagane vs Moeka Haruhi and Yako Fujigasaki

Moeka and Yako charge in early off the handshake and Moeka hits a cool wrist-clutch roll-up. Rydeen splashes Moeka for 2. Moeka's team does double hip attacks on Rydeen. Yako puts Moeka on her back then stomps Rydeen. Kazuki puts Yako in the STF. Kazuki drops both knees on Yako. WANTED goes for a double team move but Moeka interrupts it. WANTED then double vader bombs both of their opponents. Yako fights off both of Wanted. She gets shoulderblocked, but kips up and then jumps off the ropes, armdragging both. She then hip attacks Rydeen and she goes out. Yako backbreakers Kazuki while standing then backdrops her. Moka double stomps Kazuki. WANTED gets put in dual submissions at the same time but hands on. They then get splashed on at opposite ropes and Moeka northern lights Kazuki for 2. Kazuki hits a TKO for 2 and tags in Rydeen.

Rydeen gorilla presses and drops Haruhi, then hits 2 lariats on her. Moeka tries to fight back but doesn't make much headway with multiple forearms. Rydeen then powerslams her for 2. Rydeen gets double suplexed and then double stomped by Moeka from the 2nd rope. She then takes another top rope footstomp by her and Yako does a turn around splash on her from the top. Rydeen laraits both opponents and gets a 2 on Yako. Rydeen then splashes her from the top for 2. Yako bridges out of a double lariat, then Moeka gets caught by both from the top. Yako jumps onto the second rope and butt bumps them over. Then she hits a german and a tiger suplex on Rydeen. Yako does a nice roll-up on Rydeen for 2. Kazuki hits a double codebreaker on both opponents. Kazuki does a codebreaker + senton on Yako. Kazuki climbs on Rydeen's shoulders, they walk across and Kazuki drops a knee on Yako, then Rydeen moonsaults her for the win. This was fine to good. Nothing bad about this at all and I enjoyed it. WANTED came off looking real good out of this.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad show at all by Pure-J/JWP.  I didn't really like the comedy, but everything else was fine for the most part. This had solid wrestling up and down the card.

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