Wednesday, April 24, 2019

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/7/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 3

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/7/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 3

Day 2 is here -

This is from Nagoya International Conference Hall. It's a really nice looking facility.

Gianni Valletta vs Zeus

Zeus gets rushed early by GV, who throws him into the railings multiple times. GV hits a running yakuza in the corner and a cannonball. Zeus hits a big lariat and sends him down then gorilla presses him. GV hits a nice tiger driver for 2. Zeus then gets control again and takes it in a quick one with a jackhammer. A short but perfectly fine match.

Daichi Hashimoto vs Jake Lee

The finish
They test each other out early until Lee sends Hash down with a kick to the mid-section. Lee then hits some knees. Lee hits some more shots and Hash tries to fire up before going down. Hash gets back up and hits a shot and then takes control. Lee starts selling his knee hard really off of nothing. Then he grabs Hash's leg and suplexes him, before getting some offense in the corner. They exchange some strikes and Hash catches Lee's knee then works on it. Hash then hits an STF on the wrong leg. Lee goes for a backdrop and Hash surprises him with a hard knee to send him down. Hash then wins it with a big shining wizard. This had some issues but I still liked it. The early part was a bit too slow though.

Ryoji Sai vs Shuji Ishikawa

They start off slow here working headlocks for a few minutes. They fool around at a slow speed outside for a bit. Shuj drapes Sai off the apron and then DDT's him on the floor. Shuj beats on Sai for a little more and so far this is a dud. They go back outside and do some weak throwing into the chairs with Sai starting to target Shuji's leg. Sai then works his leg for a while. Shuj hits his middle rope footstomp for a 2. Sai teases perhaps tiger suplexing Shuji to the outside off the top, but we all know that ain't happening, and it doesn't. Shuj then tries to powerbomb Sai on the apron, but Said reverse it into a back body drop. Sai and Shuj do some weak strike exchanges near the entrance but they both jump back in to beat the count. Sai goes back to the leg. They do more eh strikes and Shuji puts the cobra clutch on from the ground. Shuj gives that up and then gets suplexed. Sai tries a top rope double stomp, misses then gets lariated down. Shuj hits his knee for a 2 and then a fire thunder for 2. Shuj took a superplex as the announcer yells about the time limit and we go to a draw. This match wasn't any good. Yes it being a 30 minute draw played a large role in it, but they just didn't put much effort or thought into it and I suspect because it was a smaller show and they didn't want to kill themselves over it. These two shouldn't have had any problem putting in a good match together, but they just didn't want to.

Joe Doering vs Yoshitatsu

That last match was so nothing that I'm looking forward to this.
Crowd is probably like 75/25 Joe here. Yoshi loses the initial tie-up and stalls outside. Please no stalling after that last one. Joe wins the power battle and Yoshi goes outside again. The ref warns Yoshi during this, then Yoshi gets Joe out and signals the ref to say something. Yoshi goes into the rails outside. Joe then hits Yoshi with a boston crab outside the ring near the fans. Joe slaps on another boston crab and it's clear we got another slow one here. Joe slaps on a camel-clutch like move. They fool around outside again with nothing major happening. I fast forwarded through this and this was a dud with Yoshi taking it with a codebreaker.

Overall thoughts: Not a good night here. The last two matches were long, slow and boring and Zeus's decent match didn't make up for it.

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