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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/14/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 8

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/14/2019  - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 8

Day 7 is here:

I'm just doing the 4 CC matches here:

Joe Doering vs Sam Adonis
Doering looks like a pimp with his fur coat and cowboy hat. Sam stalls early on saying he isn't ready, getting out of the ring multiple times. Joe chases, gets in and then gets stomped. Sam grabs the ropes on an irish whip and goes all the way over after a lariat. They fight outside and Sam goes into the rails. Sam grabs the ref and hits a bad low blow with his foot and grabs the cheap win in a quick one.

Joel Redman vs Takashi Yoshida
I dunno about this one. Redman hits a nice over the shoulder takedown. Yoshida gets crucifixed in a nasty stretch but hits the ropes quick to get out. Yoshida blows snot at Joel and chokes him with wrist tape. Yoshida got the win here. Another not good match out of him, but at least he did a good running ligerbomb.

Ryoji Sai vs Zeus

They tie each other up and Sai headbutts the leg. Sai gets suplexed on the mats outside. Sai puts down Zeus with a few hard kicks to the front. He then throws Zeus through the first 3 rows, and then another on the other side. Both probably should have been counted out here. Sai really kicks the crap out of Zeus. Zeus then catches him running into the corner by his throat and gorilla presses him with it. Zeus lights up Sai with some chops and then throws him overhead. Sai punishes Zeus with more kicks to the back and they suplex each other consecutively. Sai hits a super high superplex on Zeus with both guys coming down hard. Sai misses the top rope double stomp and gets chokeslammed hard. They have another nice strike battle and Zeus gets the nearfall with a lariat. Sai ALMOST MURDERS Zeus, doing a reverse release slam on the guy darn near killing him. That was freaking dangerous and super reckless. Sai then destroys Zeus with a nasty nasty running knee in the corner. Sai then hits a double stomp from the top for the win. This was a strong match and one of my favorites of the tournament so far. Both these dudes really beat the crap out of each other and definitely made it seem like they had some beef to settle. Tons of hard strikes and high impact moves all throughout. The going out to the crowd part didn't really do that much and that release reverse slam was super super dangerous, but this was a pretty great match otherwise between two tough guys. Zeus is just a really likeable wrestler and is an upgraded Japanese Batista.

Kento Miyahara vs Shuji Ishikawa
Kento is super over like usual. He gets rushed quick. Kento and Wada do their usual schtick on the outside. The early part was mostly all comedy. Shuji curb-pushes Kento's head into the middle rope. Shuji also russian legsweeps the back of Kento's head into the top turnbuckle. They did a flurry of moves out of nowhere after another stall. Kento hit his usual knees and a nice delayed german on the big man. Kento kicked out of a splash mountain and a kamigoye but was finally pinned by a non-rotating angle slam. I didn't like this match. There wasn't much structure and the first half was nothing before they just started going into big moves. A shame too since this could have been good.

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