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USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/16/1993 Review

USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/16/1993 Review

Last week's show is here:

The quality on this one really sucks.
Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are your hosts.
"I've had a problem all my life, you know? And that's women fighting over me." - Mike Miller | "I went out and the mean man that I am, I united these two women. I explained, I'm big enough for the both of ya." - Mike Miller
"Is that a nice threesome or what?" - Prentice | "I got my cake and I'm eating it too." - Miller
"I've got the shot heard round the world. What would you say if I could put an end to all this Bubba Johnson controversy?" - Prentice
"I've looked all over the country. I found the woman married to Bubba Johnson." - Prentice
"You know who this is?" - Prentice | "Yeah, Sapphire from the WWF." - Brown | "This is Sapphire Johnson. She was married to Bubba Johnson." - Prentice
"Yes, I'm still married to Bubba Johnson." - Sapphire
Bert quizzed her and she explained the details on Bubba Johnson. She said she didn't know where he went and he started acting funny then left.

Lawler came out.
"Scoot over there just a second. You're like an eclipse, blocking the sun out." - Lawler
"You were with Dusty Rhodes in the WWF?" - Lawler | "Bubba Johnson stole her from Dusty Rhodes as a matter of fact." - Prentice
King quizzed her and said that since Sapphire is gone from the WWF, she might be doing some things to make money, aka pretending to be the wife of Bubba Johnson.
"I don't know how well you know Bert Prentice, but I want to bring out the person he says is Bubba Johnson." - Lawler

Watch Bert as he's about to get busted

"That's a WOM-AN. I'M NOT MARRIED TO A WOMAN." - Sapphire
"You don't understand, that's not a woman." - Prentice | "THAT IS A WOMAN." - Sapphire

Sapphire beats up Bert | "Bert Prentice got more trouble than he bargained for here." - Brown
Leslie Belinger and Lauren Davenport then came to Bert's rescue:

Miss Texas to the rescue!
We got clips from the Hair vs Southern Title - Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett match.

Brian Christopher won after 4 different people interferred and Mike Samples held down Jeff's legs.

Terror Number 1 vs Jeff Jarrett
Watch the girl in the pink get YANKED off of Jeff Jarrett

Jeff did a pre-match interview.
"Brian, what you oughta do is take that belt back to wherever they made it and get 4 more made - 1 for each of your stooges because it took 4 of them, plus the ropes plus everything else." - JJ
"Don't worry about Brian. You gotta get past me first." - Master of Terror Number 1
Jeff also said he could take all four of the cronies on at the same time. Jeff then said okay and went in.

The 4 Brian Christopher cronies then came down and talked trash.
"Who does Jeff Jarrett think he is to say he could beat all four of us at one time? What kind of baboon is this idiot?" - Prentice | "Nobody can beat 4 men at the same time." - Prentice
Soon after this, the foursome interfered and gave JJ the win via DQ. Not much of a match here with the focus being on everything but the match.

Jeff then took a beatdown after the match. Lawler cleared them off.

"In 3-4 years, he might be as close to good as Brian Christopher." - Prentice on JJ
JJ then came out for some revenge:

"I want all four of them at a time in one match." - JJ
The match was then signed. They went to the break and went over the card after it.

We then got clips of The Moondogs vs The Harris Brothers:

Everyone got involved in this one but they didn't tell us the results or anything else.

The Bruise Brothers came out to talk some trash as did Brian Christopher.
"Moondogs, the brains and the brawn are gonna put you down." - Brian
Samples then promised his boys would bring "complete victory".

Richard Lee came out with a Moondog:

They showed clips of his beating last week.
"It's easy for you guys to come out here when it's 4 on 1. But now it ain't. You all ain't nothin' but a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards." - Richard Lee

"You wanna beat somebody up? Beat somebody up, but you ain't gonna get away with it." - Richard Lee to the Harris Bros.
Lee promised revenge and promised to put the Harris Brothers in bigger harm than just slings.

Jerry Lawler vs Jeff Gaylord
"Would you please make the announcement that all these people should shut up so Jeff Gaylord can concentrate on beating Jerry Lawler?" - Mike Samples | "Ah, no. I will not make that announcement. I appreciate your concern for Jeff Gaylord." - Dave Brown

Lawler won by DQ when Mike Miller jumped in. The crowd was hot for this but it was mostly stalling and it wasn't anything of interest.

They ended up having a big brawl with everyone getting into it and Richard Lee getting his wrapped up arm stomped on.

They went over some upcoming cards. King, JJ, Spot and Lee came out:

"We want you a lot worse than you want us." - Lawler | "There's gonna be some rears kicked and we're gonna be the kickers." - Lawler
Lawler said they were tiring of getting outnumbered and were gonna get revenge.

TD Steele, Mountain Man Miller, Todd Johnson and Brian Collins vs Brian Christopher, The Bruise Brothers and Mike Miller
"His feet stink so bad, four people passed out in the audience." - Samples on Mountain Man's bare feet | "It looks like the first four graduates out of Jerry Lawler's wrestling school." - Prentice
Todd Johnson earns his paycheck for the night with 3 rough bumps
"This is the greatest night I've ever had. This is better than an amusement park." - Samples
The heels won by DQ in around 10 minutes. This dragged on forever and was a gigantic and dangerous waste of time. Todd Johnson got messed up pretty good and it was funny because Mountain Man Miller was purposely avoiding tags so he wouldn't have to go in.  Lawler, JJ and Spot ending up interfering and clearing the heels off.

That was it here as it went into a showing of The Jerry Lawler Show.

Overall thoughts: Pretty lame episode overall. When Sapphire is the highlight of your program, it's not a good one. I saw way too much of everyone here as the same 8 guys seemed to be involved in every segment.

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