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USWA Memphis TV 1/9/1993 Review

USWA Memphis TV 1/9/1993 Review

Last week's show is here:

I did a podcast on this show here:

Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are your hosts:

Brian Christopher vs Tony DeNucci
Lauren Davenport arrives
Brian Christopher lost to Jeff Jarrett, causing Mr. Clyde and Zeke Rivers to both get haircuts above.

"That sort of stopped the celebrating a bit in his corner." - Dave Brown on Brian Christopher

"Zeke Rivers up on the apron, Mr. Clyde's got the chair." - Corey Maclin | "Get the chair." - Brian Christopher
"He said put the chair up so he can use it on DeNucci." - Maclin
"I thought he had him for the three count there." - Dave Brown | "Me too." - Me

"Brian Christopher calling for the chain....Zeke and Clyde got two chains in there!" - Maclin

"Both Zeke Rivers and Mr. Clyde both threw chains in there and justice has prevailed." - Dave Brown
Tony DeNucci beat Brian Christopher by DQ after Brian got caught having a chain. The match was decent for the first part with Brian doing some good bumping and Tny being fine. Then the second half was all about the shenanigans. Brian had a chair backfire on him then knocked down the ref. He went looking for a chain and ended up getting two of them. He nailed Tony then got caught with the chain. The finish made a lot of sense. They had been portraying Rivers and Clyde as being inept goofs and that's what they were here. It was really funny when they both threw in chains and Brian was like WTF?

"You are as stupid as dirt, aren't ya, huh?" - Brian
"I shoulda won that match 10 minutes ago. I got you two lamebrains out there to win matches for me, to help me, understand? Not to screw it up." - Brian
"Ever since you've had these two out there with you, you've been losing. I know you're a winner. I know you can beat Jeff Jarrett." - Lauren Davenport | "That's right." - Brian
"What I'm telling you is, I'd like to be your valet, Brian, and I will make sure you win every match there is and I will make sure you get your belt back, Brian." - Davenport

"Go, get out of here. Lauren, you'll be my valet this week." - Brian | "You'll do anything for me, baby, right?" - Brian | "Yes, that's right." - Davenport
"Jeff Jarrett, Eddie Marlin, get out here. Lauren's gonna put her hair on the line for me this week." - Brian
"I'll be your valet and make sure you win your match, but I can't put my hair up, Brian." - Davenport | "You said you'd do anything for me." - Brian
"OH MY GOSH." - Brian
"You're just like every other woman." - Brian | "If you're not gonna put your hair up on the line, I don't need ya." - Brian | "You'll pay for this Brian Christopher. Cross my heart, you'll pay." - Davenport
"Brian, it's time to come home." - Bert Prentice
"We have the secret to beat Jeff Jarrett, you know that. You need us, we'd like to have you back." - Bert Prentice
"You heard it. Mike Samples and Bert Prentice are going to be my valets this week for me and they're gonna put their hair on the line." - Brian | "No, we're not putting no hair up. We'll manage you and get your belt back for you, but we're not putting no hair up." - Bert | "I don't need ya. I'm my own man." - Brian

Bert and Mike walked off with Brian screaming, "I'M MY OWN MAN". Pretty good segment here. I really liked how far Brian is willing to go to put up someone else's hair and screw everyone who wants to help him in the process, while learning absolutely nothing from it. I'm not even sure if you could write some of this stuff.
"You probably noticed, my dogs aren't with me today." - Richard Lee | "Aww" - The crowd
Richard Lee said he had his dogs working out in the gym, lifting weights. He said The Dogs would get one more shot at the titles.
"I made a promise to Spot and Spike. You get in the gym, you work hard, I'll see to it that Mike Samples and Bert Prentice don't cost you the titles." - Richard Lee
Prentice, Samples and The Harris Brothers came out. Uh oh.
"Your dogs are at the gym?" - Samples | "They're at the gym." - Lee
"Well, that was a fatal mistake." - Mike Samples


Jarrett, Lawler and DeNucci cleared them out.

"I think you better call 911 and tell them someone died." - Mike Samples | "Thanks to Mike Samples and Bert Prentice for another disgusting display from you guys." - Dave Brown
"That's whats gonna happen to everybody from now on. These guys have stopped being nice." - Samples | "These guys have never been nice since they hooked up with you and that's the problem right there" - Dave Brown

Really good angle here. They beat the crap out of Richard Lee and the opening shot from Samples was a great sucker punch. I loved the way Samples just deadpanned "well, you've made a fatal mistake" and his line at the end about the Harris' not being nice anymore was great. This is how you beat someone down.

Jeff Jarrett vs J.D. Wolf

"Whoaaa look at that. He flipped Wolf up in the air there." - Maclin

The finish

Jeff Jarrett beat JD Wolf in a quick squash with a DDT. Wolf only got a few punches in before his demise. Between the two of them, I think they had every color in the rainbow on their tights.

"I was reading Pro Wrestling Illustrated and it said Jeff Jarrett's hot because he's restoring dignity to the Southern Title." - Dave Brown

"Brian Christopher, the day has come. You've lost your belt and all your stooges have lost their hair and now it's gonna be your turn." - Jeff Jarrett | "Brian, I beat you so many times, I quit counting." - JJ
"I know you have never cared for me and quite frankly, I have never cared for you. But, I know we both have one thing in common. We both hate that little punk crybaby Brian Christopher." - Lauren Davenport
"So I would like to make you a proposition. If you beat up that punk Brian Christopher and promise to beat him within an inch of his life, I will be your valet and make sure you win every match you're in." - Davenport

"I don't think I need your help in anyway. I've beaten Brian Christopher multiple times and I've had a better proposition when I was down on Bill Street." - JJ
"I don't like that bleached blonde punk anyway and I promise you, he'll get his when I'm through." - Davenport
Pretty good angle here. It made a lot of sense and it seems like something someone would totally do in the crazy easy come easy go world that is the USWA. Lauren was really good here as was Jeff.

They ran through some line-ups and showed clips from last week's Mike Miller vs Jerry Lawler match:

Everyone jumped in after Lawler decked the ref.

King said he had a cold.
"Lee looks like he's not gonna be in any shape to manage in that upcoming match, so you know what I did? I just volunteered my services to be the manager of The Moondogs in that big match." - Jerry Lawler | "I just believe that with me as the manager of the Moondogs, they can't be beat." - Lawler
"So Mike Samples and whatever the big fat slob's name is.." - Lawler | "BERTHA" - The fans | "Bertha! Bertha that is, so when it comes time to pull out the dirty managerial tricks, you're looking at the guy that wrote the book on it." - Lawler
He then went on to Mike Miller.
"You don't do that, pal. Nobody makes a name for themselves off the King of Wrestling." - Lawler
"I'm not in this business to win beauty contests. I'm in it to win things like this here." - Lawler on getting his head busted open by Miller
Lawler said the ref kept interrupting him when he went to beat up Miller and he was done putting up with it. He brought out Downtown Bruno aka Harvey Wippleman to be his ref in the match.
"It's like mama always says, it beez that way sometimes." - Downtown Bruno
"Mike Miller, I'm gonna hit you so many times with my left hand, you're gonna beg me to use my right." - Lawler
Lauren Davenport then came out.
"Everybody knows you're a man and the problem is, you may be the only real man in this territory." - Davenport
She offered to be his valet.
"First of all, these people aren't just fans of mine, they're friends and if you're gonna be a valet of mine, you gotta treat this people with respect." - Lawler
Lawler heard her out and was particularly interested in the fact that she would drive him anywhere.
"There might be a time when you might have to drop me off at my house or something like that." - Lawler | "Oh yeah, I'd like that." - Davenport | "Wooooo" - The crowd
"The only problem I see with that is that if you came to my house, I might have to hang a porkchop around your neck to get my dog to play with ya, hahaha." - Lawler

"Eddie Marlin might have told ya one time that he don't wanna hit a woman, well, I'm no Eddie Marlin." - Lawler
"I will take this fist and knock those little pearly whites right outta your head." - Lawler

Lawler then got jumped by Samples, Miller and Prentice.

"Lawler, you see this? You tasted this, brother. You know how it tastes." - Mike Miller | "Mike, you promise after you beat him up, you're gonna take care of Jeff Jarrett and Brian Christopher too?" - Davenport
Miller stood up for Davenport and said if you touch her, you gotta face him. Again, good work here. This angle was pretty vicious with good shades of gray. Lawler really grabbed Lauren hard and Lauren did an awesome acting job here. In the end, I loved how she again turned this into being about her, basically showing that she is in this to get revenge to her growing pot of enemies which now features Christopher, Jarrett and Lawler. Honestly, this was too good to have been scripted. Fabulous work here by all involved.

Bert Prentice talked about his match with Miss Texas.

"You know who we're talking about. Bubba Johnson, Mr. Texas. You know he had a sex change." - Bert Prentice | "I was in Dallas, Texas last week and found the doctor that did the surgery." - Bert Prentice
"And Eddie Marlin won't let me produce him probably because he's in bed with Miss Texas this very minute." - Prentice | "OH, you will, stop that."- Dave Brown
"I've fought meaner men than you, Bubba Johnson. He's a sick human being. The hormones, testosterone testing.." - Prentice
Leslie Bellinger then arrives, yelling at Lauren Davenport.

"Don't tell me not to be upset, you watch yourself." - Bellinger
"Leslie Bellinger was upset with the attention Mike Miller was paying to Lauren Davenport..." - Dave Brown

"Do you wanna fight this?" - Eddie Marlin | "YEAH, I WANNA FIGHT THAT HEFFER." - Bellinger | "Hey, hey..." - Dave Brown
Marlin then signed a match with those two.

Ricky Hayes and Sam Norris vs The Bruise Brothers - Ron and Don Harris

The Bruise Brothers got the win in under 2 minutes here with a powerbomb. The fun didn't stop there...

"The Moondogs could learn something from these guys." - Prentice
The jobbers got their butts handed to them and Norris even got busted open after chair shots and being thrown into the table. This was pretty vicious and put over the Harris' well.

The announcers went over the card for the next show to close us out.

Overall thoughts: This was a fantastic episode of Memphis Wrestling, probably my second favorite next to the Steve Keirn spaz out episode( Everyone was so good here on the mic and their performances were unreal. Lauren Davenport was absolutely awesome and made the show great. I loved her angle and how she tried to play everyone to get her bidding done and finally succeeded. Bert Prentice, Mike Samples and The Bruise Brothers were also very good with their roles and honestly, this episode felt like it transcended wrestling in some ways. Some of these angles and acting are basically what wrestling is trying to do now and honestly isn't even coming close to. Everything here felt real and everyone was really vicious. It was almost like a wrestling version of the Jerry Springer show with people being accused of sex changes, women beating, cat fights and more. There's no way some of this stuff was scripted and that's what put this show on a whole different level. This was like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad quality stuff and then some. This is some of Memphis wrestling at its best and this is really a must see. Don't miss this.

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