Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 6/8/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 6/8/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Nigel and Kevin Kelly are the booth.

Proving Ground Match - Matt Taven vs Pepper Parks

Truth Martini threw out a proving ground open challenge for Matt Taven. If that person wins, they get a title shot.
Truth Martini said that Taven was his dad's pride and joy while Parks was his dad's disappointment. Pepper talked some trash and mid sentence went after Taven.

Matt Taven won with a headlock driver with an arm trap. The match was okay but nothing special. Pepper Parks didn't show much here and the match didn't have a ton of heat. Taven hung Parks on the ropes then did something like a suplex from it that put Parks on his head. He then hit the headlock driver soon after for the win. Not much to say here other than being surprised that the announcers said that Taven was 6'4. If you are a Scarlett Bordeaux fan, you are sure to enjoy her outfit.

Jay Briscoe shilled the iPPV and the TV tapings in Baltimore.

They shilled a Scarlett Bordeaux pic through texting. I think this shill might work.

Rip Impact vs Tomasso Ciampa

Tomasso Ciampa won in a quick squash with a top rope Schwein/White Noise. During the match, he copied Elgin's delayed suplex, which brought down Elgin. They stared at each other and talked trash. Rip Impact earned his pay here. Ciampa stiffed the crap out of him with a release dragon suplex and a top rope Schwein/White Noise
Elgin told Ciampa he was the wrong man to mess with and said he'd see him at Best in the World.

Inside ROH
They showed Ciampa and Elgin having a staredown from last week.
Michael Elgin said Ciampa came back and picked a fight with the biggest dog in the yard, which he said was exactly what he would have done. Elgin said he welcomed a match with Ciampa.

Adam Cole said that losing the TV title changed him and that only wins and losses matter. He said he would walk away as a winner at Best in the World against Roderick Strong.
Steen said people would have thought he was crazy 10 years ago if he told them he'd be fighting Matt Hardy. He said Hardy would get worse compared to the chairs and ladders he used to take. He said that he'd make Matt wish he was doing some of those things.
Steen said a lot of people are trying to cure cancer and he'd be the one to do it when he takes out Hardy.

They announced Whitmer vs Jay Briscoe for next week for the title.

Scum came out.
Corino said Nigel made three mistakes which are not giving Matt Hardy a title shot at Best in the World, sanctioning #1 Contender's matches without anyone from Scum and Nigel doing stuff to him at Border Wars. Corino specifically mentioned Nigel giving shots to C&C and Lethal which brought them out.

Corino again called Lethal and C&C "Ring of Homies" which got a "That was Racist" chant. Corino said if he snapped his finger, they wouldn't make it to Best in the World and a brawl ensued.

Nigel and Corino stared each other down during the brawl.

Mark Briscoe shilled the Baltimore, MD iPPV and TV Tapings.

The American Wolves vs The Briscoe Brothers

The American Wolves won with a Tombstone/Headkick combo. The big story here was Mark accidently nailing Jay with a shot near the finish. The match was okay but the funniest part was Davey Richards howling like a total doofus. The Wolves hit flying double stomps on the Briscoes here and Davey took a release german on his head. Tons of kung fu here with Mark being funny and goofing around.

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't that great but was passable. Not one of my more favorite editions of ROH.


  1. It was obvious that Parks and Impact will lose, but I think they both showed quite well and maybe we're gonna see them again in the future. Main event - this is wrestling.