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Ring of Honor TV 6/1/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 6/1/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

#1 Contenders - RD Evans and QT Marshall vs ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

"They lost at Border Wars, they lost on TV two weeks ago, these guys lose all the time." - Corino on C&C
"RD Evans is a part of the Ring of Homies, you know that, right?" - Steve Corino

They did a Steen promo mid match. Kevin Steen looked really bored and cut a promo saying he'd make sure it would be a night for all of us to remember when ROH is in Ohio.
Adam Cole told us to text to get a pic of him and "own a piece of history".

C&C won with jumping super frankensteiner by Coleman and a frogsplash by Alexander. Good match here. This was all action and showcased everyone nicely. The heels got to bump and the faces got to do their great flying moves. There were osme nice kick exchanges with Alexander and Thomas and Thomas hit his flying space tiger drop.  TD and ACH hit a really weird corner move. ACH went up for Trish Stratus' Stratusfaction with the headstand on the middle rope and TD then did a headstand on the middle rope with him and hit a kick. Really good stuff here. Rating:***1/4

"Best in the World, this man right here, the best looking man in Ring of Honor, becomes champion." - Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe was talking crap about how he would beat his brother until his brother walked in. Mark saw him and changed subjects. They then talked about how they would beat The American Wolves next week.

They showed Davey Richards stupidly giving Paul London a concussion. Way to go, Davey.

Inside ROH

Mark Briscoe told a story about how they were driving home from basketball practice with Jay in the front seat and him in the back with his friends. He said Jay then popped him for no reason and broke his nose. He said Jay has been bullying him for 28 years.
He then said Jay shot him once with a pellet gun in front of his friends for no reason. He then told a story about a graduation party and how he finally grew up enough that he could "slam his ass". He said it won't be any different at the PPV as "little brother bout to take that title and be the man, baby".
Jay Briscoe said he was proud of Mark, but Mark is who he is because Jay looked after his "simple ass" for 28 years.
"It's a hard job keeping Mark Briscoe straight." - Jay | "I bet it is, Jay. I bet it is." - Me
Jay said he was the one who knocked out Mark's teeth and broke his nose.
"We gonna have Uncle Jethro in there, my wife, Mark's wife, my kids, Mark's kids, aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, hell, we might even have to bring the damn dog in there." - Jay Briscoe
He said the time had come to whoop Mark's ass.

Nigel McGuinness had Paul London and Michael Elgin come out. He said Paul was allowed to come back to ROH anytime he wanted and said Paul could still hang. Nigel said that Paul's head was most important though and said they would do Paul London vs Michael Elgin whenever Paul London is better. Paul London wore his very old "You can't can cheat death" ROH shirt.
Rd Evans and QT Marshall came out and held their faces.

RD was not happy that The American Wolves didn't wrestle at the PPV. He said Nigel should strip them for it and said that RD and QT were on a winning streak despite just losing earlier on in the show.
RD told Paul he should step away and Elgin nailed him.

Tomasso Ciampa came out. He cornered QT, banged his head off the rails multiple times and then hit him with a Schwein.

Tomasso cleared out RD and then he grabbed Elgin. They had a staredown and exchanged words.
The American Wolves cut a promo and said their feud with The Briscoes is up there with The Von Erichs/Freebirds and The Rockers/Brainbusters. Well, uh, clearly, Davey. Eddie then did his usual lame line about the hunt being on.

#1 Contender to the TV Title - Jay Lethal vs Mike Bennett vs BJ Whitmer

Jay Lethal won with a Lethal Injection. This wasn't good. Maria was at the booth and was more of a distraction than anything else. Corino hit on her most of the time. The crowd didn't care for this one and the biggest highlight came after the match. Maria said that BJ said something about her and Bennett attacked BJ. They got into it and Maria said that she is more than just a pretty face and is smart. Corino went nuts when Lethal won.

Overall thoughts: The show was good as a whole. I liked the opener. Ciampa's return was fine the Briscoe's were entertaining as usual.

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  1. Good show this week. However in my opinion neither Lethal, nor C & C win titles at Best in the World.