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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/7/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 3/7/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Welcome to my TNA Impact Wrestling review. Stay tuned for a review of the ROH 11th Anniversary show and WWE Smackdown in the next 24 hours.

This is supposed to be TNA's last show from the Impact Zone, but I'll believe it when it happens. I like the Impact Zone personally and have been there.

"Kurt, you look pissed." - Cameraman | "You're damn right I'm pissed. I'm gonna expose who's under this mask, my way." - Kurt
Kurt Angle wouldn't reveal who he unmasked and said the unmasked person is a TNA problem.

Aries said he still couldn't get in touch with Bobby Roode.
Aries said he tried to wish Hardy and Bully Ray good luck but they disrespected him.

He challenged Jeff Hardy for a title match now.

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries
Hardy got jumped early during his entrance so whether he was going to accept the match or not, it basically started.

Hardy won by DQ when Morgan interfered and hit a carbon footprint. Good match until the screwy finish. Bully Ray made the save.

Sting hyped up his troops in the back:
Matt Morgan said he attacked Hardy to get back at Hulk Hogan as he has been promising.

Wes Brisco came out.
He said he admired Kurt until he saw how worthless he was. He said Kurt is worthless just like his medal now. He said on Sunday, everyone would know a Brisco is better than an Angle.
Kurt said if you don't respect Kurt Angle, you don't respect the buisness. They got into it before he could expose the VP of Ace's.

D'Lo Brown exposed himself as the masked member of Ace's and 8's.
D'Lo Brown said he was the unmasked VP of Ace's and 8's and came out to claim "club property". He said he announced it himself to spoil Angle's surprise.

D'Lo Brown was with Ace's in the back. He said he joined Ace's because they will always be there for him and he trusts them.

Best of 3 Series, Match 1 - Winner gets a man advantage in Lethal Lockdown - Sting vs Devon
Sting gets hit with the drink by the fan in red
Devon beat Sting with a boot after a fan threw a drink in Sting's face. The match was really quick and basically a waste. Not sure what the idea was with the fan. The fan was a plant though and it was not a shoot as they would not have shown it if it was a shoot.

They showed the Gut Check Challenge girls in the back.
Gail Kimn talked to Velvet. She said she was undefeated at Lockdown and just beat Tara. Velvet had enough and slapped her.
They said Taz isn't part of Gut Check Challenge due to being in Ace's. They got Danny Davis of OVW to take his place. They chose Lei'D Tapa over Ivelisse.
They said Lei'D didn't have confidence yet but they liked that she had a family member in Wrestling. Is is Ivelisse's fault that she isn't a member of the lucky sperm club? Not that I'm against her winning it as she has the look I think, but it is kind of weird that Ivelisse won the match against Lei'D Tapa and didn't get signed. I probably would have gotten both. Ivelisse has to feel bad too as she legit skipped a MMA fight for Gut Check.

Chavo Guerrerro Jr, Hernandez and Velvet Sky vs Bad Influence and Gail Kim

Gail got the win on Velvet with the Eat Defeat. Good match here with a nice pace. Hernandez's dive was good and this was a short match.

Sting yelled at Samoa Joe and Magnus in the back about trust, asking who he could trust.

AJ Styles Update

AJ was pissed that he was found and he went after the camerman.

Best of 3 Series, Match 2 - Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Doc and Garrett Bischoff
There was a loud "You can't wrestle" chant for Garrett Bischoff.
The faces won with a Magnus Elbow. The match wasn't anything too special but I did enjoy the "You can't wrestle" chants. It was rather heated though and Bischoff took a nasty bump off of a clothesline that you can see 3 pictures above.

They announced Lei'D Tapa would face the judges next.

Kenny King talked.
He said he'd take on all challengers and you don't want to see what he'd do to keep the belt.
EY wanted to fight for Sting tonight. He said he was in many wars and came out on top. He must have forgotten about all the jobbing he used to do. Sting went with Storm and said EY is the wild card.

Gut Check Challenge Judging
The fans ripped Lei'D and when they asked if she did her best, the fans chanted, "No, No, No".

Danny Davis said yes and got booed. Bruce Prichard said no.

Lei'D said she can dominate and bring something great. Al Snow said yes. Lei'D Tapa gets a contract from TNA Impact Wrestling. A quick message to all crowds, if you do not want something to happen in situations like this, SAY NOTHING. Any kind of reaction is usually seen as a good thing, especially if you are a heel. This segment kind of made TNA look bad though as the crowd was demanding she didn't get hired and they basically told the crowd that they don't care. I think they made the right call signing her though.

 Robbie E confirmed that his relationship with T is over and he's no longer on the VIP list.

Best of 3 Final - Mr. Anderson vs James Storm
Anderson won with a suprise Mic Check in quick fashion. Ace's came down and so did Team TNA and Anderson used this time to take the win.

Final Showdown with Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy
Bully said they would make history and he said he is proud of Jeff for getting rid of his demons. Bully said he respect Jeff but he would win the title.

Hulk Hogan came out.
He said TNA was looking for the next leader and champion is. He again said TNA started small but is big now. He said Jeff was a great champ and he said, "Bully, you're like family to me". No, he is family to you, Hulk. Hulk said it would be may the best man win.

Everyone came down and brawled to end the show.

Overall thoughts: The show was passable I guess. Nothing really stood out here and nothing was that interesting. I don't know what they can do with the D'Lo Brown turn and the Gut Check Challenge made TNA look bad. Sadly, Sting getting hit with a beer was the most interesting thing on the show next to the reveal.

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