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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/14/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 3/14/2013 Results and Review

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 Hernandez and Chavo got jumped by Ace's and 8's.

Ace's and 8's brought out Bully Ray to talk. He hugged Tazz.
Bully Ray receives his Ace's and 8's jacket.
He said he screwed over Sting and Hogan and crew and then said he made a fool of everyone. He said we bought all into it. Hey, I have to give them credit. When you beat up your friends with chains and hit them with hammers, it is pretty convincing. I can't say I'd go that far for the "Got ya!" prank.
Bully said he didn't care about Hogan's advice, but he did follow it by doing something memorable. He said he did something "in one night, that the NWO couldn't accomplish in forever". He then dared Hulk to fire Ace's.
Sting said he needed to get back Ace's, but first said he needed to talk to Hulk.

Gail Kim and Tara vs Velvet Sky and Mickie James

Gail Kim said that Brooke Hogan put Taryn Terrell on probation and Kim said that Taryn better stay out of her way.
"They should put Jesse on probation for wearing that shirt." - Taz

Velvet Sky pinned Tara with a sit out pedigree. The match wasn't bad but the big point was Taryn and Gail exchanging slaps which probably should get Taryn fired. They made a big deal about Tara returning home and then had her pinned! Typical TNA.

Bully Ray and Ace's were drinking and Bully proposed a toast in case they get fired. Ray called Brooke and had all of Ace's yell "Hi Brooke". I kind of liked this segment but I don't know why Ace's is worried about being fired. I thought the idea of their faction was that they were invaders and not members of the roster anyway.

"You know what? I haven't heard from my wife in a while. Hahaha." - Bully Ray

"Honey bunny, it's me. How come you haven't been returning my calls?"  - Bully Ray | "Yo call me back and tell dad I said hello." - Bully Ray

Robbie E vs Robbie T

Robbie T won in a quick squash with a standing spinebuster. He danced after and there was nothing to see here.

Sting went to see Hulk Hogan in the back and Hulk looked mad.
Ace's were complaining about not having merchandise and they said the first person they turn to on the roster page would get beaten..
Hulk blamed Sting for Ray's turn as Sting said he trusted Ray and put his word up for him.
Hulk said he knew how this movie ended with Ace's and kicked Sting out. He said Sting made him sick and there is no "we" anymore. He also said he doesn't trust Sting anymore. Sting requested Bully Ray vs Sting though for tonight but no dice.
"The movie's over and so are you. So get out of my office. I don't have time to talk to you and I don't want to see you right now." - Hulk Hogan
"Get out. You make me sick." - Hulk Hogan
Taz said it's "Trouble in Paradise" with Hulk and Sting. I liked that one.
Roode and Aries ripped on Sting about all the things he caused with trusting Bully Ray.
Aries offered a match with Roode and Roode disappeared. Sting said he would fight Aries instead.

Daniels and Kazarian dressed up as the Legion of Doom the Roadwarriors.
They said the are the real ringwarriors and the legion of boom. Daniels then said, "Ooohhh, what a tush".
"Since we're in the second city, we're paying homage to the second greatest tag team of all time." - Kazarian
"Bad Influence; we're the real deal. We're the original ring warriors and we are the legion of boom." - Daniels
"Oh, what a tush!" - Daniels
James Storm came out.
Storm then challenged one of them.

James Storm vs Christopher Daniels
Tazz asked if the paint on Daniels head was "skidmarks".

Storm won with a backcracker. The match wasn't bad and Daniels was good as always. I loved the LOD impersonation.

After the match, Bad Influence beat up Storm. AJ Styles returned and seemed to come out for the save but decked Storm. He stared down Daniels.
Ace's and 8's laid out Kurt Angle backstage.

Park talked about different achievements of his. He said the highlight of his life was standing in the Impact Wrestling ring in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. He brought up the Cubs and got booed, but made up for it when he talked about a Chicago Blackhawks game.

Matt Morgan talked about Hulk Hogan and said the biggest mistake he made was signing Joseph Park. He called him a clown and said signing Park was "an abortion to the sport of wrestling".

He threatened Park so he would get out. Park challenged Morgan to a fight. Morgan says he fights on his time and said it was next week. First he gave him a Carbon Footprint.
Ray said he felt good about taking out Angle. He dared Hulk to fire Ace's and 8's and said maybe they should come to him. They said they would destroy the show.
They showed Brooke crying after the PPV.

Sting vs Austin Aries
Aries had a dirty heels shirt on and Tazz said, "They really oughta wash their feet".
Roode gets kicked out

Sting won by DQ when Ace's interfered. Good match here with great heat and good work by both men. Sting was very fired up here and I really liked this alot. Aries was great too mocking Sting. Rating:***

Ace's came out and beat up Sting, challenging people to come out.
Hulk Hogan came out.
He said Bully Ray wasn't getting the easy way out and "live by the sword, die by the sword". He said he was asking all members of TNA to fight Ace's.
They had a big and long brawl with Ace's getting the advantage.
Bully asked what Hulk would do to end the show.

Overall thoughts: The show was okay but not much for wrestling. There was really only one good match and you can definitely skip this. The Daniels/Kaz segment was awesome though and really worth a look.

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