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TNA Lockdown 2013 Results

TNA Lockdown 2013 Results

The Impact leading up to Lockdown is here:

My TNA Lockdown 2013 predictions are here:

X-Division Title - Kenny King vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

Kenny King won with a Royal Flush. Heck of a match here with big spots. King botched a moonsault and went back first into the rails, Zema did a corkscrew splash, they did a fallaway slam and powerbomb combo among other things. 2 botches here but it had crazy action. Rating:***

Park said he was ready and he got ribbed and got sent to the Alamo Dome. Bad Influence distracted him.
BI said they weren't jokes and called Chavo - Churro Guerrero. They said the belts were the most important thing and they will drop us all like Verizon Wireless. 3 syllables of awesome, 2 planets worth of great and one team that rules it all.

Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan
Ryan called Park a "big mark" and called everyone fat. Ryan said he had the size advantage where it counts and size matters. Park said San Antonio rocks and got jumped.
Taz said Ryan was growing on him like a wart.

Park won with a butt splash. Fun match here with Park having great facials and the crowd going nuts for all of it.

Bully Ray talked to Brooke and said he was nervous until Hulk Hogan came in. 
Hulk said Bully would be the one to make TNA big and he said he wanted him to win. Hulk said the belt would come home to his family and he was jealous because he wanted to be champ. Hulk said Andre told him, "boss whether you win or lose out there, make sure they remember you as long as you live".
Hulk again said, "Make sure they remember you as long as they live". He said he loved Bully like a son as well.

Knockouts title - Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim
Taz accused Teryn of having her period now.
Velvet Sky won after Gail got into it with Taryn and Taryn basically beat her up so that sky could hit the In Your Face. The match wasn't bad and the crowd loved it. The focus was on Taryn and Gail feuding.

Extra pics from the match:

Robbie E said he'd make his former bro, his hoe. He said T did nothing for him ever.

Robbie E vs Robbie T
Taz talked about the TNA Global Title and said, " I used to work for them", which is referring to the Global Wrestling Federation, which I have reviews of.
Robbie T got the win with kind of a version of Fuka's F-Doll. He had E on his shoulders and flapjacked him down. The match started okay but they did a long headlock spot and it got boring.

Aries said everyone has been asking him where Bobby Roode was, but he said he didn't need Roode and could defeat his opponents alone. Roode then returned.

TNA Tag titles - Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrerro and Hernandez vs Bad Influence

Roode got hit in the nuts and Taz called "Yambag Yahtzee".
The pin
Aries and Roode won when they tagged themselves in while Chavo was on the top and after his frogsplash, picked up the pin. This was action packed and everyone flew around. Hernandez did a dive off the ramp into the ring and Chavo even did a missed moonsault. Rating:***1/4

Extra shots from the match:

Taryn Terrell was getting interviewed and Gail Kim attacked. Terrell said she wasn't sure if she made the right decision.

Next, the set up the cage while Ace's hyped themselves up backstage.
Doc said he would be in first.

Angle said he'd give Wes Brisco a good ole fashioned San Antonio ass-whoopin' and said he was nothing like his dad or uncle.

Cage Match - Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco
Taz said Angle was in the top 200-300 wrestlers of all time.
Angle missed a frogsplash. We also got a USA chant which was odd since both are from there.

Wes Brisco escaped the cage to win. Angle won the match twice and escaped but the ref was down. D-Lo came out, hit Angle and put him back in. Then he pulled Wes out as the ref woke up. Angle did a top rope german on Wes which was awesome and he tried a frogsplash. I didn't mind the match and the finish was a bit creative.

Lethal Lockdown Match - Team TNA of Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Eric Young and James Storm vs Ace's and 8's of Devon, DOC, Mr. Anderson, Mike Knox and Garrett Bischoff

Team TNA got the win with an elbow drop off the top of the cage from Young. Other than that, the only other real highlight as the tower of doom spot. It was a little boring and long. The guys didn't have much room to work with so it was alot of weapon shots and punches.

TNA Title - Cage Match - Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray
Ligerbomb from the to prope!

"Hey Devon, let that stupid bitch cry." - Bully Ray
"Hey Hulk, I used you. Brooke, I screwed you." - Bully Ray
"But most of all, I fooled every single one of you." - Bully Ray

Bully Ray joins Ace's and 8's and turns heel to win the world title! Ace's ran in and Devon threw Bully Ray a hammer. Bully used it on Hardy and slapped hands with Devon to join Ace's and 8's. He told Devon to let the stupid bitch cry and called Hogan an old bastard. Bully Ray said he is the president of the Ace's and 8's. Good match here with the super ligerbomb being really sick and the Bully Ray heel turn being surprising. The crowd threw all kinds of garbage into the cage and it wasn't a bad turn at all. Bully Ray said he used Hulk to get the title. I really liked this one.

Overall thoughts: Good show with everything being at least okay. The commentary was the worst though and the turn at the end was good.

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