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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/10/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/10/2012 Review

As usual, I missed the first 20 minutes. However, Vince had Vickie make AJ vs Vickie tonight and R-Truth had a match.
4 way - Winners fight Rey/Cara in a tables match at TLC - Prime Time Players vs Primo And Epico vs Rhodes Scholars vs Uso's
Cody Rhodes makes his return after four weeks here. Cole called Rosa, "Row-sah".
They went to the break and the Uso's eliminated the PTP's and Primo/Epico during it.

Cody grew a mustache and got a big chant for it.
Cole then told us that disdain is spelled "distain" with "a T".

Cody got the win with the Cross Rhodes here. This was really disappointing. Not even close to what these guys could have done and half the match ended during the break. Mostly a waste of time to re-introduce the Rhodes Scholars.

Eve vs Alicia Fox
"How does she hit the buttons with her little hoofs?" - King
Eve got the win with a neckbreaker. Not that bad at all but pretty short and useless. After the match, Eve brought a camera man in the ring and posed over Fox.

Punk came out to talk. They just talked about the injury and how great Punk is. He said he would be at the PPV.
Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus got the win when Dolph used a chair and got DQ'd. I liked the top rope facebuster but that was about it. The match was fine but this wasn't a good match for either guy. They just don't gel that well because Sheamus doesn't have alot of stuff Dolph can bump off. Rating:****
Vince walked in on Vickie getting help stretching from Khali and Horny and said, "I thought this was supposed to be a family show?".

Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder
ADR beat Ryder with the armbar. Pretty boring here. ADR just did neck holds for about 5 minutes straight and Ryder didn't get much in. This was an extended squash and started to put me to sleep.

AJ Lee vs Vickie Guerrero
No ref came down, so Brad Maddox did. Don't know why or how.
Vickie won with a roll-up when Brad wouldn't count for AJ. After the match AJ destroyed the outside of the ring.

She also slapped the ring announcer for no reason.

AJ had a meltdown and Cena came to her aide.

Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
This is a rematch of their Main Event match that never finished.
Cesaro got the win with a Gotch Style Neutralizer. Good match but not up to their previous ones. The crowd was not into it at all and even chanted "boring". Still good work though. Cesaro looks more impressive each week and they are really showing off how strong he was. I was surprised to see Cesaro get the win here. Rating:***1/4

We got another Cody's mustache chant.
Miz made childish jokes and Miz asked how Cody felt when Sandow didn't visit him during his rehab. He also brought up how Sandow says that Rhodes is "The Marty Jannetty to his Shawn Michaels". Miz used that line when he was feuding with his former partner John Morrison.

Cody said that Miz was dressed up as "Colonel Damn Sanders". They walked off and Miz said their new team name is "The Pink and The Stink".

AJ asked to come out with Cena for match but Cena said no.

John Cena vs The Big Show

The Shield interfered to take this to a no-contest. Hey who needs finishes anyway? Kane and DB came in and evened things up along with Sheamus.

Ryback then came in to clear house and to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Not a good one. The show dragged and it was mostly filler and a waste of time. It made me want to go to sleep and this is definitely skipable.

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