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Original JWP Intro Video

Original JWP Intro Video

Alot of people were interested in some shots of the original JWP and its crew, so I will review the intro video to the original JWP. The video is actually pretty dull and probably not much of interest to anyone except hardcore joshi fans, so feel free to skip this one.

This is more of an idol type of video I suppose than a regular wrestling video, so the creepiness is way up here. It seems this may be a combination of a couple of videos. I don't know if that's JWP's doing or whoever put this together.
If anyone can get me this title typed for me in kanji, I'd appreciate it.

I believe this is a press conference announcing JWP's debut with Jackie Sato on the mic and Nancy Kumi.

Now to take a look at some of the original JWP girls during some training session:
Yuu Yamazaki
Smiley Mami
Miss A aka Dynamite Kansai who I believe was 15 at this time

Yep, good ole Herb Saito, aka Harley Saito
Oscar Tomo
Esther Moreno
A very young and very skinny Eagle Sawai
Xochitl Hamada - Ayako Hamada's much older sister
Cutty Suzuki aka Cuty Suzuki. Man did she ever change.
A super young Mayumi Ozaki

Yep, that's Rumi Kazama. Times have changed.

Another who?
Gran Hamada

I believe these are shots from the tryouts with Mayumi Ozaki as #14
The JWP dorms
More young Dynamite Kansai in the JWP dojo
Rumi Kazama
Mayumi Ozaki goofing around at their luncheon
Nancy Kumi watching the girls practice
More of the JWP dorm
The Crush Girls in some play on TV
Korakuen Hall in the 1980's
The girls shilling stuff at their first show

Antonio Inoki appeared to give flowers
Jackie Sato vs Shinobu Kandori highlights
This is Shinobu Kandori's debut match.
Sorry, but they only showed 15 seconds of this. Why? I don't know. Naturally, Jackie Sato got the win. This was obviously taped and the audio was off what sounded like the radio. Maybe this will pop up someday as I'd love to see it.
Rumi Kazama and Cuty Suzuki. Looks like this is where Kazama's love of leopard skin debuted.
Rumi, Cuty and Yuki Ito on a children's gameshow

The program from the first show
Shinobu Kandori
If anyone can type out the title in Kanji for me, I'd appreciate it.
Cuty Suzuki vs Mayumi Ozaki for the first time!
Ozaki pinned Suzuki after a sunset flip
They only showed a few seconds but both girls looked like typical rookies.
They showed about 3 seconds of Jackie Sato vs Monster Ripper and a little of Shinobu Kandori vs Xochitl Hamada:
What in the world is Xochitl Hamada wearing?
They showed about a minute of that with Kandori looking pretty decent already.
Then they showed a little of Jackie Sato vs Shinobu Kandori with Sato getting the win after a roll-up.

Then they showed a second of Sensational Sherri vs Shinobu Kandori:

We then got clips with some kid interviewing the JWP girls.
Shinobu Kandori doing judo in 1984
Harley Saito at 18!
From here on out its just random clips. They showed the girls wrestling some goofy comedians amongst other things. They showed some auditions but I have no idea who any of the girls are, so there's not so much to really talk about.

They showed some clips of Rumi Kazama singing and some shots of a swimsuit book:

Finally, they showed the JWP girls on another talk show and more comedians to end this.

Overall thoughts: A weird and boring tape. Some of the stuff in the beginning was interesting but 10 second highlight clips of matches and appearances on shows wasn't entertaining to me. Skip this one.

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