Friday, December 28, 2012

AAA 11/15/2012 - Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park

AAA 11/15/2012 - Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park

Dr. Wagner Jr is kind of like the Stone Cold of AAA as he is a huge star and kind of a rebel. Maybe it is not exactly spot on, but that's what I usually get out of him. He is pretty much the biggest star in Mexico.

LA Park is La Parka from WCW aka The Greatest Wrestler of All-Time. Why has his name changed? AAA came up with a new La Parka and prevented him from using his old name in CMLL, so he changed it. LA Park is still awesome and now has a son who wrestles as El Hijo de LA Park.

These two have had a lengthy feud with tons of bloody brawls and mask vs mask challenges that haven't resulted in mask matches.

LA Park lights a Wagner shirt on fire.

LA Park gets hit with a beer 
The finish
LA Park beat Dr. Wagner Jr. with a low blow and fast count from the ref. Aw man, they just had to do that finish, didn't they? I was seriously thinking 5 stars if the finish was great and this was not what I was hoping for. Awesome match with a terrible finish. The heat was phenomenal, the work and selling was good and it was just one of the classic lucha brawls that pops up once or twice a year, but that finish, yuck. What a shame. I still recommend going out of your way to see this because it truly was great. They didn't even attempt a pinfall until 21 minutes in and it just had the feel from the first minute of a classic. Each guy got hit with no less than three different things from the crowd, they both juiced and really put forth a good effort. Rating:****1/2

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