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WWF Primetime Wrestling 11/25/1986 Review

WWF Primetime Wrestling 11/25/1986 Review

"I just wanna show the people how nice the holiday season is and how I'm in the mood and there's nothing you can do to bother me this week." - Bobby Heenan
"You bring any lunch or dinner or anything? Maybe a turkey sandwich?" - Gorilla Monsoon
"I don't need a turkey sandwich, I'm sitting next to one. Happy Thanksgiving." - Bobby Heenan
"I'm going to have the world's biggest thanksgiving party. You're not invited." - Bobby Heenan
"Stick around, maybe we'll need to stuff the turkey with something." - Bobby Heenan
WWF Women's Tag Team Championship - Judy Martin and Lelani Kai vs Penny Mitchell and Candice Purdue
This is pre-Glamour Girls, so I did not label the champions as such.
"Oh my word, they call that the drip-dry in England and it certainly worked here." Lord Alfred Hayes
Lelani Kai and Judy Martin beat Penny Mitchell and Candice Perdue when Martin used the drip-dry powerbomb on Mitchell and Kai got the win to retain the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship. Pretty good match here, especially for WWF women in the 1980's. The crowd wasn't into it(Boston Garden crowds suck), but I certainly was. Judy Martin is really awesome if you don't know that already and she's like this awesome redneck mom taking care of business. The faces were pretty good and they clearly put some thought into this. This is a lot of fun and atleast one of three good Kai/Martin matches that I know of. Rating:***
Heenan sets up his Thanksgiving Day party list
"There weren't any legal pads during that era, why don't you get authentic?" - Gorilla Monsoon
"The only one who was around during that time was Moolah." - Bobby Heenan

"Anyone else I know on that list?" - Gorilla Monsoon
"Oh yeah, there's Heenan, Orndorff and Bundy." - Bobby Heenan
"Ah that's it, don't go any further. You invite him, don't invite anyone else on that list, there won't be enough turkey." - Gorilla Monsoon
Salvatore Bellomo dropped in:

Salvatore Bellomo vs Hercules
Hercules beat Salvatore Bellomo with a torture rack. This was all squash with nothing to it.

Gorilla Monsoon gave Bobby Heenan a letter from Jack Tunney with bounced checks that said insufficent funds for something. I'm not sure if it were for him buying Hercules off of Slick or for something else.

"We got Matilda, our new mascot to make sure none of our managers will interfere no more." - Davey Boy Smith
"Wait a minute, what's that Matilda?" - The Dynamite Kid
"Matilda's told me and Davey Boy, we shall fight them on the beaches, fight them in the air, we shall fight them in the wrestling ring and yes bulldogs, you shall conquer." - The Dynamite Kid
"I had no idea Matilda was that intelligent...Which dog school did she go to?" - Ken Resnick
"The best in England, Dr. Dolittle's." - The Dynamite Kid
Billy Jack Haynes vs Cowboy Bob Orton Jr.
These two fought to a time limit draw. Who books Billy Jack Haynes to go to a time limit draw? They clipped this and it still went on forever. Pretty boring match with no storyline or any purpose to it. Haynes tried to extend the match after and got a full nelson on but thankfully Ace escaped.

Heenan then invited Monsoon to thanksgiving but he rudely turned it down saying that its the time of year when you are with people you love. Gorilla came off like a jerk here.

Koko B. Ware vs Jimmy Jack Funk
"There's no way Koko is going to psych out Jimmy Jack Funk, because there is nothing going on upstairs there." - Lord Alfred Hayes
"And the referee still hasn't rung the belt. I'm about to ring the bell." - Gorilla Monsoon
Koko B. Ware beat Jimmy Jack Funk by DQ when Jimmy Jack used his rope. Terrible match that just dragged and dragged. Stupid finish too. Sucks to be in the crowd tonight.

"Where are you gonna mooch a meal this year Hogan? Enjoy your thanksgiving, champion." - Bobby Heenan
"Hope the guy upstairs is listening." - Gorilla Monsoon
"What? The director?" - Bobby Heenan
Scott McGhee vs Sika
Well, this one will surely turn this show around.
"He's impervious to pain and punishment. What can you do to a thing like him?" - Lord Alfred Hayes
"Give him a bath and a haircut." - Gorilla Monsoon
Sika beat Scott McGhee with a samoan drop. This was pretty much crap. McGhee got about 2 moves in the 5 minute match. Boring.

The Moondogs vs Lanny Poffo and Raymond Rougeau
"Due to a serious leg injury he is unable to wrestle. I would like to introduce, Jacques Rougeau."
"You know how he hurt his toe right? Last week, he found out he was Raymond's sister." - Bobby Heenan
The announcers can't figure out which Moondog is which for the life of them.
Ray Rougeau pinned Rex here to get the win for team. This was just so-so. The Dogs never fit in the WWF and there wasn't much to this.
"This is your friend." - Gorilla Monsoon
"He ain't no friend of mine." - Bobby Heenan
"One turkey deserves another, I always say." - Gorilla Monsoon

Overall thoughts: Bad episode aside from the women's match and the Heenan shenanigans. Everything here was long and had a stupid finish and it was punishment at times to get through it. Skip this.

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