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WWE Superstars 11/23/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 11/24/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

Team CoBro - Santino Marella and Zack Ryder vs 3MB - Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
"These guys passed up the American Music Awards last Sunday to take on Zack Ryder and Santino Marella in the Survivor Series preshow." - Scott Stanford
See the review of the Survivor Series preshow match here:

"The WWE's version of De La Soul." - Matt Striker
"It will be Heath and Jinder due to the injury that Drew suffered. You can see the cast on Drew's left arm. Drew is allowed to stand at ringside as he has a managerial liscense." - Matt Striker
"What is a broski? Is Zack Ryder Polish?" - Matt Striker
"I think the cobra should be illegal." - Matt Striker
"Say hello to my little friend." - Scott Stanford
The finish
Heath Slater beat Santino Marella with the Smash Hit DDT. Good match here as expected. They worked a fast pace and the crowd was into it. This was mostly fun and decent all around. Rating:*1/2

Justin Gabriel vs Darren Young
"Have you learned to how to do that millions of dollars dance yet?" - Scott Stanford
"I've practiced it in front of mirrors in my house." - Matt Striker
"Millions of Dollars." - Darren Young
"You'll see that Darren Young uses an old bodybuilders routine called Good Morning that strengthens the muscles in the lower back. You'll see that he uses alot of throws that strengthens his core." - Matt Striker
"I've heard that Tyson Kidd is trying to get his pilot's liscence so that he can fly the planes that Justin jumps out of." - Matt Striker
"I like that with the PTP's that No Negativity is Allowed. They actually have that sign above their lockers in each arena." - Matt Striker
"I mean who carries their own sign around? What does that tell you about these guys?" - Matt Striker
"Darren Young actually uses the ring apron as his partner." - Matt Striker
"You know, I noticed earlier in the day, Darren Young walks around the ring presses different parts of the ring, feels around the ring, now I realize, Darren is looking for the hardest parts of the ring and knows where they are so he can use them to his advantage." - Matt Striker
The finish
Justin Gabriel beat Darren Young with the springboard moonsault in a good match. The crowd was into it, the commentators were into it and the wrestlers were into it. They did some different things than usual and had a good match here. Stuff like this is the beauty of superstars!:Rating:**

Overall thoughts: This is the best post-Main Event edition of Superstars yet. Everyone was having fun here from the wrestlers to the commentators and I really enjoyed this show. This is one to seek out as it was pretty great.

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