Friday, November 16, 2012

WWE Superstars 11/15/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 11/15/2012 Review

Matt Striker has a mustache
"My lady friend already has a 3MB poster in her bedroom." - Matt Striker
Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal vs The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
The finish
Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal beat The Uso Brothers when Heath Slater hit the smash hit. Good match here but it didn't have the time to be great or memorable. They cut out a good bit of it with the commercial but it was enjoyable. The Uso's aren't as over as they used to be though unfortunately. Neither was 3MB here.
"They are talking about putting this guy's face on the Mount Rushmore of India right now." - Scott Stanford
The Great Khali vs JTG
"JTG's career really needs a momentum shift." - Matt Striker
"Alot of people on Twitter say that JTG is a fly-by-night superstar. I'm here to say that JTG is fly-by-day." - Scott Stanford
The Great Khali beat JTG with a brain chop. This wasn't that bad but it was all squash. They've restricted Khali to just chopping and honestly, it works well plus keeps the big man from trying to bump. Khali gave it a good effort here and was stiff and the crowd begged to see him dance.

Overall thoughts: Both matches were decent but they didn't stand out. I'm afraid that this is the way Superstars is going to be unless they extend tapings. I don't think its worth going out of your way for two matches, but if this is on TV in your country, give it a shot.

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