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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/26/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/26/2012 Review

Blah, I missed the whole first hour today, Monday's suck for me but they were atleast be temporary cleared up after next week(until after christmas).

Cena came out to talk. He said a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell but obviously he forgot telling everyone about the kiss with AJ on Smackdown. Vickie came out and gave Cena matching bathrobes for him and AJ. Vickie brought up AJ's bad dating history and she actually made some pretty good reasons that John shouldn't be messing around with AJ like her costing DB the belt, asking Punk for marriage out of nowhere and being nuts. She convinced me. AJ said that she can do whatever she wants since shes not the GM now.

Dolph came out and said that AJ was thinking of him during the Cena kiss last week. Cena wanted to hit him but Vickie made Cena vs Ziggler tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs Tensai
Wade was out on commentary here. He promised to rip Kofi's ears off and shove them down his throat. Tensai hit a stiff clothesline and Kofi did a flip bump. Kofi got his kicks blocked and Tensai hit a hanging final cut off the ropes. Kofi then got the win soon after with a springboard splash. Wade then came in and gave Kofi the IC belt. Good match here but it could have been great with another 5-10.

Daniel Bryan showed a map of the US and the World showing which state and country preferred with which wrestler. Since it was DB's, they were all for him. DB then said he didn't have one for hell, so Kane might have won it. Then, Kane ended up winning the poll to fight CM Punk later in the show and said, "Red Rules". They then announced Rey vs DB, right now.

Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan
This is a first time ever match and could be considered a dream match in some circles. DB hit a big running knee off the apron to Rey. DB pulled out his old hammerlock and foot on the other arm combo that he did in ROH. Rey got hung up in the corner upside down and DB tee'd off on him. King brought up how he didn't know what Rey's name meant until recently and Cole said it meant "mystery". That's sad. Rey did a 619 around the post and a splash from the top to win. This was a very good match but could have used more time as well. I'd love to see them get some PPV time as they brought the goods here. Rating:***1/4

Rosa said thank you to ADR for defending her against Khali and Hornswoggle and ADR said anytime then winked at her.

Dolph cut a promo and said he had the advantage tonight because Cena is obsessed with AJ.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena
I'm surprised this isn't the main. They started off with some headlocks before we went to commercial. Cena got put into the ringsteps during the break and Dolph was doing situps here after:
The pin
Cena got the win with the AA. He "hurt" his knee during the match and the trainer looked at him. He then jumped back in, Dolph tried to get a briefcase shot and AJ and Vickie argued with each other. Cena then squeezed a quick AA in for the win. Decent match but the commercial breaks ruined some of it and there was alot of shenanigans.

Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro
Sheamus got thrown into the steps early(even though they just did it last match) and Cesaro also got thrown into the barricades. Cesaro grabbed Sheamus by the mouth and Sheamus kept checking for blood. Lawler mentioned how Sheamus knows 5 languages and how he had a girl like that. Only in her 5 languages, she didn't know the word no.
Alphamare Waterslide!
Sheamus beat Antonio Cesaro by countout. Sheamus did a brogue kick taking Ces out and Big Show came down during the count. Really good match here. Cesaro owns and Sheamus is decent enough to work with anyone. One cool spot besides Cesaro bringing back his old Alphamare Waterslide was when he countered Sheamus' battering ram top rope shoulder with a european uppercut. There was alot of clubbering and alot of sitffness but little heat. I'd love to see a rematch here. Rating:***
Damien Sandow said he would further his crusade by beating an opponent tonight.
Damien Sandow vs Zack Ryder
Justin Roberts forgot to announce Ryder until he hit the ring. Oops.
Sandow worked alot of headlocks here and something like a chickenwing.
Sandow beat Ryder with the Terminus, aka the straightjacket neckbreaker. Decent match here. Nothing wrong with at all and Sandow looked pretty sharp. He's definitely improving.

Cole interviewed Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins:
They said they weren't working for Punk and they didn't like the way things were going and righted the wrongs. They called themselves a shield from injustice. Dean Ambrose said it wasn't about defending Punk but defending right from wrong. They said they would have done the same thing for Punk or Cena. They said they weren't the Nexus or NWO. They said they were about honor. They called themelves The Shield.
"When I have something to say, I'll say it." - Roman Reigns
"We've said enough." - Roman Reigns, closing the interview

ProWresBlog Championship - CM Punk vs Kane
CM Punk is the ProWresBlog champion for the 2nd time after winning the 3-way at Survivor Series.

CM Punk is in his 377th day of his title reign and is now ahead of Macho Man Randy Savage. It's the 7th longest reign in history. Kane took control early. He sent Punk to the outside for the commercial break.
They ran some kind of angle of Punk injuring himself from here as he was holding onto his left knee. Kane went for the kill with a chokeslam but Punk did a neckbreaker. Punk then got caught with a chokeslam. The Shield then came down. Punk hit the go to sleep to take the win and to defend the ProWresBlog title. The Shield then came in, teased going after Punk then stomped down Kane. DB tried to make the save but got beat down too. The crowd chanted for Punk to make the save but Ryback came down instead. Punk ran into the stands(no fans were punched this time) and the Shield triple teamed Ryback. Ryback powerbombed two of them lariated Reigns before Punk interfered and Reigns speared Ryback.  Ambrose threw some bad punches at ryback and they triple team powerbombed Ryback. They stood overtop of Ryback. Punk stared them down then posed over Ryback to close the show.

Overall thoughts: We got a bunch of decent to good matches here so I have no problem with this Raw at all. The Shield's interview was decent enough and overall it was a fine show.

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