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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/2/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/2/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

We opened up with Miz TV with Sheamus.
"You know what Miz, for once you're right. I've never beaten the Big Show." - Sheamus
Kofi then came down after a few more minutes of pointless banter.
"I know you haven't been on the Real World in sometime, but lately, you've lost touch of reality. How many times do I have to kick you in the head before you get some sense of reality? You need to get it that I beat you, then I beat you again, then at Hell in a Cell, I beat you again, then at Survivor Series.." - Kofi Kingston
"At Survivor Series, I will personally lead my team to defeating you." - Miz
Big Show then came down.
"I have to side with Kofi Kingston and think there is something wrong with you. Why on earth are you interviewing the former heavyweight champion instead of the current heavyweight champion?" - Big Show
"How about it Show? How about we do it right now?"
"Sheamus, you're being delusional again. You'll have all of me that you'll want at Survivor Series. I'm going to KO punch you and knock you out again. So to answer your question, No." - Big Show
Miz then tried to attack Kofi but got tossed over the top rope. That segment lasted 10 minutes without one important thing happening. Total waste of time.

"Since I'm GM, part of the job is giving the people what they want and tonight, they want you and The Miz vs Kofi Kingston and Sheamus." - Booker T
I don't think the universe wants that.

Sin Cara vs Darren Young
"Sin Cara, former CMLL heavyweight champion." - JBL, rewriting history.
"Mysterio also has the distinction of retiring wrestling god's." - Josh Mathews
"That means nothing!" - JBL
The finish
Darren Young beat Sin Cara clean with the gorilla press gutbuster. This was alright but not really long enough. Sin Cara controlled the early portion of the match then Young followed with some chinlocks until getting the pin.  Cara got a few decent kicks in too. Nothing to see here.
"Just when you thought halloween was over, my boy D-Young busted open that pinata right in the ring. Now being the good samaritan I am, I'm going to give you good people and a little dog the oppurtunity to get in the ring with an aruah aruh big dog, Rey Mysterio." - Titus O'Neil
Rey jumped in the ring leading to:
Rey Mysterio vs Titus O'Neil
"Mysterio did retire you." - Josh Mathews
"Josh, that has nothing to do with this match. I was sick that night. Both times." - JBL
Rey Mysterio beat Titus O'Neil after Titus charged at Rey in the corner and got rolled up. This was a perfectly fine short tv match. The PTP's are pretty entertaining and Rey usually doesn't have bad matches so this worked out fine.

We then got SIXTEEN minutes of Raw an HIAC replays. This brings up to about 18 minutes total.

Booker was talking to Teddy when Natalya walked in.
"Since Eve is on the Eruopean tour competing, I thought I could step in and be your assistant." - Natalya
Otunga then walked in.
"Booker, I know all about team leadership, so if you need a leader, I'm your man." - David Otunga
"Tonight, I need a competitor. We have a returning superstar tonight." - Booker T
"Who you got?" - Otunga
"Great Khali" - Booker T

"Sorry, that's not what I meant" - Otunga
"It's not up for debate lawyer boy" - Booker T
"I don't know what you're so upset about. If you ask me, it's an improvement." - Otunga
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio is on commentary.
The jacket returns!
ADR took a shot at Orton one minute in and got ejected for hitting Orton.
"When he was young, Wade Barrett was fighting out on the cobbles just like his dad Larry Barrett" - JBL
"That's why people love Randy Orton. You know what you're getting with Randy Orton." - JBL
The finish
Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton with a roll-up after ADR distracted Orton from the ramp and Ricardo distracted Orton from the apron. This match was fine but really nothing special. It didn't Randy very long to recover from the blow that ADR gave him to start. Wade then did chinlocks and worked over Randy until Randy made a comeback with a superplex and hanging DDT. That's when ADR distracted leading to the finish. Rating:*

We got a three minute breast cancer package from Raw leaving us at 22 minutes of Raw highlights.
"These people need to open their eyes. Randy Orton isn't an apex predator. He's a crying little girl." - ADR
LOL at Orton grabbing the coffee with cloths
"Randy, can I get your thoughts on what just happened?" - Matt Striker
LOL at Slater in the back
I like a good food fight just as much as anyone, although Ricardo should probably be in the hospital with serious burns after getting hit with that coffee and spaghetti. Fun segment here with Orton grabbing the cloths as the highlight.

"I think he's dancing." - JBL on Khali
"All smiles here as Natlaya watches n." - Josh
The Great Khali beat David Otunga with a brain chop. Squash city baby. You know how this one goes.
R-Truth vs Justin Gabriel
"R-Truth has an imaginary, invisible friend and you call that eccentric?" - JBL
"What was that?" - JBL
"Justin Gabriel comes from a great background. His father, Paul Lloyd, was All-African champion. His grandfather, Sir John Edward Lloyd, knighted by the Queen." - JBL
R-Truth got the win here over Justin Gabriel with a quick reverse STO. Decent match. Nothing too special minus Gabriel's silly dancing. Mostly just chin locks mixed in with high flying. I was more interested in JBL's commentary to be honest. After the match, both men shook hands. Rating:*

We got another three minutes of Raw highlights bringing us to 25 minutes total from RAW/HIAC.
"Just follow my lead and we'll end up winning." - The Miz"
"When you and I were a tag team before, I was your teammate. Now, I'm your superior. You'll do what I say, when I say or I'll knock you out like Sheamus. We clear? Now, hand me my championship." - The Big Show sonning Miz
Kofi Kingston and Sheamus vs The Miz and The Big Show
"Get up. What's wrong with you?" - The Big Show
Where are those marks from?
"Miz can from reality television to become the world champion. You don't see Kevin Federline doing that?" - JBL, who forgot that Cena lost to Kevin Federline and K-Fed would have been the champion if it was a title match.
The finish
The Miz pinned Kofi Kingston after The Big Show hit the KO Punch. Decent main event but it was really nothing more than a house show match. Miz got beat up for the early portion until show tagged in and got the heat segment on Kofi. Kofi got the hot tag leading to Sheamus coming in and beating up Miz until he tagged out to Kofi who got hit for the win.
"What did he do that for? He's a sore loser." - JBL
Sheamus Brogue Kicked Miz for no reason at all after the match.

Overall thoughts: None of the matches were that good but I did enjoy the food fight, Teddy getting hit with coffee, Khali dancing and Big Show's promo on Miz. Overall, it's probably an alright show, just don't expect any great long matches and you might enjoy it.

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