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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/26/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/26/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Randy Orton came out to talk and really said nothing in about 3 minutes until ADR came down.

"We're going to do this when I want." - ADR
"Not yet, but when I see you Sunday, Randy." - ADR
Wade Barrett then came out and took one and only one shot on Orton from behind that took him down. That was it.
"I wasn't in on and that Teddy." - ADR
"Alberto, was that what you're looking for?" - Wade Barrett
"Come on Alberto, you can't play a playa." - Teddy Long
"Wade Barrett goes one on one with Randy Orton, tonight." - Teddy Long
Kane vs Cody Rhodes

"You are an idiot." - Daniel Bryan
"I am the intellectual savior of the masses." - Damien Sandow
"Kane's gonna dysfunction Cody's face." - DB
"That makes absolutely no sense." - Damien Sandow
"I've been in the ring with Kane and dysfunctioning a person's face makes sense. Maybe not grammatical sense." - JBL
"Look at that beard. It's not even a man's beard. He's not a man." - DB
"My beard is geometrically equivalent." - Damien Sandow
Kane won with a chokeslam here in about 3-4 minutes. Very few highlights from this and the focus was really on the commentary, not the match.

"You gotta be professional out there tonight." - Booker T
"Booker, save your breath. I proved what I had to prove on Monday when I chokeslammed Sheamus. You won't get any trouble out of me and you might not get any out of Sheamus either cause Sheamus is scared." - Big Show
The Miz vs Yoshi Tatsu
No entrance for Yoshi and they talked about how bad of a week Miz had.
Miz beat Yoshi Tatsu with the skull crushing finale. Nothing to see here at all. Pretty boring Miz squash with Yoshi getting almost nothing in. This was a waste.

We got like 5+ minutes of Raw clips to bring us up to atleast 7 minutes total so far. This is getting really old.

"It's pretty clear here, Eve sent a text message to Aksana to take out Kaitlyn, which forced you to replace Kaitlyn at the last minute." - Teddy Long
"Eve the jig is up, you are exposed as to what you really are - a bold faced liar." - Teddy Long
"I need to make a confession. The truth is, I'm too trusting. I leave my ipad and iphone everywhere and I don't even have a passcode on it, so if anyone wanted to use it, they could have. I didn't have anything to do with this, but somebody else did." - Eve, who looks at Teddy
"I don't know who to believe, but this Sunday, triple threat rules. Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla." - Booker T
Booker T then made Eve and Aksana vs Kaitlyn and Layla.
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton with the Souvenir elbow after ADR distracted Orton. This was a little long and pretty predictable. We all know exactly what moves Orton is going to do and when and this wasn't much different. Wade looked alright here and even though I like him, he still needs that one great match to put him over the top.. He's still not at main event level reaction wise and I hope in due time he can get there.

After the match, ADR beat up on Orton:
Orton then somehow almost got an RKO and ADR ran for it.

Josh called Sheamus and The Big Show a "monumental match".

Eve and Aksana vs Kaitlyn and Layla
"He is the worst blonde man I've ever seen in my life." - JBL on Teddy Long wearing the blonde wig
Kaitlyn "The Lariat" Hansen
Eve beat Kaitlyn when Layla accidently kicked Katilyn. Angle alert. It looks like the triple threat match might be a little more even. Good match here and the best match on the show so far. Kaitlyn was really good and Layla was her usual good self. Rating:*1/2

Booker T met up with Sheamus backstage and Sheamus didn't promise to keep things cool tonight, because he doesn't trust that the Big Show will.

"I won my match. So I know that I'm not the weak link of the team. If I win mine and you lose yours, it's pretty obvious who the real tag team champions is." - Kane
Damien Sandow vs Daniel Bryan

"We're joined by one half of the tag team champions, Kane. You can stay over on that side please." - Josh Mathews
"My neck hurts, I ended up as the recipient of a choke slam. Thank you." - Cody to Josh
Damien Sandow beat Daniel Bryan when Cody rammed DB into the post and then Sandow hit the straightjacket neckbreaker for the win. Naturally, this was good. DB just doesn't have bad matches. Sandow really sold well and took some decent bumps here. I'm probably the only one, but I'd like a Hell No vs Rhodes Scholar's HIAC match. Rating:*3/4

Sheamus and Big Show debate
"The KO punch is stronger than The Rock's Rock Bottom and the Stone Cold Stunner. We've seen through scientific evidence than my punch is stronger than Sheamus' Brogue Kick." - Big Show
"In order for your Brogue Kick to be effective, you have to kick them in the face.
It's a matter of physics. I'm a giant. You don't have what it takes." - The Big Show

"The time for fighting is now." - Sheamus
It then got turned into a giant battle royale with all of the guards being treated as jobbers. Sheamus even Brogue Kicked an innocent guard for nothing. Sheamus tried to Brogue Kick Show, but Show ran out to close the show. I thought Sheamus looked like a jerk here since he started the whole brawl.

The whole debate was dumb as expected. It was all about Show saying how he's bigger than Sheamus and is going to beat him with Sheamus countering that he will win somehow.

Overall thoughts: I didn't really like this show. 1/8 of it was devoted to Raw and since I saw Raw and the same highlights on Main Event and NXT, I've had about enough of it. Superstars tonight will be worse. WWE really has to stop doing this because it's ruining shows and wasting time. It's also making every non-Raw show seem inferior.

This show wasn't that good. There weren't many long matches and they've built up as much as they can leading to HIAC. Now they are just wasting time until it happens. This show was missing alot of people too like Dolph, Ryback, Cesaro, Sin Cara and had Sheamus, Show and ADR in non-wrestling roles. I couldn't wait for this to end. Skip this one.

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