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Wrestle-1 Tour Triumph 2019 5/3/2019

Wrestle-1 Tour Triumph 2019 5/3/2019

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El Hijo del Pantera, Manabu Soya & Seigo Tachibana vs. Alejandro, Masayuki Kono & Pegaso Iluminar

Pantera's team is wearing all masks here. Seigo and Pantera chop down Pegaso and do karate poses after. Soya doesn't like it, then they irish whip him, and Soya/Seigo go at it. Seigo gets his mask ripped off and Alejandro and Pegaso beat up people with swimming pool noodles. Kono and Alejandro do a double big boot, but Alejandro is so small his boot doesn't even touch. Pegaso does a nice tope to the outside and Alejandro does a flip tope to the outside. He kneels on the top rope, then flips over and then springboards off the other top rope onto Seigo. Seigo hits a kenka kick > STO > AT Lock, but it gets broken up. Then he goes for a backdrop and flops Ale forward. Ale tries a handstand pin roll-up, but Seigo stops it and kimura's him and wins it. We only got a few minutes of the 6 minutes this got. No idea why it got so little, since it would have been good longer.

Ganseki Tanaka & Takumi Baba vs. Kaz Hayashi & Masayuki Mitomi

When Kaz looks like a giant, that's not a good sign. These guys don't even have profiles on the website. Tanaka has the short black hair and silver/red tights. Tanaka does martial arts and judo throws then armbars Kaz. Mitomi in the pink and black stops it. Baba wheres the black/purple/yellow tights. Tanaka hits some headbutts to the chest and Kaz does a handspring enzugiri. Tanaka and Kaz fight over a backslide and Kaz wins it with a final cut at 8:02. We saw very little of this and it's hard to say much about it.

Reika Saiki vs Kyoko Inoue

I really hope Reika isn't doing a job here. They battle over a lock up to start and Reika hits some forearm shots on Kyoko. She tries to shoulderblock her but gets flung off twice. Reika takes a big Kyoko lariat and Kyoko mongolian chops her. Reika hits a bunch of chest shots which Kyoko doesn't sell all that much, then Reika knocks her down with a lariat. Reika backdrops her and then they go outside where Kyoko takes a hard ride into some chairs. Reika missile dropkicks her for 2 and tries to rack her, but work or shoot, she wasn't getting on her shoulders. Reika tries again and both her legs give out at a bad angle. They go top and Reika takes a hard and dangerous super brainbuster down. Reika tries another torture rack but can't do it and they blow a move. Kyoko lariats her hard twice more. Kyoko then plants her with a sitdown powerbomb a 10:36 to win in an ugly match that made Reika look bad. This was clipped too. There was a ton of botching and Reika almost blew out her back trying to lift up Kyoko.

Andy Wu vs Yusuke Kodama vs El Lindaman

Yusuke wears Eddie Guerrero tights and paints his face like a zombie. Go figure. We join this in progress, with Linda hocking one on Wu. Linda blocks a Yusuke springboard, then teases one of his own, but just boots Wu. Then he laughs about it. Linda tries to rip off Wu's mask. Linda does his version of the water wheel drop on Wu, and kicks the ropes as Kodama tries to get in, crotching him. Wu does an inside to out dive from the second rope. Wu hits a crossbody on the inside that Linda breaks up. Linda tells Wu to get up to the top and help him double team Kodama. Linda lifts Kodama for a backdrop but Wu comes off the top and dropkicks Linda instead. Linda tries a frogsplash on both guys, but both move. Wu hits his tornado kick then a buzzsaw kick for 2. Kodama hits a reverse MK Ultra on Wu then Linda does a nasty relese german on him, then wins it with a nice german out of nowhere. Linda is shocked by it as he wins at 8:43. Linda was entertaining as always, but they didn't get enough time here and it was a waste of all of them. 3 ways are usually also hard enough to work as is, so less time makes it harder.

Falls Count Anywhere, 2 Count Pin Match - CIMA vs Jun Tondokoro
Soya asks for it to be 2 count only for some reason. CIMA's lost a ton of muscle mass. Jun tries various roll-up's early. Cima bodyslams Jun on the floor outside and gets a 1 count. Jun dropkicks Cima from the apron but can't win it. Jun takes Cima up the stairs and they have a nice crowd. They do a cradle near the steps for 1. Cima grabs a fan's drink and hits Jun with it. Then he throws him into the wall and gets a one count. Cima does a weak headram into the steel door near the fans. Cima double knees him and does a cool cradle for 1. Jun hits three weaker top rop dropkicks for 1. Jun tries a fourth one and Cima dodges it then rolls him up again for 1. Cima undoes the middle rope turnbuckle pad and headscissors him into it, but it only gets him a one count. Cima and Soya then argue, but Linda comes in and backdrops Jun. It's still not enough though. Cima undoes another turnbuckle pad and hits Jun with it. Cima goes up top but Soya blocks him and brainbusters him. Jun still can't pin him after that. Linda grabs hairspray to use on him, the ref gets involved, the Cima is sprayed in the eyes and hit with a turnbuckle pad, as Jun wins it. I'm not real sure what this win does for Jun, and the match wasn't real good on its own, not even counting the interference shenanigans that also added nothing to it.

Daiki Inaba and Koji Doi vs Enfants Terribles - Kuma Arashi and Shotaro Ashino

Ashino and Inaba start out, going on the mat. They chain wrestle then do the usual stand-off. Doi and Kuma get in. Doi knocks him down with a shoulder and they shoulderblock and lariat battle, which Kuma wins. Kuma lifts him with no effort in a gutwrench and powerbombs him down, then Ashino does similar to his opponent. Ashino tries to swing Doi but can't get him very far then brock lock's him. Kuma slams him and senton's him for 2. Kuma interrupts Doi's strikes with a claw. Doi goes for a tag so Ashino slips out of the ring and pulls down Inaba, so there is no tag. Doi hits a strong slam into a side slam move and Inaba hits big running forearms on Ashino. Ashino captures his arm then does a great overhead belly to belly on Inaba.

Kuma gets in and samoan drop then senton's him for 2 at 10 minutes. Kuma does a 2nd rope senton for 2. Doi gets back in and senton's Kuma. He chop/forearm combos him and they trade running lariats, which Doi wins. Doi goes into the ropes and Kuma crossbodies him. Ashino lifts up Kuma then Kuma sentons Doi for 2. Doi takes a bunch of shots from both opponents then comes back with half-dragon suplexes on both. Inaba gets back in. Him and Ashino counter each other and Ashino gets put in a standing octopus stretch, which Kuma has to break up. Ashino starts trying with the ankle locks that never win him anything and he prevents an Inaba octopus stretch before doing more ankle locks. He grapevines Inaba on the mat but Doi saves him. Doi cleans house as he gets in. Ashino hits triple big german's then hits a release one on Doi, then another round on Inaba. Ashino hits an exploder suplex into a slam on Inaba Doi last rides Ashino hard as he fights Inaba on the top then Inaba diving headbutts him, which Kuma breaks up. Doi hits a big lariat on Kuma over the ropes and Inaba tiger suplexes Ashino for 2. Inaba hits another octopus on Ashino and forces him to tap at 22:48. This was good. Not great but a solid battle of the hosses with tons of power moves and suplexes.

Wrestle-1 Title - T-Hawk vs Shuji Kondo

Kondo beat Kuma last month to get this shot, which I reviewed here. They duck each other's chops early then trade forearms. Hawk hits some hard chops on him and Kondo comes back with a short DDT when both are on their knees. Kondo hangs him off the middle rope then jumps off the rope with boot and hammers him into the mat. Kondo boots him hard in the face multiple times as Hawk tries to power up. Hawk hits some nasty right hands on Kondo, pushing the ref off. Kondo comes back with hard chops and they chop battle. Kondo downs him with a forearm. Kondo whips him into the ropes and jumps up, but Hawk slams him down. Kondo hits his king kong spear on Hawk for 2. They trade strikes and both go down. Kondo goes up top, but gets chopped down to the floor. Kondo then gets superplexed from the top. Hawk goes for a knee but gets blocked and takes a hard lariat. They exchange more shots and Hawk takes a standing knee to the head which makes both guys fall down. Kondo powerbombs him when they get back up then sit down powerbombs him for another 2 count. They exchange some more strikes and moves very fast with Kondo hitting a few lariats for 2. Kondo comes off the ropes and eats a surprise knee from Hawk at 20 minutes in. They trade more shots and Hawk hits another big knee. Then he does a reverse razor's edge for a close 2 count. Hawk does another nasty running knee and finally wins it at 22:04. I thought they rushed through this and did too much no selling, but the crowd was really into it and they do match-up well. I still liked it some despite that, but it didn't feel like much really mattered. I also believe this was clipped.

Overall thoughts: A rushed show. Nothing got the time it needed to and it hurt the quality. There was also very sneaky clipping throughout and it's hard to rate stuff you didn't get to see. W-1 has a nice variety of people on the show though and has a little bit of something for everyone.

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