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OZ Academy - Rain of Blood Falls in Naniwa 4/28/2019

OZ Academy - Rain of Blood Falls in Naniwa 4/28/2019
OZアカデミー女子プロレス大阪大会~Rain of blood falls in Naniwa~2019年4月28日

A shot of the arena:

Yuu vs Hiroe Nagahama

They lock up to start. Both are thicker girls. Hiroe stands on her face in the corner. Hiroe hooks her up in the ropes and clutches her and dropkicks her. Yuu hits some chops and does a monkey flip into an armbar. they do a shoulder battle and Hiroe wins it. They trade some forearms. Hiroe spears her and does a flip with it then dropkicks her. Hiroe does a missile dropkick. Then they botch a northern lights suplex. Hiroe tries it again and has a hard time getting her over. Yuu does a spinning sideslam and a senton. Yuu trips her and Hiroe goes some roll-ups for 2. Yuu does a side throw but Hiroe is too big to really get slammed good. Yuu then last rides her for the win. It had some promise but they both had trouble manipulating each other due to their sizes.

Kakeru Sekiguchi vs Yumi Ohka

The finish
Ohka gets dropkicked before the bell and then dropkicked more. Kakeru goes for a bulldog but Ohka throws her off. They trade elbows and Ohka pulls her down by the hair. Ohka gets her whip and nails her in the stomach in plain view of the ref. She then chokes Kakeru with it. Ohka stands on her back. Her group then poses on Kakeru in the corner. Ohka puts her in a high boston crab and this has been all squash so far. Ohka continues to pick on her. Kakeru finally gets a judo throw in but is then kicked in the face. She gets a fujiwara armbar on Ohka who hits the ropes and Kakeru is working the arm. Kakeru builds up steam, only to get tripped and booted again. More blatant cheating in front of the powerless ref and Kakeru botches a jump off the second rope. She goes back to the armbar again and is then kicked and whipped with one of Ohka's crew doing this as blatantly as you can. For the love of of Ohka's crew comes in under full view of the ref then starts being up Kakeru. Is this a freaking handicap match? Kakeru missile dropkicks her, but with the no rules atmosphere here, she might as well just beat her over the head with a chair to win. Ohka hits a DDT and a bad axe kick. Kakeru rolls up Ohka and Ohka's crew blatantly pulls her off, then Ohka whips her in the face with a whip. She then yazuka kicks her twice to win. This was garbage and it's a shame too since Ohka knows better and Kakeru was putting in work here to try and get this thing over.

Sakura Hirota vs Saori Anou

Hirota is fooling around with a magazine for some reason. Anou has enough of that early and pounds her. Hirota tries a tope but trips herself on the middle rope and Anou/Ohka do bad slaps on her. Anou does a nice hair throw on her and both her and Ohka stand on her head. Anou grabs her by the hair and rides her along with hitting her backside. Hirota bulldogs her and does the Mutoh Pro-Wres Love pose then walks up to the top rope. She walks the top and Ohka grabs a whip and tries to whip her legs. Hirota jumps it though then springboards off the ropes win a nice spot. Ohka then trips her. Hirota tries to run the ropes but sees Ohka and runs back, then she hits her own head off of Anou's foot. Anou gets kancho'd and Hirota does something with a book. She then takes a picture of Anou who poses for her. Hirota then headstands on the top turnbuckle and takes double whips. Hirota takes a dumb comedy bump, mocks Hirota and whips her. More stupid comedy and a nice german by Anou. Ohka comes right in the ring and uses a weapon on Hirota then accidentally whips her own girl before getting kancho'd. Hirota does this joke jump over opponents when they are down and slips, landing on Anou and Ohka. Ohka brainbusters her in front of the ref and I guess we have another handicap match here. Hirota tries a roll-up out of nowhere and kisses Ohka, then rolls up both Ohka and Anou. Anou then wins with a backslide bridge in an awful match. I hate this promotion.

Aja Kong and Aoki Itsuki vs Hikaru Shida and Hiroyo Matsumoto

Aoki has some of the strangest gear you've ever seen. Imagine if you had MC Hammer pants and just cut a giant hole out of the side of them, and that's her pants. Aoki wants a test of strenth and Shida kicks her in the gut. Shida and Hiroyo try a double team but Aoki moves and Hiroyo hits her. They fight and Aoki splashes them in each corner. Aoki runs out of gas and takes a double kick from them for it. Shida grabs her hair and rings it. Hiroyo works over Aoki a bit. Aja breaks it up some and tries for a tag. Hiroyo tries a sliding lariat but Aoki counters it and then hot tags Aja. Aja busts her garbage can over the heads of her opponents and Shida has the right idea in trying to bring a kendo stick to battle it. But if it's allowed, I don't why you wouldn't just keep doing it. Hiroyo tries to get a shoulderblock battle but Aja follows her and lays her out. Hiroyo does a big torture rack drop on Aja. Shida suplexes Aoki into cKong who was sitting in the corner. Aja hits a release backdrop suplex, misses a uraken and takes a hurracanrana. Aja brainbusters her and tags in Aoki. Aoki gets some stuff in. They botch a suplex. Aoki does a weak double stomp from the middle rope and misses a 2nd. Shida and Aoki trade some shots and Shida gets slapped hard by Aja. They double team Aja with a enzugiri + backdrop combo, then Shida knees Aoki's face. Aoki reverses a slam for 2 and hits a big lariat for 2. Shida then hits a big knee for 2 and another big knee for the win. This wasn't good and I'm still not really impressed by Shida. This just didn't really have any flow to it and even if it was done well, I don't think it would have been that interesting.

Mayumi Ozaki and Maya Yukihi vs MISSION K4 - AKINO and Sonoko Kato

Yuhiki's good looking, but after some of the girls on this show, she looks like a supermodel. Police(the manager/second) gets involved early and beats up Kato as they all go outside. Police bangs Kato's head off some chairs. Police grabs a chair and nails Kato with it in-ring and in full view of the ref, then Oz follows with one of her own. Kato takes more chairs. Oz is barely even recognizable anymore and they all pose on the apron and beat up on Kato. Police grabs he ref and nothing happens, because it's not like refs have any power or anything. Akino tries to stop this and gets hit with a chain for it. Yukihi grabs her whip and misses. Kato and Akino get some offense in and Akino whips Yukihi by the hair. Akino just looks weird these days. Her and Kato tee off on Yukihi and Kato drops the leg for 2. Akino picks on Yukihi with boots and she does a arm and leg lock on her and Oz. Akino jumps off Kato's back into a bronco buster on Yukihi. Oz beats on Aino with a chain and gives Kato a shot as well. Not only does this make the rules and the ref look stupid, but it buries the weapon too. Akino and Oz tug of war over the chain then their partners join in. O's team has the advantage and Kato's crew just lets go and they go into the corner. They all hit shots on them in the corner, in violation of multiple rules. Akino hits some good shots on Oz including a big spin kick. They both go down though. Kato dragon screws her and Yukihi grabs her leg for a ankle hold. Kato hits the ropes and takes a big knee on the second rope. Kato goes up top and Police grabs her, then she misses a flip. Oz and Kato go at it with Kato hitting a big high kick. Oz then takes a sit out slam and a high kick combo. Oz takes more high kicks from both but gets out of it, then Ohka walks right in the ring to cheat. She gets batted away and Kakeru cheats for Kato's team. Police then breaks up a pin in full view of the ref and Police beats up Kakeru and Akino. Kato kicks him low. Yukihi kicks Kato hard to break up a pin and Yukihi whips Oz with her whip. Oz mists Kato and double uraken's her for the win. Without all the blatant cheating and rule breaking, this wouldn't have been bad at all, but this is Oz Academy. I liked the match minus that stuff, but that was a lot of the match. We then get some skirmishes after.

Overall thoughts: I hate this company and this show was awful. Every match was basically a handicap match and the refs and rules might as well not even exist. Bad bad stuff.

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