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Ring of Honor TV 8/24/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 8/24/2013 Results and Review

Nigel did a voice over talking about ROH's win over Scum and other recent events. He said the ROH title tournament begins today, to crown the 19th ROH champ.

Winner gets a TV Title shot next week - Vinny Marseglia vs Todd Hanson vs Brian Fury vs Kongo
Well, I believe I found my new favorite wrestler and his name is Kongo. Amazingly, in less than 10 seconds of on-air time, he showed more personality than anyone else on the ROH roster. As I've stated before, every successful promotion needs face painted wrestlers, native American wrestlers and Samoans. While Kongo isn't Samoan, he is close enough and he wears face paint.

Truth Martini and Matt Taven came down during this. They said the Hoopla Hotties were banned from ringside which sucks, IMO, but they said Sulyezia has a bodyguard license, so she can stay.

"When did Grizzly Redwood find the secret of the Ooze?" - Matt Taven on Todd Hanson

"I'm the only singles champion in ROH, I'm the top dog." - Matt Taven making a good point | "You've been around jocks, you've never been a jock like me. You're a jock sniffer, that's all you are, Kevin." - Matt Taven cutting an awesome promo on Kevin Kelly. Remind me to call people jock sniffer's more.

Brian Fury got the win over Marseglia with a bulldog like version of the Buckingham Drop. I enjoyed this one. Taven was good on commentary and I loved him ripping on Kevin. Fury got nothing in, so naturally he won. I thought everyone looked pretty good here and I'm pretty sure ROH has something in Todd Hanson. He's big, he looks like a wrestler and he has a beard, which is going to win him points with most of the IWC. He also does topes. Rating:***

MsChif was shilling photo's this week of herself.

#PartyBoyz (Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux) vs C&C Wrestle Factory

C&C won with the overdrive. There wasn't anything wrong with it but it didn't really click with me for some reason. Zizzou did a great flopping sell of a backdrop with his face going into the mat. Also, Sydal got his legs pulled apart and did a hard split on the apron.

Taven didn't know much about Brian Fury and said he was more concerned about the after party than the match.

Inside ROH
Corino appeared saying he was here to call the action. Kevin told him to call Nigel.

C&C said they wanted a "pure chance" at the tag titles. I support this because they got screwed twice and no one made it up to them. They said they would represent ROH well and deserve a shot without interference from Scum.

Adam Cole got interviewed by Kevin Kelly.
Cole said he did what he had to do against Strong in a recent match. Kevin asked if Cole was friends with Corino inside of ROH, as he is friends with him outside of ROH. He said he had nothing to do with Scum but thinks advice from Corino is worthwhile. He said his goal is to be the next ROH champ.

Cole said him and Strong bring out the best in each other and they'd see who was the best in Birmingham.

Nigel was in ring with Cary Salkin and Joe Koff. They said the tournament was for the fans, so lets get it started.

ROH World Title Tournament - Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt

Jay Lethal won with the Lethal Injection. I didn't really like this one this much. It was a very ROH style of match with every move having an extra flip to it whether it made sense or not. They did a lot and definitely tried but I'm not into this kind of stuff. I was disappointed too that we didn't get a Hikari Fukuoka moonsault footstomp.

Overall thoughts: The show was fine as a whole. I don't have any problems with it other than Steve Corino returning. I don't know anyone who wants to see that.

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  1. I think many ROH fans wants to see Steve Corino again, because he's good as a manager and probably he's gonna be managing Adam Cole after the final match of tournament.
    I hope they'll also gonna do something with Jimmy Jacobs