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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/1/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/1/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed this show here:


BREAKING NEWS - Vickie Guerrero just signed Champion vs Champion - Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena for tonight's show. Naturally, The ProWresBlog Championship will be on the line for this.

Vickie announced Del Rio vs Cena for tonight.

Raw has a new opening video.

Daniel Bryan came out to talk.
DB talked about not being the weak link. He said he wanted to be the champion and wanted to win MITB, He said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Hulk, Bruno, Austin and The Rock.

Sheamus came out and mentioned beating DB in 18 seconds. DB asked if he could call 1-800-FELLA and have Sheamus Brogue Kick himself.

Orton came out, said it's been two years since he has been champ and said he's hungry to be champ.

Orton said no one was safe and Kane came out.
Kane said it's every one for himself at MITB.
Christian said he was the best at ladder matches

Punk said he didn't want to come out but heard people saying best and he said he is the best. He said we are all a bunch of jerks.

DB made a crack about beating Orton and then Orton went after Kane. Kane stopped him, then DB stopped Kane. Orton then RKO'd Kane to end the segment.

They said they'd talk about old champions throughout the night. They showed some clips of Buddy Rogers and Lou Thesz. The main Rogers clip was his very good Chicago Match against Pat O'Connor. I really enjoyed that one and think it still holds up today.

They did a Wyatt Family promo.

The Shield vs Christian and The Uso's

They showed clips of Shield vs Usos/Christian from SD which I reviewed here -

On the app, they all got back into the ring and Christian squared off with Reigns. The faces worked over Reigns with  some small holds and an Uso hit a Sliding D.

Shield got the win after Rollins dropped Christian on the top rope on his throat and Dean rolled him up. The match was okay but not as good as the Smackdown one and accomplished nothing for the faces since Shield got their win back. The highlights here were Rollins hitting a sweet face kick out of nowhere and the face's doing stereo dives onto The Shield.
DB said he got Kane vs Orton signed tonight with DB as the special ref.

Josh interviewed the PTP's on the app. Josh said it was a big night for them. Titus said he wasn't afraid of Punk and said they had the advantage because Punk/Axel never teamed. The PTP's said their agenda won't be compromised. Titus called Heyman's butt "The fat, round, mound of rebound", ripping off Charles Barkley's name.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal

They said Zig injured Ricardo on Friday. See it here -

Dolph hit a Zig Zag out of nowhere to win. 3MB ran in, Dolph tricked them and ended up having them wipe each other out on the floor. Dolph then posed on a table. Jinder looked good here, which is something you don't see much.

They showed more old champs.

I never liked Bruno. He's really overexposed in my city and his matches just don't appeal to me. Race was a bump machine though and was a great wrestler.
Vickie was complaining about the McMahon family telling her what to do and Triple H walked in. He said listen to what everyone has to say, ignore it all and do what Triple H says.

They did a package on Mark Henry.

Sheamus said he wanted a match tonight on the app. Vickie said, "I'll give it to you. Good luck."

Special Referee - Daniel Bryan: Randy Orton vs Kane

Orton pushed Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan DQ'd him. However, both men were angry with it and DB gave into peer pressure and restarted the match.

On the app, they fought outside and Orton got put into the steps shoulder first.

Kane won via a boot and a DB fast count. Kane took exception to this, almost chokeslammed DB but let him go. Orton then RKO'd DB. The match wasn't that good but Orton hit a nice dropkick off of a Kane flying clothesline.

Punk said he'd do all the work and win tonight. He said he didn't trust Axel and Paul tried to change his mind.

On the app, Zig told AJ she was above the Kaitlyn thing and talked about them being the power couple.

Fandango vs Sheamus

Sheamus won via Countout when Fandango walked out. The match was okay but nothing special at all.

The Rhodes Scholars got interviewed on the app by Josh and said they had a statement about competing in the MITB match against each other.

The Miz vs Ryback
Jericho was at the booth for this.

Jericho called Cole "Mitchell Cole".

Miz won via Forfeit when Ryback quit due to knee pain. He yelled "Stop the match". Jericho then acted like a bully and taunted him for quitting to stop from getting injured. Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Ryback for no reason.

On the app, they showed Ric Flair talking about Hulk Hogan from Prime Time Wrestling 9/9/1991. I have this on DVD. Maybe someday I can review it. Flair said he was the real champion and told Hogan to "put up or shut up".

Mark Henry talked about how he got his nickname. He said he was in the 92 and 96 Olympics.
He said he would do the right thing for him and would beat Cena. He said people would say he earned it.

Mark Henry had the camera focus on him and said he'd beat Cena's ass.

Vince wasn't happy that Vickie had DB on the show and he said he wasn't happy about the Champion vs Champion match being on Raw for free. About time someone protested that booking decision.

On the app, Fandango got interviewed and said he was improvising so Josh could get his good side. He said, "Every side of me is good". They then said they had reservations.

CM Punk and Curtis Axel vs The Prime Time Players

Punk hit the GTS and Axel did a force tag to get the pin. The match was nothing special and focused on the issues both had with tagging out.

Kaitlyn and Layla talked on the app. Josh said that AJ had some compromising photo's of Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox

Kaitlyn won with a spear in a quick match. Fox looked good here with nice flexibility. After the match, AJ Lee came out. She called Kaitlyn "Katie Kaboom". Katie Kaboom was a cartoon within the cartoon of Animaniacs. Katie would flip out and go kaboom with an explosion.
AJ Lee showed a photoshopped picture of Kaitlyn being fat. She said this was when Kaitlyn was young and broke.
Stephanie McMahon came into complain about Vickie not watching the last match and Vickie letting AJ do that stuff. Vickie tried to make a joke about the McMahon men and Steph didn't like it. Steph said there would be an official job evaluation in the middle of the ring next week. Steph said Vickie could be promoted as the official general manager or get fired. Great, more McMahon's.

They showed clips of Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels from Wrestlemania 14 on the WWE app.

Cody Rhodes vs Antonio Cesaro
Damien Sandow took offense to people being "mouth-breathers". The Scholars said they won't fight each other at MITB.

They announced that Cesaro is now residing in the United States.
Zeb talked about illegal immigrants, gay marriage and spying. By the way, today is Cody Rhodes' birthday.

Jack Swagger returned. Zeb said you are either with us or against us and said to choose your side wisely.

Cesaro won in a quick squash with a Neutralizer. This was good while it lasted. Antonio Cesaro was wearing gold tights.

On the app, they showed Jack Swagger winning MITB at Wrestlemania 26.

They had Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman from WWE Total Divas talking to the Bella's. The Bella's ripped on them.

They said they were in charge and called Natalya fat. This segment made me not want to see that show.

They showed Bray Wyatt's tweet where he said The Wyatt Family is coming next week to Raw.

Champion vs Champion - John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
This is also for the ProWresBlog Championship. John Cena won the ProWresBlog Championship upon beating The Rock at Wrestlemania. The way the title works is that any match the champion is in becomes a title match and if he loses the match, the person who beats him gets the win and the title.

Cena is 4-2 against ADR in singles matches on TV. I reviewed two previous Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena Matches here and here:

On the app, Cena went into the steps. Del Rio mostly worked over Cena after he sent him back in.

Cena won with a AA after both Henry and Zig came down. Neither interfered but they both teased it. The finish and the match was a whole were flat and honestly boring.
Henry told Cena he was weak and threw his title down at him.
They said the Wyatt's were coming to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Not a great show here. There wasn't much good wrestling to be had and it wasn't that great angle wise. Skip it.

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  1. "Raw has a new opening video."
    No, RAW has had that since RAW 1001. That intro came out almost a year ago. RAW just hasn't been using it for whatever freaking reason.

    "DB made a crack about beating Orton and then Orton went after Kane."
    *Orton went after DB*