Monday, July 1, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/1/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/1/2013 Preview

Confirmed matches for tonight are:
CM Punk and Curtis Axel vs The Prime Time Players
JUST ADDED - Champion vs Champion - Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

After a good Raw last week, we may be in for a little bit of a slower episode this time around. The only confirmed match is Punk and Axel vs The PTP's. It might be good but it won't be anything that stands out and really, the storyline and not the match are important here. We will have a better idea of where the Punk and Heyman situation is going after tonight.

On Smackdown, Daniel Bryan cost Kane a match with Randy Orton. Kane will surely be in an angry mood and a Kane/DB match could be possible, as could a Kane/Orton match.

Alberto will surely have some kind of revenge on Dolph for tonight. Dolph ruined his fiesta and beat up Ricardo, so payback should be in store. I think the most likely outcome is ADR doing a sneak attack during a Dolph match.

Moving on, we should be getting something with John Cena and Mark Henry tonight. They didn't meet up face to face last week and they will need to do something before this feud gets forgotten. A contract signing could be a possibility, but a run-in from either or a tag match seems more likely.

The Shield suffered their second loss to the Uso's and Christian on Smackdown. The Shield will be getting some revenge. Since Dean Ambrose was announced as being in the MITB match at the PPV, I'm thinking we get a Uso's vs Shield Tag Title match signed and this could be a lead to it.

Chris Jericho absolutely humiliated Ryback on Smackdown and we should get an update on that. Ryback should be booked to be pretty upset and should be getting some payback. On the other hand, Ryback has a hurt leg and Jericho might go for the attack.

Stay tuned for a live WWE Monday Night Raw 7/1/2013 Review with pics and gifs at 8PM EST.

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