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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/24/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/24/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed this week's show here:


Daniel Bryan said people have made fun of him because of his height. He said that he was not an extra in The Hobbit and called anyone who said that he was a weak link was a "moron".

DB Said he won't be happy until he makes Orton submit or get pinned. Orton told him to shut up and fight.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

They got into it and brawled around ringside. DB hit some flying knees and they threw a ref leading to a Double DQ. This was a good brawl.

On the app,The Rhodes Scholars came out. Cody said the fighting we saw disgusted him but Sandow didn't. They bragged about beating Sheamus.

DB asked for another match with Randy Orton and said he didn't care what type of match. Vickie agreed when DB said he'd fight Brad if he didn't get it. Vince came in and said some people think DB is an embarrassment and Vickie asked what he thought, but he said he'd let them find out.

They announced a Sheamus vs Damien Sandow Dublin Street Fight for SD.

The Rhodes Scholars vs Sheamus and Christian

Jerry Lawler talked about his friend and teacher Jackie Fargo. He said 39 years ago at the Mid South Coliseum, they fought.

Sheamus beat Cody with a Brogue Kick after Cody kind of tagged himself in. The Scholars controlled a lot of this until the faces made their big comeback and won. Cody hit a great gordbuster in this and it wasn't bad at all.

Dolph was on the app and got the okay to compete from a doctor. Big E was there and said AJ is working on a surprise for him.

Vickie tried to talk to Punk telling him he had a match tonight. Punk didn't care and was playing on his phone. He just wanted to know if Brock or Paul were there.

Kaitlyn vs Aksana
Cole said this was interesting. I disagree.

Kaitlyn won with a spear. There was nothing to this. AJ came out dressed like Kaitlyn during the match.

AJ dressed up as Kaitlyn and made jokes about having the same size legs as Big E and the same Adam's Apple. Kaitlyn was upset. AJ and Big E then re-enacted the secret admirer reveal and Big E carried out  AJ while Layla held Kaitlyn back. Big E talked like he was in a play during this thing.

Chris Jericho got interviewed on the app. He liked CM Punk getting beat up by Brock Lesnar.
They showed some of the Mark Henry/Cena segment from last week.

Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio

On the app, they showed some of ADR vs Jericho from Smackdown, which I reviewed here:

Ricardo mocked SC people.

On the app, ADR hit a flying body attack off the top on Jericho. He then put his knee in Jericho's back and worked a headlock. ADR hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker and a corner shining enzugiri.

Jericho won by DQ when Ricardo interfered. Good match here. It got good near the end with Jericho reversing an armbar into a walls and almost taking it before Ricardo jumped in. Dolph then jumped in and they cleared off Ricardo/ADR. After the match, they stared each other down and Dolph got revenge on Jericho with a Zig Zag.

Vickie tried to cancel the DB/ORton match and Triple H walked in. Vickie said she did it because DB is small, and we need to remind viewers that he isn't 7 feet tall every time. Triple H had a problem with this and said the match would be on and there would be a vote in stip for this. Triple H also asked if they sell Brad's shirt in men's sizes.

They did some weird Sheamus commercial with I think him getting a cat out of a tree and a woman falling for him.

On the app, 3MB said they'd be the next tag champs and said they would rock our faces.

Jerry announced on WWE 2K14 you can create your own cover in a contest. Vickie interrupted and Jerry stopped her.

Vickie got booed like crazy and got major heat. She said the DB vs Orton match could be a Street Fight, Lumberjack Match or Falls Count Anywhere.
This was Vickie's cover.
 This is Brad Maddox's cover.
This is the WWE2K14 cover.

On the app, Josh talked about the game. They showed the debut of the Stone Cold Stunner from WWF Superstars 6/8/1996 in North Charleston, South Carolina. This segment had Vince talking about "another organization" signing Diesel and Razor Ramon, which was WCW.

Ryback vs The Great Khali

Ryback won with a Shellshock. He got Khali up easy but couldn't get Heyman up before. Amazing.
The match wasn't that bad by Ryback didn't sell.

The PTP's got interviewed on the app. They announced Darren Young vs CM Punk. They also mentioned a #1 Contender's for the Tag Titles tonight with the PTP's.  They both did head swerve's and DY's afro pick came out during his.  They said Punk needs to worry about DY. They sung their theme song too.

Cena talked about the title belt and its holders. Cena said Henry cheated the WWE universe and disrespected his family last week. He thought it was a slap in the face to people who had to quit and give a speech like Edge, HBK and Ric Flair.

There was a giant "CENA HAS CLAP" sign that the camera's focused on and then promptly moved.

Cena said Henry is in the middle of whoop-ass season and he'd get him in 3 weeks.

#1 Contender's to the WWE Tag Titles - Tons of Funk vs 3MB vs The Uso's
It appears that parts of the screen burnt out in the blue marks above.

Scotty Campbell, a Tennessee House of Representatives politician won some auction to come out with them and made an ass of himself dancing. He set white people back 10 years minimum with his dance. They mentioned Scotty Campbell was also an EMT and said that Jerry Lawler should be glad he's here. The Uso's said this was their first shot at the titles on the WWE app. They should be the favorites for this.

Uso's won with a Samoan Splash in a quick match. The big highlights were Brodus Clay(!) doing a small jump off the apron and Drew getting backdropped to the outside.

They re-aired the Kane/Halle Berry segment from  WWE Monday Night Raw 3/11/2012( see here - )with Kane trying to send Halle letters but saying he lived in the gates of hell and her not being able to return them. Halle then turned down a date.

David Otunga was interviewed on the app and said it wasn't a big deal to be with celebrities and said his movie comes out on Blu-Ray tommorow. He asked if Josh would buy two copies and he said he would.

Paul Heyman appeared.
Paul said he ignored messages from CM Punk. He called out Punk and said he would get answers.

Punk talked about John Laurinitis making him go to OVW. He said Paul Heyman was in charge of OVW then and was set up to fail. He said people in WWE management didn't like Punk and saying he wasn't good.
He said Paul refused to fire him. Punk said when Paul was in WWECW, Punk was his first draft pick.

Punk said he is coming for Brock and said Brock didn't have the balls to show up tonight.
Punk asked Paul if Brock attacked on his own or because of Paul.

CM Punk made Paull tell the truth and we got a "tell the truth" chant. Paul said he didn't order Brock on Punk and said he didn't know Brock would be there.
Paul said when Punk said Brock needed Paul, he started a fight. Paul said he planned not to have Brock and CM Punk team up.
Paul said his dream was to walk with Punk when he is defending the WWE title at Wrestlemania. He said he loved CM Punk and Punk was his best friend.
Paul said he wouldn't manage Brock against Punk or anyone against Punk. Paul said people told him to get rid of Punk in 2005 and now the people want Punk to get rid of Paul in 2013. He said it is Punk's move.

Punk said he was sorry he doubted Paul Heyman and CM Punk hugged Paul Heyman.

On the app, they showed a Raw 6/24/2002 match with Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar. They had a couple of good matches in 2002, and I remembered liking their King of the Ring Match.

CM Punk vs Darren Young

JBL compared this one to Nadal's Wimbledon loss earlier today.

CM Punk won with an Anaconda Vice. This was a very even match and DY got put over big here. Very shocking. DY looked good too and not out of place. The big news was after the match. The PTP's attacked. Curtis Axel(!) came out for the save. They cleared off the PTP's and Paul Heyman came out with Axel and said they'd talk about it. The plot thickens on an interesting angle.
Steph asked who would be in the MITB match and Vickie didn't have an answer.

Layla talked for Kaitlyn on the WWE app and said she isn't in a good frame of mind to talk to the media. She said she can play mind games too.
The Bella's handed out WWE Magazine's.

Stephanie McMahon talked about Money in the Bank.

She said it would have Kane vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Christian vs Sheamus.

Ryback talked about wanting to get in Money in the Bank and Chris Jericho came in. He wanted in too. They stared each other down and she made Chris Jericho vs Ryback for the PPV.

Christian said he wanted to win MITB more than anyone else on the app.

Mark Henry was getting ready to come out.

Punk was mad that Paul and Axel helped him. Paul signed CM Punk and Curtis Axel vs The Prime Time Players for next week.

Lawler called Mark "Paul Henry".

"I know I'm looking good. This ain't no Men's Warehouse." - Mark Henry
Mark Henry said he was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance last week.
He said people have been telling him for years what to do or not to do and he didn't like it. He said a no good, dirty, lying, filthy, cheating Mark Henry would be at Money in the Bank. He said the fans were puppies that did what he wanted.
"I'm coming home. I'm coming home WWE champion." - Mark Henry
We got a Wyatt promo. He said that we've been coming, but we've been here all along.

Street Fight - Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

On the app, they brawled out on the ramp and Orton brought out a table. DB took a backdrop on the ramp.

Daniel Bryan won with a cane assisted crossface in a good match. They beat the crap out of each other, DB got tossed on a table on his head with an exploder and they exchanged tons of cane shots. The crowd loved all of this and the right man won in the end. I loved the submission work and it was just great wrestling. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: It was a good show that was made by the Punk/Heyman segments, Mark Henry and the DB/Orton match.

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