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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Review

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Review

Welcome to part 3 of my Wrestlemania 2000 review. The show is long and by splitting it up, the load times are less.

Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

The Rock basically just said he waited a year to return to Wrestlemania and said he would win the title.

WWF title - Fatal Four Way Elimination Match - Triple H vs The Rock vs The Big Show vs Mick Foley
The Rock eliminates The Big Show
Foley completely misses
Triple H eliminates Mick Foley with a bad pedigree
Foley uses a barbwire stick on Triple H
Triple H won here after Vince hit The Rock with a chair at 36:28.

This match was awful anyway you look at it. First of all, this match with a love letter to The McMahon Family from The McMahon Family. Yeah, there was a match here but most of the focus near the end wasn't on it.

Let's start before the first elimination. The Big Show had Triple H up for a chokeslam to eliminate him and Mick Foley nut shotted Big Show. Why? I have no idea at all. Then it got worse. Triple H interrupted a pin on The Rock later again for no reason at all. Mick Foley then turned on Rock, for no reason at all to JOIN THE MAN WHO RETIRED HIM, TRIPLE H. Triple H then eliminated him of course because he's The Game and Foley came back to hit him with a barbed wire bat. Why? I don't know but the only explanation I can find is that he's a sore loser.

Then, we got to the real crap here with The Rock and Triple H remaining. The McMahon's all get involved. Vince goes after Triple H and throws him in the ring to be pinned...for some odd reason. Vince and Shane have a long fight where they didn't cut to the ring for about 2 minutes. Shane attacks Vince and then Vince comes back later and attacks him. The Rock and Triple H fight around the crowd for no reason at all right before this. Vince then gets a chair later and naturally should try to brain Triple H. Instead he hits The Rock. Why? Again, I don't know. And if that was the plan all along, why did he try to get Triple H eliminated? Triple H then OF COURSE gets the pin, because he ain't doing a job and Vince and Stephanie hug.

The ring work was fine but the match went on forever. 35 minutes, plus intros, felt like a good hour and wasn't far from it. The match would have been a fine 20 minutes or so, but they really stretched it out and did stuff just cause. Foley not getting enough air on his dive hurt the match and caused Triple H to move around akwardly for a few minutes until he came up with another solution to somehow break the table.

Take away 15 minutes, the McMahon crap and the stupidity and the match would have been in the *** range.

After the match, Steph and Vince hugged and The Rock cleared them plus Shane out to end the show.

Overall thoughts on Wrestlemania 2000: The show was pretty good up until the main event. The hardcore battle royal was the worst thing next to the main event. The main stunk though and one bad main even with the best of undercard matches brings down the show.

The best match was easily the ladder match with probably the threeway for the titles not being far behind. Yes, I know there were tons of multi-man matches here but the roster was so huge at the time that I guess they wanted to get more people on the show. I don't think it hurt anything to be honest and in some cases, it made things better. Steve Austin not being on this show in any way, shape or form kind of hurt the show though. It didn't feel like a Wrestlemania with Steve Austin and I think he should have been the special referee in the main event at worst. I guess it wouldn't have made a huge difference in quality but it at least would have gotten the biggest star in the WWF on the show.

As a whole, I'd recommend checking the show out. It's pretty good minus the main and the battle royal. Kat/Terri wasn't that good but I'd rather watch two girls in thongs have a bad match than two guys in underwear have a bad one. Nothing is really great though minus the ladder match.

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