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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Review

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Review

Welcome to my review of Wrestlemania 2000. Wrestlemania 2000 aka Wrestlemania 16 was one that I always enjoyed that others didn't. Sure, it wasn't Wrestlemania 17, but that is one of the top 5 shows of all time. It was sure as heck better than Wrestlemania 15 though and there was some good stuff on it.

Like Wrestlemania 17, this was hard to find in the era before video on demand. Unless you knew where to look online or wanted to pay huge prices on ebay, you weren't going to find this one too long after its release date.  I think I dropped about 60 bucks on the DVD version of this but hey, youtube was only a dream at that point in time.

This is part 1 of my Wrestlemania 2000 Review.

Part 2 is here:

Part 3 is here:

Lillian Garcia sang the national anthem.
Ice T came out with The Godfather and D'Lo Brown. He sang, "Pimpin' Ain't Easy, Man".

The Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan
One of the ho's fell down during the entrance, but you couldn't see all of it.

Bull Buchanan won with a top rope legdrop. The match was actually pretty good which surprised me. Bull looked great here. He was so athletic and seemed to be able to do anything and the crowd liked the faces. Fun stuff overall here but it could have been a minute or two shorter. Rating:***

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon bragged a little in the back about Wrestlemania.

They had a meeting for rules about the hardcore battle royale. The match would be 15 minutes long and there could be a million pinfalls or none at all.

WWF Hardcore title - Hardcore Battle Royale
This goes 15 minutes and anytime someone pins the current champ, they become the champ. Crash started out the champ but Tazz pinned him seconds in to become the champ.
Taz becomes champ with a pin
Vis becomes champ
"Viscera's like a planet and everybody is revolving around him." - JR
Funaki gets the pin, Taka goes after him and they run to the back
Thrasher ends up with the title
Hardcore Holly won with some type of glass shot on Crash. The ref never counted three but Hardcore Holly won anyway. Awful match here with people getting legit injured and probably more concussions in one match than ever before. This wasn't even remotely interesting but at least some people got WM paydays.

Al Snow was talking to someone in the men's toilet and Steve Blackman told him no shenanigans tonight. Someone flushed, Al made a face and that was it.

The did a close-up of Trish Stratus' boobs. You're welcome.
"Let's go boys. It's time to give Wrestlemania a little taste of T&A." - Trish Stratus
Head Cheese - Steve Blackman and Al Snow vs T&A - Test and Albert
"Remember last week when you caught the pygmy playing Head Cheese with his ass cheeks?" - Al Snow
"Well, let me introduce you to Chester McCheeserton." - Al Snow
Chester McCheeserton arrives
Chester McCheeserton plays "Let's go Head Cheese" on his butt cheeks

Test won with a top rope elbow. This one was pretty much a fail. WWF was interested in getting the piece of cheese over and Trish's tits with the match being secondary. The match wasn't bad but this was really Trish's tits vs Chester McCheeserton. They also ran the storyline of Chester McCheeserton making unwanted advances at Trish. Test and Albert made a decent team but the name killed them.
"Being Cheesy ain't easy." - Lawler
"Steve, you're absolutely right and I'm sorry. It's time to cut the cheese." - Al Snow

They did the Austin Powers skit with Mae Young grabbing things to cover up the naked Kat.

Devon said the WWF was against them as they had to defend in a ladder match, but they said they would win.
Bubba Ray said thou shall not **** with the Dudleyz.

WWF Tag Team Titles - Triple Threat Ladder Match - The Dudley Boyz vs Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz
Edge and Christian won the match after grabbing the belts. Great match as you would expect. Tons of big and memorable spots here and there was no shortage of action. While this wasn't as great as TLC 2, it was very good. The bumps were so big here that even the smaller bumps were still pretty rough. I thought Jeff getting tossed onto the outside floor from the ring had to be one of the worst of the night along Christian/Matt going off the ladder to the floor. Jeff's swanton also looked brutal as he hit the ground hard. The final bump was really cool as it looked like Matt Hardy walked the plank to his execution. This was a classic and one that you won't forget if you ever see. Rating:****1/2

This concludes part 1 of my Wrestlemania 2000 review. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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