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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/16/2013 Results and Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/6/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Booker T was in the ring.

He announced Mick Foley as the Saturday Morning Slam GM.

Heath Slater was at the booth and was angry about this.
"I promise under my watch that Saturday Morning Slam will be more fun and more exciting than ever." - Mick Foley
Daniel Bryan came out and was angry.
"I did everything right. I filled out the paperwork, I did the interview, I even combed my hair." - Daniel Bryan
Foley said DB wasn't chosen due to his anger issues.
"Anger Issues?" - DB
Foley said DB had passion and he might make for a good assistant GM, because you know, it is really hard to run a 22 minute show without help.

"Really?" - DB
Dolph Ziggler and crew then came out. They stated their case for being GM then got into it with DB or as they called him, "Goat Boy".
Foley then signed Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan for right now.

Alberto Del Rio did a "Don't try this at home" promo.

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan
I'm guessing that one wasn't for Big E.
"If I got in the ring with him, I'd pull his beard off." - Heath Slater
Daniel Bryan won with a hurriacanrana. Good match as expected here. DB put some nice holds on Zig and tried to have fun out here to make up for the things he couldn't do. These two just work well together and I definitely enjoyed this one. Rating:***1/4

Brodus Clay and Tensai were talking in the back.
Foley came in and said they were imposing but their dancing was inadequate and juvenile.
Foley showed them the Dude Love Dance.
Rosa said something and they had no idea what it was. So Foley assumed it was different words that had "bear" or bare" in it like unbearable, etc.

The announcer, whoever it is, said during the commercial break that Foley made The Dancing Bears vs Primo and Epico.

Brodus Clay and Tensai vs Primo and Epico

The Dancing Bears got the win with a double splash. The match wasn't bad but it was all squash. They kept it quick and kept the pace high so it worked out alright. I loved Tensai doing a sunset flip and a forward roll to make a tag.

Overall thoughts: Good show with two decent matches and Mick Foley having some fun. Heath Slater wans't too bad on commentary either.

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