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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/9/2013 Results and Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/9/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Teddy Long congratulated Natalya for the great job she has done as an interviewer on Slam and Natalya said she wanted to be the SMS GM. AJ Lee had a problem with it and stated her case.
Teddy Long then signed a match between the two of them.

AJ Lee vs Natalya
Natalya pinned AJ Lee with a reverse off a crossbody. Short but match here with AJ looking really good in-ring and Natalya being good as always. I wasn't expecting such a good one here but it was a nice surprise. AJ's bridging hammerlock was cool and her hanging onto the ropes was interesting.

Tony Dawson interviewed Daniel Bryan. They are really going forward with The Dazzler nickname.
DB said he would be a good GM because it's either a YES or a NO with him, no maybe's.
Wade had some questions. He said asked if DB had any chance of beating him and Wade answered with a NO.  He asked if he would knock DB silly with his Bull Hammer and Wade said YES.  Finally, he asked will DB ever be the same again and Wade said Maybe.

"Is it just me or does Wade Barrett need a hug?" - DB
Kane came down to commentary. Yes, Kane.
"Daniel nearly begged me to come out and watch his match. He has a pathological need for validation." - Kane

Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan
"You guys think you should be Co-General Managers of Saturday Morning Slam?" - Josh
"No, I think I should be the General Manager of Saturday Morning Slam." - Kane
"The first thing I would do as General Manager is change the color scheme to red and black." - Kane
"Why red and black?" - Josh
"Josh, come on. I wear red and black." - Kane
"Also, I think we need to have an Inferno match, weekly." - Kane
"How did AJ fair as General Manager? That's why I ended up in Anger Management. Way to go, Josh." - DB
The pin
Daniel Bryan got the win with a crucifix pin. Decent match here with lots of holds from Wade and Kane being great on commentary. Kane was so articulate and hilarious here that it took most of my attention. I also enjoyed Wade biting DB to escape earlier in the match.

They said they would announce the Saturday Morning Slam General Manager next week.

Overall thoughts: Good show with two decent matches, an angle leading to a match and Kane on commentary! Can't ask for much more than that!

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