Thursday, March 21, 2013

WWE NXT 3/21/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 3/21/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Justin Gabriel vs Leo Kruger
Leo Kruger beat Justin Gabriel with the London Dungeon. This one never got going here and then it ended up going 13 minutes which did not help it. Gabriel never got any kind of comeback and it ended up being a 13 minute Leo Kruger squash.

Audrey Marie said, "It's always calmest before the storm. Now, Sasha knows I'm coming and there's still nothing she can do about it". It wasn't a very productive interview.

William Regal called out Kassius Ohno and said he wanted to apologize for hitting him last week.
Ohno said him and Daniel Bryan traveled all over to learn from Regal and that Regal helped him get to WWE. Ohno then changed his tune after Regal said he wanted to help him and said he doesn't want his advice and doesn't want his career.
Ohno said Regal got soft and said, "you are a joke".

"30 year career and the only thing that people will remember about you is the time you got on your knees and kissed Mr..." - Ohno before getting slapped

Bayley vs Paige
This is Bayley's debut. She was Davina Rose in Shimmer and truthfully, I don't know much about her.
Paige won with a seated texas cloverleaf with a knee. It was a pretty nasty looking submission and probably did hurt. Bayley was okay here and I liked her double reverse armbar hold. The match wasn't bad.
Paige invited Summer Rae to come in but she refused.

Luke Harper vs Adrian Neville
Luke Harper won with a spinning clothesline. The match was good with Neville doing a few flying moves and then bumping big for the clothesline at the end. This was surely Harper's best match yet in WWE and he looked fine here.
Oliver Grey and Bo Dallas made the save after the match and cleared out the heels to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Skip this one. There was nothing to really see here and this one was more to advance storylines. Nothing was wrong with this but it never picked up.

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