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NXT 3/14/2013 Results and Review

NXT 3/14/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Kassius Ohno vs Derrick Bateman
"He may be a great athlete, Derrick Bateman, but if his brains were elastic, he wouldn't have enough to make a frog's jockstrap." - Regal
Kassius Ohno beat Derrick Bateman with a yakuza kick. The match wasn't bad. Bateman was pretty fired up prior to losing and Ohno bumped around a little. This only went about 4 minutes though, if that.

After the match, Ohno put on a STF Cravate.
Regal decked Ohno to get him off and they stared each other down with Ohno being shocked.

Bo Dallas said he "loathed" Bray Wyatt and "what I do to him tonight, he'll never forget".

"I'm sorry. Truly sorry. Very unprofessional of me." - Regal

Emma vs Summer Rae
They said Summer Rae is near 6 feet tall.

"Australia to Calgary is a long journey." - Dawson
"It is on a donkey." - Regal
"She's got lovely skin that Emma. I asked her how she gets such lovely skin. She said she bathes in milk. I said, Pasteurized? No, just up to the knees." - Regal
"You wanna beat me, huh?" - Summer Rae
"This would be a huge win. What would it mean for Emma?" - Dawson
"Well, it'd be a great win, wouldn't it, Tony? Sometimes you ask the most ridiculous questions." - Regal
"I'm back Summer Rae. Summer session is over." - Paige
Summer Rae beat Emma with a not so good roundhouse kick. Good match though. Summer busted out some new moves and looked really out there. It was really surprising and she is one I'm going to keep an eye out for. There was also a bit with her mocking Paige's yell. Emma didn't get a chance to do much but I think the fans are going to eventually get into her bad dancing. The trick is getting them to do it along with her and have fun with it. Overall, this was a fun match and Summer Rae has the makings of the next Maryse. Rating:***

Adrian Neville asked for an open challenge next week against The Wyatt Family from Dusty Rhodes.

"I'm gonna make sure my title match with Conor O'Brian is dominant, destructive and delicious." - Big E Langston
"How far are you willing to go? How far are you willing to push the limits? Because if you're not ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, you've already lost." - Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt vs Bo Dallas
Brother vs Brother here as these two are indeed family.
Bo Dallas won with an awful belly to bell suplex that was more of an armdrag than anything else Bray Wyatt was the star here and is clearly the better of two. He just gets it and his character and he's usually the best part of the show. Bo was there. Anyone could have had the same performance he had.
Bo cleared out Harper and Rowan which was unbelievable in every way and then Wyatt hit his reverse STO finisher on Bo to stop him.
Justin Gabriel was interviewed by Renee Young. He said that he used to read about Leo Kruger all the time in newspapers about the things he did and when he joined the military, he went crazy. He challenged him to a match next week.

Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez came out,
He said somewhere in the back they have the next WWE champion and then Antonio Cesaro came out.
He challenged Del Rio to a champion vs champion match. Dusty came out and rejected that. He then announced that Cesaro would have another champion vs champion match against Big E Langston.

Champion vs Champion - Antonio Cesaro vs Big E Langston
Big E won by DQ when Corey Graves and Conor O'Brian laid him out. The match was pretty good up to that point and it is a shame we didn't get a finish. Cesaro made Big E look good and I loved his Karelin's Lift on Big E. I'd be up for those two again and I can gurantee you it will be better than Big E and Conor

Overall thoughts: Summer Rae was the highlight here and Bray was good. They built up some things atleast and gave us an idea of what is to come, but nothing else was really that interesting.

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