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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/28/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 3/28/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Welcome to my review of TNA Impact Wrestling 3/28/2013. Tonight is Open Fight Night.

Jeff Hardy came out.
Jeff said he needed to challenge someone when Ace's came out.
Bully asked if he was being called out and said it wouldn't be for the title.
Anderson mocked how many second chances Jeff gets. Jeff got tired of it and hit Anderson then fairly got beat up by all of Ace's until the TNA army made the save. Jeff challenged Anderson for tonight.
Chavo and Hernandez said they were sick of Kazarian and Daniels and hinted that they would call them out tonight.
Chavo was ripping off Eddie by talking like him and they said the winner of the match would get a title shot.

#1 Contender to the Tag Titles - Bad Influence vs Chavo Guerrero Jr and Hernandez
Chavo won with the frog splash. This was a fast paced and action packed match that I enjoyed. Everyone looked pretty good here though the face got most of the face time. Kaz took a bump off the ramp and Chavo did the superman clothesline with Hernandez. Rating:***

They walked in on Taryn Terrell and she said she was excited.

Taryn Terrell called out Gail Kim. Gail said Tara wanted some as well and they both jumped Taryn. Velvet Sky made the save.

Taryn Terrell went after Gail Kim backstage.

They announced Magno vs Adam Pearce for next week's TNA Gut Check Challenge. Who is Adam Pearce? Adam Pearce is a fairly big indy name and is a former NWA champion. Who is Magno? Magno appeared in TNA in the World X Cup, in ROH and in Lucha Libre USA.

Sting tried to get to Hogan but there was security stopping him. Sting said he'd get in another way.

Hogan announced a Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray rematch for the title on April 11th. Hulk was impressed at Hardy winning the 4-way last week. Hulk invited Hardy to handpick the stipulation.

Sting came out and Hulk went after him since he's not supposed to be there. Sting called out Hulk.
Hulk ripped on Sting for getting it wrong about Bully Ray.
Sting said Hulk should be accountable for Bully.
Hulk agreed and said he was tired of Sting and kicked him out. Sting said make me and security rushed in.

Morgan yelled "another Hogan mistake" as Sting left.

James Storm called out AJ Styles.
AJ was in the crowd. Storm said they could fight or talk their problems over with a beer.

Ace's came out and then beat down Storm. AJ walked away and Angle and Young came in for the save. Angle then made the challenge for the 6 man.

James Storm, Kurt Angle and Eric Young vs Ace's and 8's
Wes pinned Kurt with a roll up. Garrett was going for a chain shot and Kurt ducked and got pinned in the process. The match was boring for the most part and the finish was very dirty.

Anderson said he would take out Hardy and lose his mind so Bully wouldn't have to worry about the title match. Anderson was really hyped up here.

 They announced a three-way for an X-title show at Xtravaganza. It will have Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and Mason Andrews.

Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson
Anderson won by DQ when Hardy used a hammer. The match wasn't that great or interesting and was a little slow. Hardy used chairs and hammers on Anderson after then grabbed a table and a ladder. Bully pulled Anderson out and Hardy challenged for a TLC or Full Metal Mayhem match.

Overall thoughts: TNA really exposed the Open Fight Night idea here as it was more like Open Mic Night. Lots of challenges were made and few matches happened. Too much talking here and the segment with Hogan/Hardy was stupid as Hogan is now pimping how great Hardy is when he said he sucked a few weeks ago. Taryn Terrell was the best thing on this show. I also didn't like how we got no X-Division action and no Knockouts matches. Skip this one.

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