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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/21/2013 Results

TNA Impact Wrestling 3/21/2013 Results

Last week's show is here:

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Bully Ray talked about how he pulled off his big turn.

Hulk Hogan came out to start the show.
He said no one ever pulled the wool over his eyes like Ace's. He said they fooled everyone. He said this isn't just a battle but a war of survival. He brought out his troops.
He asked his crew to take out Ace's and get the title back.
Hardy asked for a 4 man match with the people in the ring with the winner getting a shot at Bully Ray. Hogan liked the idea since he made a big mistake picking a #1 contender.
Bully Ray talked more about his path to the title. He said they used James Storm as a scape goat. He said he called up Bobby Roode and stirred the pot, making him cost Storm the match.

TNA Tag Titles - Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

Aries won with a pull of the tights on a pin after Bad Influence interfered. The match wasn't bad but not what it should have been and was a little boring at times.

X Division Title - Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt
Kenny King won with a blockbuster. This had tons of high flying and was mostly a spotfest, but an entertaining one at that. Sonjay looked great with his moonsault footstomp ala Hikari Fukuoka and a really cool slingshot hurracanrana. Sonjay almost slipped on a dive but caught himself.
Brooke said she was just here to take care of the Knockouts and nothing else.

We got more Ace's history with Bully Ray.

Sting tried to talk with Hulk and Hulk told him to get out.

They aired a Gail Kim/Taryn Terrell package where Taryn said she'd get fired if she had to.

Taryn Terrell came out and talked about her probation. She said her job is control the chaos and not create it. She said she had to do something when Gail Kim hit her twice.  Gail Kim came out and was happy that Taryn learned her lesson. Gail said she was the best knockout and created the division. She said she was the greatest female wrestler ever.

Gail called out Brooke Hogan to fire Taryn. Brooke said she had to be fair and fire Taryn as a referee. Gail was great laughing at it. Gail looked really good tonight. Brooke then decided to hire Taryn as a wrestler.
Taryn then speared Gail since Brooke said she could get physical anytime she wanted.

Bully Ray popped up behind Brooke during this and stared her down.  Brooke told Bully she hated him and Bully said, "Love you, honey".

We then got more history with Bully Ray. He said D-Lo got them access the whole time.

Joseph Park vs. Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan won with the Carbon Footprint. Not a real interesting one here due to Morgan always being Morgan. Park was fine and fun but with Morgan there is a limit.

Jeff Hardy said may the best man win tonight but don't count him out.

Tenay tried to interview AJ and Tazz offered a prospect job in Ace's that required giving the boys beers.
James Storm came out and said AJ was the type of guy who would tell you what he thought and said he was trying to be someone he isn't.
Storm dared AJ to hit him but AJ walked off.

#1 Contender - Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Magnus vs Samoa Joe
Jeff Hardy won with a swanton on Joe. The match was fast paced and not bad but it really could have been better. They just didn't get the time and the commercials cut into it unfortunately.

Overall thoughts: Too much Bully Ray for me tonight. The show wasn't that great due to that. There were only a few matches and it wasn't very interesting.

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