Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 3/30/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 3/30/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:
Kevin Steen came out and Jay Briscoe followed, in a cast. Jay said that Steen was threatening his livelihood by trying to kill ROH. He said "I'm gonna win that belt, bitch". Steve Corino then asked how Jay could disrespect Steen like that. Steve said Jay could never win the big one and he's nothing but a bridesmaid. Steen said he's proud to be champ, but would be more proud to beat both Briscoes for it. He then called Jay a "bitch".  Steen walked off while Corino yelled at Jay. Jay pulled out a dagger and SCUM all came out. C&C then came out and there was a brawl.

A match then started.

C&C vs Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus
Rhett didn't get to take his jacket off and Alexander hit him with it. Titus had Alexander hanging on the ropes and elbow him from the top then put him inside out with a lariat. Coleman came in and hit some punches and kicks that didn't land well.
We went to a break and Veda Scott pimped Supercard of Honor. Truth Martini said he wanted to see if Cole had what it takes, or takes what it got. He then advised us to order the PPV.

Alexander went to the top and Jimmy Rave came down and pushed him off the buckles. Jacobs gave Compton powder and he threw it at Coleman for Titus to get the win. They censored Titus' tights but I don't know why.

SCUM posed overneath C&C and Mondo came out to clear them. The next match then started.

Mike Mondo vs Jimmy Jacobs
Mondo threw Rave over the guardrail and did a tope with a flip on his left side. Mondo put Jacob's arm inside of the post by taking off the cover and then started kicking him while he was hung up in the corner. It was a really cool spot that I never saw before. We came back from commercial with Mondo getting thrown off the top onto the floor and Jacobs throwing Mondo into guard rails. Jacobs put Mondo on a chair outside and did a tope on him to break the chair. Mondo then snuck under the ring. Jacobs got on the apron and Mondo popped up and clipped him. He hit a From Lust to Dust snapmare driver for a two. Jacobs caught Mondo in a guillotine wrapped around him and Mondo flopped him around trying to get off. Mondo got up to his feet and then they traded cradles. Jacobs got a cradle and grabbed the ropes for the pin without the ref seeing it. Fun match here with some good action and both guys putting in a nice effort. Rating:***1/4

Steve Corino took over Inside ROH and called it Inside SCUM.

Inside SCUM
Corino said they would burn ROH to the ground. Corino said Titus was the real star of ANX and said ROH has constantly overlooked him. He brought up Compton and said Jim Cornette never gave him a chance. He then went over Jimmy Rave and explained that ROH wouldn't give him a chance to return. Next up was Matt Hardy, who he said has been disrespected from day one by ROH. They said he's constantly been screwed even though Matt once yelled "Ring of Honor" on Monday Night Raw.

He then brought out Jimmy Jacobs. They ripped Jay Briscoe as a bridesmaid and pimped Supercard of Honor. He said Steen would whoop both Briscoes and asked what ROH would do without the Briscoes. They then went to a taped Kevin Steen interview.

Kevin Steen said he doesn't know or care about SCUM's plans. He said at SoH it would be about his match, not SCUM. He said Jay Briscoe was tough and then Steve Corino cut him off. Steve brought the camera back to him and yelled at the cameramen for playing the Kevin Steen clip.

BJ Whitmer, Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin vs  Steve Corino, Matt Hardy and Rhino
Lethal steps on Corino's glasses
Corino came out with Rhino and said he gave Steen the night off. He said he would wrestle along with Rhino and Matt Hardy. Corino wrestled with his suit and they went to battle quick. Corino brought a shirt and tried to sign Lethal but Lethal took the shirt and spit on it. Corino lost his glasses and Lethal stepped on them in front of Corino's eyes. Elgin did a delayed suplex on Hardy.  Lethal hit a reverse handspring elbow on Rhino and then did a missile dropkick. We then went to break.

Lethal dived on SCUM, who had more members come out and there was pretty much mayhem going on. Corino put his broken glasses back on and lost them punching BJ. SCUM ziptied Lethal and Elgin to the ropes. SCUM triple teamed Whitmer in the ring and beat up his partner. Whitmer fought them off for a little and exploder suplexed Rave. Corino distracted Whitmer and Rhino gored Whitmer. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate and pinned Whitmer.

SCUM went 3-0 against ROH with three straight wins. They posed overtop Whitmer and  Kevin Kelly called it "a hat trick of pure evil".
The refs untied the faces and they went after SCUM, who then ran to the back. Jay Briscoe then walked down and said at SoH, ROH will kill SCUM.
They did some closing promo's. Lethal said Elgin will shatter like glass. Haas said there would be no match with Shelton Benjamin and asked for beer. Roderick Strong talked about Karl Anderson and asked if he would bring a challenge or just shoot blanks. The Wolves just said they are indeed the American Wolves and said they were coming to slay a dragon. Red Dragon couldn't understand why the Wolves would want to get beat up again. Truth Martini said it is time to get off and smoked a cigarette. They replayed the same Steen promo from earlier with him saying he didn't care about SCUM. Steen said the Briscoes welcomed him to the company by putting beatings on him he didn't have before.  He said Jay not winning the belt kills Jay inside. Jay said Steen has been on a roll and said he is the roadblock. Steen said he won't let Steen tear the company down and the only way to beat him would be to kill him. 

Overall thoughts: Not a classic ROH show, but a good one. The matches weren't bad and I liked the quick rundown of promos at the end. I also enjoyed Inside SCUM.


  1. Good episode this week. And I like Inside SCUM :D
    Both Steen and SCUM will win their matches at Supercard of Honor, but not Hardy; Taven retain the title.

  2. Yeah, Inside Scum was pretty entertaining. I don't have a lot of thoughts for the PPV. There's two matches I can remember off the top of my head and that's it.