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POWW - Powerful Women of Wrestling 8/8/1987

POWW - Powerful Women of Wrestling 8/8/1987

Powerful Women of Wrestling was an offshoot of GLOW. David McLane had various duties at GLOW and wanted to have basically a women's version of the WWF with wrestling and gimmicks. The moneymen behind GLOW wanted to focus on the cheesier aspects and not the wrestling. McLane got tired of it and decided to form his own promotion called POWW featuring more wrestling and less cheese. The promotion didn't last that long and when you figure that they were a) a very niche offshoot promotion and b) a wrestling focused promotion with awful wrestlers, you can see why.

Please note that when McLane raided the GLOW roster, he had to change almost everyone's names, so if you see someone you know with an odd name, that's why.

One other note is that you will see the WWA name thrown out on here. The WWA was Dick The Brusier's promotion. It was big in the Indianapolis/Chicago region until the 70's and then it started to go downhill like alot of the territories did when the top star got old/overexposed and they just decided to close shop. Dick The Brusier is on commentary here and helped David McLane get in the business, which explains the usage of WWA.

"Nina, you see what I'm doing to prepare? I'm walking out with the crown." - Natasha The Russian
Hot Rod Andie and Destiny vs The Bombshell Blondes - Brandie Mae and Malibu and Candi Devine
Genie Beret aka Attache is their manager. Andie was Angel was in GLOW and Destiny it seems was a POWW original. Brandie Mae was Amy the Farmer's Daughter and Malibu was The California Doll. It appears that they were also calling Malibu - "The Malibu Doll". That obviously took time to come up with.
The pin
Some fan had a victory smoke after the faces won.
Malibu got the win here with a sunset flip. This was bad. Really bad. Right from the start I was confused as this was basically a handicap match but it wasn't officially said to be. Why the faces needed 3 people on their team is beyond me. The wrestling was awful. It was a long catfight with minimal wrestling and nothing more. The funny part is that the two most competent wrestlers of the match were Candi Devine and Beret and both stayed out of the match. Candi Devine was never tagged in and Beret just interfered as a manager.

"I am the most cunning, evil person in the wrestling world." - The Terrorist
"The Syrian Terrorist" Pali Al-Azar Rashan Yerovich  vs Bam Bam
The Terrorist is Palestina from GLOW and I have no idea who Bam Bam is.
The pin
The Syrian Terrorist won in a minute or so when she blocked a monkey flip. They kept it short and Bam Bam was pretty into it. The Terrorist threw her out of the ring after.
"Irish people are going down forever, hahaha." - Queen Kong/Matilda the Hun

Queen Kong vs Shannon O'Brian
Queen Kong is Matilda the Hun from GLOW. I don't know anything about O'Brian except that she said she was from Ireland.
Shannon's entrance was really funny here as fans were just walking right in front of her and by her while they were trying to shoot.
I have no words for this.
Queen Kong got the win with a splash. Not much of a match here as she mostly yelled at the crowd and Shannon ran into her a few times.

"I want a handicap. I want three, I want four." - Kong

Wendi Richter dared Kong to grab Dick the Bruiser and she did:
Some match began during this but the audio was too bad to figure out who it was.

Goldie Rae vs Lady Soul
Goldie Rae was Babe the Farmer's Daughter in GLOW. Lady Soul was Envy in GLOW.
Genie Beret gives Lady Soul a weapon
Lady Soul won with a nunchuks shot. This was really bad. They didn't focus on most of the match and the Picture in Picture was too small to see anyway. The wrestling looked pretty awful as well and Lady Soul kept doing awful laps of rope running to stall. It was laughable and bad.
Goldie Rae and Genie Beret argued after.

"We took it easy on here." - Genie Beret

"Nina, I am ready. I'm rested and confident." - Natasha the Russian
"And you are what you lift, a dumbbell." - Natasha the Russian
"I'm not here to play around in the WWA. I'm here to win and make money and kill my opponents." - Queen Kong
Queen Kong said she would take on Princess Jasmine, Candi Devine or the other wimps. She also said she would show Dick the Bruiser about how strong women can be.

"A lot people think that if you are beautiful, you can't be tough, but we proved them wrong." - Malibu
"We got Candi Devine on our side and we are going to show those girls just how its done country style." - Brady Mae on the trios match with Destiny and others.
The good girls picked Nina to beat Natasha.

"Got your plane ticket? Cuz I'll be sending you home after I beat you in our match." - Nina
Powerful Women of Wrestling Championship - Natasha the Russian vs Nina
Natasha the Russian was Major Tanya in GLOW and Nina was Tina Ferrari in GLOW and Ivory in the WWF.
Natasha the Russian got DQ'd quick for choking Nina along with Genie Beret. The match was all chokes until they DQ'd her.

" I didn't touch her." - Genie Beret

Genie Beret mostly talked crap. She said she wanted to bask in her beauty on the camera and then talked about all of her crew in Genie's Bad Brigade. She announced that she has a new charge named Peggy Lee Leather, who would later become Thug in WOW. She then brought out The Syrian Terrorist.
The Terrorist cut a bad promo about how she was really good and all that stuff and then said that she would be taking the biggest purses(the money not the handbags) to buy weapons in her home country.

The Terroist and Genie Beret argued about the money but The Terrorist said Genie would get a share of it. They then brought out Queen Kong.
Queen Kong said she wanted to break Pochahontas' neck so she couldn't dance anymore. She then said she would dance on her.

"You know, you can't underestimate a Russian...but you know, you gotta train extra hard to wrestle two people in the ring." - Nina
"This is a title match. This should be a straight match. Genie Beret will hear it from me." - Nina
"Russian, if you're listenin' or watchin', you're gonna lose that crown so you better be lovin' it while you got it." - Nina
Overall thoughts: This was pretty bad all around. The audio was awful and they had no idea how to mic anyone in the arena, plus there were lots of loud echoing sounds. I couldn't hear a lot of the stuff said and Dick the Bruiser sounded like he was talking with a sandwich in his mouth.  The matches were all quite bad and the main had a dirty finish. The Bruiser/Kong angle was pretty bad especially since they only showed it through a small picture in the corner and I couldn't see it. The promo's were also pretty bad a whole though Nina's was fine. Wend Richter on commentary was probably the sole highlight here. This isn't recommended at all and it was pretty poor as a whole.

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