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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/15/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 11/15/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

James Storm came out thanking people for helping him to get the title shot that will be upcoming at some point. Bobby Roode then came out. He wanted to toast James Storm with beers. He said thanks for continuining his success of Roode's hard work. Roode said cheers then attacked and then ran out of the ring. Roode told him to get his daughter to call him when she's 18 and Storm went after him. He said he would put his #1 contender's spot against Roode tonight.

They talked about not letting Doc into Ace's after his performance as of late. They said they would make their final decision tonight. They took the coat away from Doc. Devon then threw a dart at a picture on the door.

X-Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Kid Kash
Kash flew all around here with a hurricanrana to the outside and a double jump blind moonsault but missed it. RVD hit a monkey flip and then hit the five-star frogsplash for the win. Really good but short match here. This was all action and one of the better matches of the week.

EY and ODB met up backstage. EY was talking about killing gators with lasers and then getting peed on by one, which ODB asked if he liked it? They then talked about winning their matches tonight and then kissed. They also talked about some party after the PPV from which ODB was walking funny from.

Garrett and Wes Brisco argued about who should team with Angle tonight before Angle chose Garrett.

Jesse vs Eric Young
EY took his pants off in the middle of the match to reveal a USA speed. Taz said" it's more like UASS". Tara then jumped in and got a spear from ODB. Tara said I love you to Jesse then Jesse did a jumping stunner for the win. Jesse isn't really that bad to be honest. His execution is pretty decent but I always have to remind myself that he isn't the Miz.

Joseph Park begged Hogan for another match with Ace's. Hogan said it wasn't his calling and Hogan's butt would be on the line. Hogan said that he's not a trained wrestler and then Park said he would go to wrestling camp. Park had a black eye here and bandages over his eye brow.

TNA TV title - Samoa Joe vs Magnus
Devon clipped Magnus' knee as he came to the ring and Ace's beat him down. Doc then hit his knees with the hammer. Devon went to go play teeball with Magnus' head with a bat but Bully Ray came out and ran him off.

Aries met up with Jeff Hardy in the massage room and Aries said he made Jeff rise to the next level, but they aren't done yet. Aries said that Jeff took more than he gave anddidn't interrupt his massage.

Garrett Bischoff and Kurt Angle vs Devon and Masked guy
Doc went for the hammer on Angle but Wes Brisco came down with a bat and got him out of there while Angle rolled up the masked guy. The match really wasn't much and it was clearly leading to some kind of angle.

Tara and Jesse walked into Brooke's office with Brooke and Bully Ray on the couch together. Tara complained about finding out about the battle royale tonight through twitter. Brooke then fixed her top. I cannot buy Brooke being into Bully Ray. Sorry.

#1 Contender to the Knockouts title - Battle Royale - Gail Kim, Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Miss Tessmacher and ODB
The highlights were Mickie and ODB teaming up to eliminate people and ODB spitting alcohol in Rayne's face. Mickie ended up winning here over Gail after kicking her and eliminating her. Not that bad really but it is what it is. It's tough for battle royale's to be good, especially with only 5 girls in it.

James Storm was cutting a promo in the back when AJ Styles walked by and stared him down.

Ace's told Doc not to let the door hit him in the @$$ on his way out. He then walked towards the door and was greeted with an Ace's jacket and cheering. I'm on Doc's side here. He's been the most effective Ace's guy yet.

AJ came out and mentioned how he can't get a title shot for a year. He said the worst thing is that some people doubted him about the Claire Lynch thing and the Dixie thing. Kaz and Daniels then came down. Daniels called AJ a complete failure and AJ brought up that he's beaten Daniels more than Daniels beat him. AJ challenged Daniels to a match "one last time" and Daniels agreed even though Kaz said no.

Aries talked about non-verbal communication and said that he will be calling someone out for Open Fight Night. TNA then said that they would have four OFN winners next week.

Kurt asked Wes Brisco to get in the Gut Check Challenge. The officials didn't really agree that he should be in, but Angle took it like it would be okay because of Taz.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode
They started off fast with Roode taking off a turnbuckle pad. Roode worked over the left arm of storm with an armbar DDT and hitting it off the post. After a long arm work segment, Storm made his comeback. Roode got the roll-up win after hitting Storm's head off an exposed buckle.

Overall thoughts: This one wasn't bad, so it gets an alright from me. Two good matches and the angles were pretty decent. I'm really liking Doc's gimmick with the hammer and I'd love to see more Kid Kash on TV.

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