Friday, August 30, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 8/31/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 8/31/2013 Results and Review

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ROH TV Title - Matt Taven vs Bryan Fury

Matt Taven beat Bryan Fury with the headlock driver. This started out good then fell apart some. Truth tried to get involved,  Nigel stopped him, but Kacey Rae(hoopla hottie), hit a hurricanrana on Bryan. Bryan tried some type of flip over pin and ended off to the side and Taven took a weird bump off of nothing later in the match. I wish they would have just stuck with the wrestling here, as this would have been better. The move of the match was Taven hitting a super high frog splash that was very impressive. After the match, Truth put a piece of paper from The Book of Truth in Fury's mouth.

Mark Briscoe cut a weird promo, saying people on the internet said Scum chased him off. He said he had a doctor's note and was cleared to wrestle. He said he'd beat Adam Cole tonight.

Steen said we could text ROH for a picture or a picture of a video or a video or something we don't want to see.

Michael Elgin came out.
Elgin said the ROH title means the most to him.
Elgin said he didn't have to worry about the people in the tournament, but they had to worry about him. Kevin Steen came out and said he was lying.

Steen said, "I'm here to tell you and your mullet, it's not happening" when talking about the tournament.. Steen said Elgin can't beat him.

Mike Bennett and Maria came down. Steen described them as "Maria and someone else!".
Bennett said they were both the past of ROH.
Bennett said he didn't get a chance because ROH thought he was leaving. Then Ciampa came out.
Ciampa stared everyone down and said he was the next champ.

Larry Legend and Elgin talked about the Philly show, saying a new champ would be crowned.

ROH Title Tournament - ACH vs Karl Anderson

We got a promo break where Maria did the talking for Mike Bennett, saying he was the future of ROH.

Karl Anderson beat ACH with an Ace Crusher. I liked this one. Definitely one of my more favorite Karl Anderson matches. He just timed everything well here and found good ways to get his moves in. ACH did some new flying stuff and was pretty over. These two just matched each other and worked quite well together to make for a good one. Rating:***

We got clips of Scum beating up Mark Briscoe.

ROH Title Tournament - Adam Cole vs Mark Briscoe

Adam Cole won wit ha Jay Driller, possibly turning heel here. During the last half of the match, they started playing up Mark's concussion with him having trouble getting up the ropes and having trouble hanging in after some shots. Mark was recovering and the ref was working with him when Cole superkicked him in the face and hit the Jay Driller for the win. This had some fun points and I liked the kung fu, but it did take a while to get going.

Overall thoughts: The show was decent to good. All of the matches were at least okay and ACH/Anderson was one of Karl Anderson's best performances yet.

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  1. Taven seems to come out of Truth's shadow, which is a good thing.