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WWE Money in the Bank Results and Review

WWE Money in the Bank Results and Review

I previewed Money in the Bank here:

The Raw before Money in the Bank is here:

The Smackdown before Money in the Bank is here:


Vickie took credit for putting this show together.

Pre-Show - WWE Tag Titles - Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs The Uso Brothers

The Uso's got an early advantage and were bettering Shield.

An Uso took a flip bump on his head on a Reigns lariat.

from -

They just went to a commercial during this, their second of the match.

Reigns got the win with a spear in a great match. The crowd was hot, they busted out big moves and this just worked like a charm. I loved this. Rating:***1/2

More shots from it:

The announcers put over RVD after. Vickie picked Mark Henry to win and Show picked Cena.
Kofi picked DB for tonight, Show went with RVD. Vickie put herself over.

Ambrose stayed out and they did entrances for the WHC MITB.

Money in the Bank - World Heavyweight Championship Contract - Dean Ambrose vs Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Fandango vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro vs Wade Barrett

Zeb said Betsy Ross should have put a burrito or a taco on the US flag. Zeb said MITB was a path to get to their goal.

Sandow said Philly would be famous for Sandow after tonight and not Rocky.

from -

Sandow won here screwing over his partner and throwing him off the ladder. This was bonkers. Cesaro climbed on Jack's shoulders and tried to win. Dean was on top of a ladder that Cesaro and Swagger had in the air. Cody was the star here being super over and everyone thinking he would win. Ambrose also fell off the ladder onto wrestlers on the outside. Great match. Uso's and Shield jumped in here. Rating:****

Brad came out and made a jerk of himself and said that he made Vickie a panelist on the preshow and wanted people to acknowledge her contributions.
Brad tried to get a Thank You Vickie chant going and insulted the fans for being rude.
Brad showed a highlight video for Vickie.

The vid showed Vickie being emabrassed and he tried to get a standing O for her.

Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs The Miz

Miz faked being hit by Paul and Paul got kicked out. The crowd chanted We Want Heyman and the announcers called Paul's hair a "skullet".

Axel won with a neckbreaker into a face dropping type move. Decent match. Paul getting kicked out was the highlight. They worked the Figure Four a while and Axel reversed it then Mix reversed that. They said it was the first time the Figure four had been reversed lol They pushed Axel winning on his own.

Diva's Title - AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

AJ won with the Black Widow. Good match with AJ working the elbow and eventually winning by working it. AJ got tossed out and Big E caught her and there was a big spear on AJ. AJ looked good here in ring.

Kofi didn't like Sandow turning on Cody. Show liked Axel winning.

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Ryback won when Jericho missed a moonsault and he pinned him. The match wasn't bad. The highlight was Ryback doing a huge powerbomb to Jericho and Jericho reversing a gorilla press shellshock.

They showed a vid on the WWE Performance Center.

World Heavyweight Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

from undead420 @ reddit

ADR won by DQ when AJ hit ADR with the belt. Great match with an awful finish that was a slap in the face to the fans. This match was really really good. They busted out their past spots and big moves for this one like the Dolph dropkick to the ADR flying attack, the reverse superplex and Dolph doing a super facebuster off the top. AJ ran in during the near end for no reason then came in again near the end to cost him the match. Rating:***3/4

AJ and Dolph argued after to a "You Screwed Ziggler" Chant.

WWE Championship - John Cena vs Mark Henry

"I own you." - Henry

Credit -

John Cena won with the STFU. Great match. The crowd was livid and both guys put on a great performance. They had Henry beast on Cena early and did the deal where Cena couldn't life Henry. Henry went to cheat later in the match and got rammed into an exposed turnbuckle then got the STFU put on him for the Cena win. Best Mark Henry match ever? Rating:***1/2

The match ended at 10:11 so we have 45+ if necessary for the main, but the main will probably end around 10:45.
Show had predicted Henry and thought Henry had a chance to close the deal and win. Show gave credit to Cena and said Cena found a way to win. Kofi said the same thing and Kofi said he thought Henry would win. Show said the MITB winner should cash in on Cena tommorow.

Money in the Bank All-Stars - WWE Championship Contract - CM Punk vs Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Daniel Bryan
Kane is officially out of Money in the Bank All-Stars.

Randy Orton got the win after RKO'ing RVD off the ladder. During the match, Curtis Axel came out and eliminated Daniel Bryan by beating him up. Then Paul Heyman came out and yelled at him. Punk beat up Axel and then Paul turned on Punk by hitting him with a ladder. The highlights here were Sheamus going off the top through a ladder, DB going nuts and doing a few dives in succession and other spots. Good match, weird finish but not as good as the one earlier. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: One of the better WWE shows I have ever seen. Every match was good and there were ***+ matches up and down the card. The opening MITB was the match of the show and this one is must see.

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