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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/12/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/12/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:


Daniel Bryan vs Christian

Daniel Bryan won with the No Lock. Excellent match here. These two matched up really well and the crowd loved all of it. DB's headkick on Christian was sick and the spear by Christian was really great. What else can you say except check this out? Rating:***1/2

Teddy gave Dolph the night off, Dolph said no but Teddy said it is so DZ doesn't interfere in Alberto vs Sin Cara tonight.

Seth Rollins vs Jey Uso

Seth Rollins got the win with his single leg stomp as shown above. This was really quick but it was action packed and very good.

Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho won with a Codebreaker on the ropes to Axel. Good match. They kept the pace fast, they were pretty stiff and the crowd liked it. The finish worked fine and I liked Paul going nuts trying to get Axel back in.
Axel destroyed the desk a bit after.

The Miz vs Ryback

Ryback won with a Shellshock. He controlled things early, Miz worked the knee and he almost quit, then he powered up and maybe played possum to take the win. It was fine for what it was but it was similar to their match weeks ago.

Sheamus said he would be like St. Paddy and chase all the snakes from Ireland, only with Randy Orton tonight. He said he'd win MITB and the belt, and then the pints are on him. He then told Renee she was cute.

Diva's title Contract Signing

AJ said half the people in the ring didn't like Kaitlyn and the other half didn't like AJ.
AJ got some of Kaitlyn's texts that ripped on different friends of Kaitlyn. The Funkadactyl's got upset and left as did Natalya. AJ then put up a text from Kaitlyn to the secret admirer on the tron. AJ tried to get Kaitlyn to rip up the contract so she would stop.

Kaitlyn absolutely destroyed AJ and slapped the crap out of Big E. The crowd wasn't into Kaitlyn at the start but by the end, they were feeling it. Kaitlyn was really good here, as was AJ.

Fandango vs Wade Barrett
Zeb Coulter's crew is now known as "The Real Americans".

Fandango won with a roll-up, but there was almost no match here. The Scholars came down as soon as this started and argued with The Real Americans.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

"Sin Cara just used Dolph Ziggler's move - The Zig Zag." - Michael Cole | "YOU CAN'T BE THAT STUPID." - JBL | "Sin Cara was showing off here tonight." - Cole | "SHUT UP." - JBL

"Who is that but Dolph Ziggler? You can't be that blind, deaf and dumb." - JBL
 Vickie came out to yell.
"On Raw, Stephanie McMahon had two words for you - You're Fired. Tonight, I have one word for you - Security." - Teddy Long

Teddy went up to Sin Cara in the back, who was the real Sin Cara and not Dolph.

Dolph said he left his phone in the back and was returning to get it. This all raises the question though of why Sin Cara is walking around in his gear without a shirt backstage, when he had no match.

Sheamus vs Randy Orton

The match went to a no-contest when DB ran in and hit people with ladders. The match was okay but it was their usual match and wasn't real special. DB and Christian ran in after, attacking people and climbing the ladder. Orton RKO'd DB and got the briefcase.

Overall thoughts:
Good show with some good matches and good angles.

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