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WWE Money in the Bank Preview

WWE Money in the Bank Preview


It's time for one of my favorite pay-per-view's to make its return, it's time for WWE Money in the Bank 2013.

I'm pretty excited going into this. The good thing about MITB is that at worst, the two ladder matches will be good and aside from those and the Ziggler/Del Rio match, they may be the only good things on the card. However, I do think the show will be good as a whole.

Let's take a look at the card:

Pre-Show - WWE Tag Titles - Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs The Uso Brothers

This could be good and could be really good if they get time and go all out. WWE has been lightly building The Uso's up lately and they do have somewhat of a shot here. With The Shield, they have been at the lowest they have ever been push wise. They haven't been featured much lately and it appears they have already peaked. With all that being said, I can't see The Shield losing here, especially on a pre-show. I think WWE sees them higher up the card and they should win a close one here. WINNERS - The Shield

Money in the Bank - World Heavyweight Championship Contract - Dean Ambrose vs Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Fandango vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro vs Wade Barrett

As noted, all of the wrestlers in this are heels. Does it mean anything? Maybe not. The crowd should still be hot, but I wouldn't expect a ton of flying here. Fandango is the only flyer here, so this might not be as exciting. Expect more weapons shots here with less big stunts.

As for who could win this one, when you look at it, there's only 2 or 3 people who have a shot:

Fandango -  Fandango has the best shot here. He is the most over, he is higher than a midcarder and him being in a title match would be believable.

Wade Barrett - Wade Barrett probably has the second best chance. He always kind of hovers around the upper midcard and even though WWE has messed up with him multiple times before, he could be in the main event and people would buy it.

Jack Swagger - Jack Swagger is the only other real possibility here. WWE loves him for whatever reason no matter how little his over or how bad he screws up. I don't think he can win it, but its possible.

Antonio Cesaro - If you want Cesaro to win, I'm with you, but there is no chance at all of it. It just won't happen.

Damien Sandow - He has been improving and could be a main eventer, but I don't think this is where it will start. He's just too far down the card right now and this match won't be the best way to show off his strengths.

Cody Rhodes - He has no chance at all and the worst chance of winning out of everyone here.

Dean Ambrose - Dean Ambrose is a big question mark. Dean could take the win, especially if The Shield gets involved, but he already has the US title and I don't think WWE is ready to pull the trigger yet.

WINNER - Fandango

Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs The Miz

I didn't even remember that this was on the card, so that should tell you how much interest there is on this one. The match might be good. Axel has been improving lately with his matches getting better and him getting more of a persona. His alliance with Paul Heyman helps him in every way but I don't know if there is a main event in his future. The Miz is pretty much guaranteed to be a midcarder or upper-midcarder for life. I think Axel will pull this one out. He needs the title more at the moment and they are still getting over his new gimmick, so he needs the win here. Miz will always be Miz. WINNER - Curtis Axel

Diva's Title - AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

This feud has been going on for a while and I'm ready for it to end. The crowd loves AJ but Kaitlyn is about as over as a fart in church. No matter how hard WWE pushes her, nobody cares.  She's not that great looking and nothing really sticks out about her while AJ has taken the ball and ran with it multiple times. Kaitlyn has also been getting some boo's lately.  Kaitlyn wins this if WWE wants to put over the story of her finally getting revenge and redemption, but I think it is by far the wrong call. AJ truly doesn't need the title. This match might be okay if it is short, but it won't be that bad. WWE loves Kaitlyn, so I guess I'm picking her. WINNER - Kaitlyn

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Ryback has really been sold out and is at his lowest ever. WWE just did such an awful job booking him that I don't think he can be salvaged. Jericho should have been gone by now, but he is still sticking around. Leading up to this, they have been teasing that Ryback was injured but on Smackdown, they pushed that he was faking his injuries. Jericho has kind of been a jerk in this storyline while Ryback has looked like a sissy. Nobody really wins as far as their direction from this. Ryback should take the victory though since he could use it. It could be okay, but that's really about it. WINNER - Ryback

World Heavyweight Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

The never-ending feud between these two continues. I'm sure the match will be good, but I don't have any real interest in it. These two have switched roles with Alberto now being the heel and Dolph being the face. Neither are really good at their roles and neither are that over, which might hurt this match. The key here though is that Dolph Ziggler is a face and the Smackdown MITB is filled with heels. I think that is the only clue. I'm picking Dolph to win this and I do hope the feud ends here. WINNER - Dolph Ziggler

Money in the Bank All-Stars - WWE Championship Contract - CM Punk vs Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Daniel Bryan

WWE has done a great job at getting this one over. They've been pushing it and it is a good line-up with the return of Rob Van Dam. This should be a good match. I'm going to break this one down by competitor:

Daniel Bryan - By far, he is the favorite to win this. Rumors have it that it will be John Cena vs Daniel Bryan at Summerslam and this would be the segway into that. DB is the best wrestler on the planet right now and the most over wrestler on the roster. There is simply no reason why he doesn't win here and every storyline points to him winning. He is my pick to win.

Kane - Is Kane in? Is Kane out? Will someone be taking his place? Who would that person be? Nobody knows, but it seems like Kane won't be there. Kane has no reason to win this and I cannot picture it happening.

CM Punk - He won't win this. He is tied up with Brock Lesnar and this is merely filler for that.  However, Brock could make an appearance to help him lose. Paul Heyman could also make an appearance.

Randy Orton - He is another that doesn't need to win. I'm not sure what direction he will be going in but it won't be a World title.

Sheamus - He hasn't been doing much lately besides being a bully. He could win but it wouldn't make much sense and would be totally random.

Christian - He has no shot of winning. Absolutely no shot at all. But, he will make the match exciting and provide us with some dives and nice bumps.

Rob Van Dam - RVD has been surprisingly super over and he has the second best shot here. The crowd should be hot for him and him challenging for the title would work. At worst, he will add to the match and do some cool stuff. I think he won't win though. This thing is set up for DB and DB alone.

WINNER - Daniel Bryan

WWE Championship - John Cena vs Mark Henry

This won't be that great. Mark Henry is my favorite wrestler who can't wrestle, but I just don't see these two being able to pull out a main event quality match. The feud peaked during Henry's fake retirement and hasn't really gotten back to that level since. A lot of people want Mark to win, but with Summerslam coming up next month, it just isn't going to happen. Cena will be in the main event of one of the biggest shows of the year and Henry won't. Cena should be able to win this one clean and hopefully, this isn't the main event. WINNER - John Cena

Stay tuned for a WWE Money in the Bank Review with pics and gifs starting at 7:30PM EST Sunday!

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