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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/8/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/8/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed Raw here:

Vickie climbed on a ladder and talked about how she climbed the ladder to her position.
King interrupted and said The McMahon's would consider everything Vickie says, like the fans opinions.
Lawler said there is a poll which will affect the decision on her. Vickie said they were like a family and asked if everyone supported her.
She announced Christian vs Kane, Orton vs CM Punk, Cena/Henry face to face and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.

Josh interviewed Brad Maddox on the app. Brad said it's a hostile environment tonight but Vickie will show she is the woman for the job. Brad said Vickie put her heart and soul int othe company and did what's best for the fans.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

On the app, DB had Sheamus almost in a surfboard and grabbed his nose. Sheamus then kicked out of it.

DB won with a cradle in a great match. The crowd was super hot, they were stiff and they worked a nice pace. The finish was cool as DB reversed a cloverleaf and turned it into a pin. Other highlights were the three DB dives. Rating:***1/2

An on the scene reporter was looking for the Wyatt's and rednecks told him to look a few miles down the road.

Renee Young had her hair up and said she didn't want to be near the Wyatt's.

AJ was worried about Kaitlyn and told Big E to keep an eye out. Zig came in and kicked out E.
AJ said she'd do anything to make sure they both have titles on Sunday.

They showed the same package on Mark Henry as always.
Cena was interviewed on the app and he said it's the first time he has been on the app and the first time he's been challenged on twitter. He said he'd be there tonight.

They showed clips of RVD vs Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match from Raw 5/27/2002. IIRC, a fan ran in on this and it was a good match.

The Shield vs Tons of Funk

JBL brought up Clay challenging Joey Chestnut to a hot dog eating contest and King said ToF look like The McGuire Twins.

The Shield won in a good match. Rollins took a nasty bump off of a lariat and did a really cool dive near the end. Rollins also lifted Clay for a little and looked impressive. These two just flowed together well and I enjoyed this. Rating:***

The Uso's did a promo on the app about 14 being their lucky number. One of them said they won an ice cream eating contest with 14 cones and they wear a size 14 shoe. MITB is the 14th, so yeah.

The reporter was looking for the Wyatt's again.

Rowan noticed him and Harper said, "follow me".

Cena said the crowd was riled up and wanted Henry out here.

Mark Henry said he was hungry and Cena told him to go get a snicker's bar, when Mark meant the title.
"I'd even sell out my own momma to have that. I sold out my own family." - Mark Henry
Cena said Mark needs to win or he'd lose the respect of everyone and it'd be 17 years down the drain.

Cena drew a line with his foot, dared Henry to cross it. Henry wouldn't then did a sneak attack. He hit a WSS on Cena, after Cena tried to AA him and failed.

Orton was interviewed by Josh. He said he didn't think Punk was the best in the world and says if he wins MITB, he will beat Cena when Cena is in a weakened state.

Gabriel called Ryback a whiner and "Cryback" on the app. Ryback attacked him and said, "I'm not a whiner, I'm not a complainer and that is definitely not my name".

Chris Jericho vs Curtis Axel

Why was Paul Heyman wearing sunglasses? He said he got a black eye from Alberto Del Rio. He said he wouldn't be CM Punk's martyr tonight. Axel ripped on Jericho and said he wears Christmas lights on his jacket and Y2J doesn't have the IC belt. He also said he was perfection.
On the app, Axel went for a pin and got some shots in on Chris. Chris rushed into the other and went to the floor hard. Axel threw him into a rail and got a nice chop in.

"Get back in the ring! You're gonna get counted out! Get back in the ring!" - Paul Heyman

Jericho won with a codebreaker. Miz and Axel argued outside and Heyman tried to get Axel in. Once he did, Axel got nailed and lost. Good match here with Axel looking the best he has yet. This may be Axel's first loss in the WWE under his new name.

Miz got interviewed by Renee Young on the app. Miz told Axel to enjoy his loss and enjoy his next loss at MITB. Miz said it would be awesome.

More RVD clips.

"Don't say it." - Cody | "Don't." - Wade

Cody and Sandow were asked if they'd be okay if the other won. Zeb walked in and talked about money, Wade walked in to shut them up, Fandango walked in and tried to say his name Wade hit a Bull Hammer on Fandango.

"Don't stray." - Luke Harper

"Obey, obey, obey." - Some brainwashed guy.
" I told you not to stray. Go." - Luke Harper
" There you are. Come on in .I've been waiting for you." - Bray Wyatt
The reporter went inside. Harper told him not to stray. He strayed into a room with a person saying obey, obey. Harper stopped him and told him not to stray then the reporter met Bray.

We got some clips of the MITB at Wrestlemania in Chicago years ago.

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

"It'd be like North Korea vs Iran for Zeb Coulter. You'd hope they both lose." - JBL

Dolph came out and talked during the match. He mocked Del Rio on the mic and they fought.

The ref threw out the match due to Dolph. It was okay while it lasted.

Ray Rice was there.

Vickie Guerrero's Job Evaluation

Vickie tried to take credit for making people like Taker and RVD return. Steph said Vickie had nothing to do with it, but Vickie brought back Brock and Vickie didn't take credit for it. Steph grilled Vickie about Brock. This is a McMahon masturbation festival.
Vince said Vickie was entertaining but made some bonehead decisions.

Triple H said she was entertaining but terrible at her job. He said the fans boo her every week and its bad for buisness. Triple H mocked Vince finding Vince entertaining by saying that Vince still finds The Golden Girls entertaining. Triple H said Vickie had the most annoying voice " in the history of broadcast television".
Vince said Vickie should be the permanent GM.
Triple H said Stephanie should make the decision.

Steph said it was up to the fan vote. Vickie failed the fan vote and Stephanie McMahon fired Vickie Guerrero. Vince said the fans failed and said Brad Maddox is the new General Manager of Raw. Vickie threw an epic tantrum here and Vince said Brad was the people's choice and that the people failed.

More RVD recaps. As you can guess, he had a 2002 and 2003.

Brad tried to console Vickie. He held his hand out to shake Vince's hand and he said he gave the people what they deserved. Vickie then attacked Brad and screamed.

Kane vs Christian

On the app Christian took control and did a headbutt on Kane. He then worked a chinlock. Christian went for a double axe handle off the top and Kane nailed him. Kane won with a chokeslam in an okay match.

Bray Wyatt went on the screen. He called people sheep and said he created wars.

"We're here." - Bray Wyatt

 The Wyatt Family debuted and beat up Kane.

The Wyatt Family sandwiched Kane between the steps. There was good heat and the fans chanted "Husky Harris" at Bray Wyatt.

On the app, the PTP's  didn't want to watch the attack and were disgusted by it.

Vickie was consoled by Ryback as she was taking her stuff out.

AJ Lee and Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn and Layla

This went to a no contest when Kaitlyn speared AJ on the outside after they fought.

CM Punk did an interview with Josh saying he's the best in the world and will win MITB for the 3rd time.

Teddy Long was interviewed on the app, but it froze for me.

CM Punk vs Randy Orton
"It's Clobberin Time." - CM Punk

Orton took control on the app and they fought a little on the outside.

CM Punk won with a GTS out of nowhere. Good match but the finish was random. The crowd was into it and it was better than expected. After the match, DB came down and beat up both guys then grabbed the briefcase and posed.

Overall thoughts: Good show with some good angles and some good matches. I enjoyed this one and it was a memorable Raw.

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