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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/29/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/29/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed the show here:

WWE Total Divas Episode 1 is here:

They showed Cena choosing DB again for Summerslam and clips from DB's matches last week. The focus is clearly on DB tonight.

Vince made Brad apologize for letting Cena book his own opponent.

Vince had Brad explain what he called DB and then DB came out.
DB said he thought Brad's words were coming out of Vince's mouth.
DB said Vince didn't respect him even though he busts his butt for the WWE.
Vince said Cena is a master manipulator and didn't choose DB for the reasons he said.
"Are you a fool? John Cena knows what I know, you can't beat John Cena. You can't even beat Kane tonight. You don't have ruthless aggression. That was the thing that catapulted Cena all the way to the top. You don't have it and Cena doesn't have it anymore. He's right for the picking." - Vince
Vince said he didn't want Cena or DB to win.
"Let me get on your level to tell you." - Vince
Vince said he hoped both Cena and DB combusted and said Vince hopes Vince wins.

"Just a sec, let me get on your level." - DB
DB said the fans wanted him to win and told Vince that Vince said, it's not about what Vince wants but what the WWE Universe wants. DB then lead the crowd in YES chants if they wanted a new champ.

The Shield came down and everyone disappeared to get us moving on.

The Shield vs The Uso's and Mark Henry

The Uso's and Henry entered during the break. If you didn't catch Total Diva's, they were calling Jimmy Uso "John" last night.

The Shield won with a Headlock Driver. After the match, Henry cleared out Shield. The match wasn't bad. The crowd wasn't much into it but it was fine for what it was. This went mostly as expected.

Ryback was making friends at lunch. He cut in, someone called him on it, then got slapped with food and put through a table.

Having tons of issues with the app tonight and am mostly only getting audio. Josh Matthews interviewed Arn Anderson on the Shield on the app. He said they were the best when they were together. He said, "Roman Reigns, remember that name. A year, 18 months from now, going places, along with the rest of The Shield". They showed some clips from Demolition vs The Brainbusters from this date in 1989.  Arn said, "When you were 5 years old, I was winning World Championships". The Brainbusters won the tag titles after a chair shot.

They did a package on The Wyatt Family.
Kane told Brad he wanted The Wyatt's. Brad said they weren't here. He told Kane to show The Wyatt's his killer instinct against DB tonight.

Renee Young interviewed Fandango and Summer Rae on the app.Fandango kept silencing Renee and said RVD's educated feet were highschool but he "had his doctorate's in footwork". Fandango said Battle Creek, Michigan wasn't even a real place. He then said RVD would be brought to "school by the doctor of dance".

Rob Van Dam vs Fandango

RVD won by Countout when Fandango walked out. The match was good but the finish was dumb. Their styles worked well together and RVD put a lot of flying in.

"Everytime she spears me, a baby cries." - AJ on Kaitlyn
AJ said Big E liked to watch her and said he never knows what she will do next.

Josh Matthews interviewed Fandango. Fandango said "Where's Renee? I like talking to Renee. She's decent looking, she smells good. I don't even know who you are". He then asked if Josh wanted to see something cool and he moonwalked out.

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn won with a spear. The crowd booed this and booed Kaitlyn and really, it wasn't that good.

DZ mocked AJ and said he wanted a match with Big E now. He walked towards the ring.

Renee Young interviewed Kaitlyn on the app.  Kaitlyn said she really needed this and it was a step in the right direction. She said she wants the title.

Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston

"That is evil." - King

Dolph won by DQ when AJ jumped on him. The match was okay and pretty much dominated by Big E. Dolph barely got anything in and Big E took a nasty spill to the outside. AJ went nuts after and Big E was mad at her.

Dolph slipped a Zig Zag in after on Big E.
DB asked if what Vince said was true. Cena called him a promoter and said something to the effect of Vince prey's on people's emotions to draw crowds. DB didn't buy all this and Cena asked if he was being called a liar to end the segment.

Miz was on the app with Josh. Josh asked Miz what was planned for Summerslam. Miz didn't say much except SS would be awesome.

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio

During the break, Alberto had Christian's arm wrapped around the post and he put his foot on his head to pull, which looked cool and painful. ADR worked the arm more and fish hooked Chris on the inside.

Christian won after rolling through an armbar. The match wasn't that great. The crowd just didn't care and they didn't do their best, even though they had tons of time. The match mostly consisted of ADR missing flying moves and going splat.

Christian was interviewed by Josh Matthews on the app. He wanted to challenge for the title, especially since he beat him for the title the first time he tried. He said ADR won't pick him though.

Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett

They showed clips of Cody throwing Sandow's briefcase in the river from Smackdown. See it here -

Cody got the win here with a Cross Rhodes. The match was fine but the crowd wasn't into it. The highlight was Cody doing a big moonsault.

Damien Sandow after and said Cody comes from a family of clowns. He said he should send Cody back to the circus, but said carny folk are below him.

On the app, a fan had a question for RVD. He asked what made RVD return. RVD said he always wanted to be the one people talked about. This took about 90 seconds to accomplish. The fan gave RVD a dorito and RVD took the whole bag. Well, I guess he did something earlier to give him the munchies.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

DB won with a reversal of a chokeslam into a pin. This was okay but nothing too special.  The crowd wasn't much into it. Kane chokeslammed DV after. The Wyatt's then came.

The Wyatt's attacked and Bray Wyatt told Kane to be careful who he says that he is the devil's favorite demon to, as someone might just be listening. He then told him to follow the buzzards.

Vickie talked on the app about Alberto picking his own opponent at Summerslam. Vickie took credit for this and Josh said it was the same thing Brad did on Raw. Vickie said she doesn't follow in anyone's footsteps.

Brie Bella vs Natalya

The Bella's called Nat an ugly duckling of Total Divas.

"What the duck?" - King | "After that, Natalya might have to go see a quack." - Cole
Brie Bella rolled up Natalya for the win after Nikki Bella came in with a duck whistle and yelled "Quack Quack Nattie, Quack Quack". I didn't get it and neither that nor the match were good.

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth

Paul talked about Brock and Axel talked about his dad winning the IC title in this city. He said he is more perfect than perfect.

Curtis Axel won by DQ when CM Punk came out and attacked him. The match wasn't much and they only had a few minutes until Punk ran in. Punk went after Heyman and Heyman escaped while Punk got a shot or two in on Axel.

On the app, Heyman told Axel to do something about Punk as he is in danger. Renee Young tried to get an interview and Paul told her to go interview CM Punk before something bad happens to Punk.

Vince said he wanted someone to beat John Cena. Why? I don't know. He said someone like Triple H, but not Triple H.  Stephanie came in and said she wants to give Daniel Bryan a corporate makeover. Vince told her good luck with that one.

Tables Match - Ryback vs John Cena

This is for the ProWresBlog title.
Ryback took control on the app.

Cena AA'd Ryback through a table to win. I thought this was entertaining and even though it was a bit goofy, I enjoyed it. The dueling steps were funny and I liked their stare down over the table.
DB took the belt after and they had a stare down to close the show.

Overall thoughts: I didn't like this show. I hate the McMahon/DB/Cena storyline and all of the matches had stupid finishes. The show also dragged.

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