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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/22/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/22/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed tonight's show here:

They recapped the Brock attack from last week to start the show.

"There's nobody more Texas than the sheriff of WWE Raw...Me!" - Brad
Brad announced a contract signing with John Cena and Daniel Bryan tonight.
"Some say he more resembles a troll than a WWE champion." - Brad on DB
Brad quizzed Cena about why DB was chosen.

DB came out.

DB said the people disagreed with Brad that DB doesn't deserve a shot.
Cena said he chose DB because DB was talented but people didn't like him in the office because he wasn't talented enough. He told Brad that if Brad wanted a tall champion, go give the belt to The Great Khali.

"I chose you for this match because you earned it and you deserved it." - John Cena
"You are the best competition in the WWE right now and I will prove at Summerslam that even the best isn't good enough." - John Cena

 Brad interrupted DB after he got the mic.
"No, no you don't interrupt me." - DB
Brad said DB would have multiple matches tonight to prove himself worthy of the match at Summerslam. Brad then said "No" while DB said "Yes" on whether DB would impress or not tonight.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
Sheamus' MITB bruise

Sheamus got put into the stairs during the break and got knocked off the apron on the floor. Sheamus' leg looks really nasty. Alberto was in total control here, clotheslining Sheamus as he got back in the ring. He wrapped Sheamus' legs around the post in a Figure Four position, but used his arms only. Alberto hit a flying body attack off the top.

Alberto go the pin after Sheamus tried to hit the White Noise and his leg gave out. Decent match here. This was smart with ADR working the Sheamus injury for most of the match and then winning because of it .

On the app, they showed clips from Comic Con with Dolph. They showed a guy in the Powered Toast Man costume from Ren and Stimpy and some guy in a Wolverine get up. Dolph interviewed various people in dumb costumes. The Great Googily Woogily appeared, whoever that is besides a goof in a costume. He sadly has a better gimmick than most of the roster. Dolph then made lots of nerd jokes and mentioned mothers cleaning Mountain Dew off basement floors. All we needed was keyboard thug for the center X.

Renee Young interviewed Booker T and Teddy Long about getting fired. Booker T said he was shocked. Teddy said he took a ton of abuse while Booker was gone.

"If I wasn't going to be named as general manager, then maybe Mr. McMahon made the right decision. I'm out of here." - Teddy
Booker T said he'd throw out Teddy Long if he kept running his mouth.

On the app, Josh interviewed Alberto Del Rio.  Alberto told Josh he was a pain. Josh brought up Damien Sandow watching Alberto's match. Alberto said he didn't know or care who Sandow is. Way to put him over. ADR said the belt tells Josh everything.

Christian vs Titus O'Neil
"The state flower here is mildew." - Lawler
Cole said the PTP's were gonna venture into singles.

"Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels. He's probably out there hunting JR." - JBL

"There goes Harpo." - JBL

The finish
Christian won with the Killswitch in a quick but fine match. Titus blew his whistle while kicking Christian and carried Christian on his shoulders and tossed him in the ring.

"You little twerp. You're about average size. I hate average." - Ryback | "Hey, the big guy needs to eat. You, people like you, deserve to be intimidated by me." - Ryback
Renee Young was talking about The Bella's on the app.The showed clips from Total Divas and the girls were mostly in bikini's or their underwear during this. I'll sadly be reviewing this show live Sunday.

"I'm proud of the fact that I'm a raised and born Texan." - Mark Henry
"My heart don't pump Kool-Aid." - Mark Henry
Mark Henry called out The Shield and said he was right here.

The Shield attacked and got the better of Henry but The Uso's made the save and cleared off The Shield.

DB was shadow boxing and Cena said someone put Brad up to this. DB said he'd be okay by himself and didn't care about his opponents. Cena said he wanted DB to make it to Summerslam.
"Please don't come out there. If you do, it will prove all the nice things you said, all the complimentary things, were lies." - DB
Tony Dawson was talkin on the app. He interviewed Dolph. Dolph said he's never been in the ring with DY. Dawson asked about the AJ/Big E embrace. DZ said he was blown away and that AJ disgusts him. The audio was very low here.

Darren Young vs Dolph Ziggler
"Darren Young combs his hair more than Buddy Landell." - JBL

"Dolph and I have something in common, all of our ex's are now in Texas." - JBL

Dolph won in a decent match with a surprise Zig Zag. DY got all the offense here and looked the best he has in a while. He talked tons of trash, hit a good dropkick and a cool electric chair drop. Big E went for the attack after but Dolph escaped.

On the app, the Uso's got interviewed. They said Henry had their back on SD and they returned the favor. They said they had unfinished business with The Shield. They called themselves "The only true tag team in the building".

MizTV with the cast of Total Divas

They showed clips from Total Divas.

They said Eva Marie looks like The Bellas. You decide. Miz called the Bella's, Nicole and Brianna.
The Bella Twins I'm seeing only include one person.
Lawler called Eva Marie "Eva Maria". She slapped him and said she didn't like the way he was looking at her and basically turned heel. One of the Bella Twins had a nip slip during this segment. No, I won't post it.

The PTP's were in the back and Titus asked if DY was tired of losing. DY said we started at the bottom and ended up at the bottom. Titus said their bank accounts are dwindling. Darren Young blew his nose in Titus O'Neil's shirt. Titus O'Neil said they would set up a banana pudding stand at Summerslam. Darren Young said they should have a hot cocoa stand. Titus said they need to go after the kids. Titus said they should sell the kids "magic erasers" and then they would be right back on top. They then did the dance.

"Daniel Bryan could be the future of the WWE." - Triple H | "Right now, I think it really doesn't matter what you throw at Daniel Bryan. He's so drive, he can do anything." - Triple H
Triple H mocked Brad's words about DB not being big and strong enough. Triple H said Vince put words in Vince's mouth. Triple H said Daniel Bryan could be the future of the WWE. Triple H said there were two trains with going towards the future and one going towards the dead end and Brad needs to choose wisely.

Steph said she has an idea and Brad needs to get on board.

They had a package on the Wyatt Family.

R-Truth was wearing a white suit and was interviewed by Dawson about the Wyatt's. Truth said he wasn't all together upstairs but The Wyatt's were a different subject. Truth said this is real and "you kick my dog, I'm gonna kick yo cat" and "you can't fight numbers, nobody can fight numbers". "It's not about fearing what's it in the dark, it's about not knowing what's in the dark".

Fandango vs Cody Rhodes
"Summer Rae told me today is Fandango's birthday." - King | "You were talking to Summer Rae?" - JBL

"Looks like his birthday candles just lit up." - King, talking about it being Fandango's birthday.

Cody won with a disaster kick to Fandango on the suitcase, also taking out Sandow. The match wasn't that great until the finish. Fandango mostly posed and danced around to no heat. Sandow was really good on commentary though. He made Cole look like a goof multiple times. Cody hit a nice moonsault during this but Fandango didn't catch him and he landed hard.

Wade was interviewed and said he'd beat RVD tonight and it's good the British Royal baby was born.

CM Punk came out.
Punk talked about the Brock attack. He said he got up from Brock's best attack.
"He can beat me down, but he can't keep me down." - Punk
"I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar." - Punk
"It doesn't matter what he thinks, it doesn't matter what Paul Heyman thinks, this is my ring." - CM Punk
"If Brock is the beast incarnate, I am the beast slayer." - Punk "I want the best vs the beast at Summerslam." - Punk
"They're not people, they're not animals, they're...Texans." - Paul Heyman

"Show me a hero and I'll show you a coward who ran out of options or a fool who is too stupid to stay down. So what are you Punk, a coward or are you a fool?" - Paul Heyman

"If this is a fight you want, your challenge is accepted at Summerslam. But please stop calling this the best vs the beast. The best is the beast and he's my client and my best friend in the world, Brock Lesnar." - Paul Heyman

Wade Barrett vs Rob Van Dam

RVD won with a 5 star frog splash. Decent match here. Wade got his lip or nose busted open here somehow. RVD did a couple of springboards and hit a nice flipping body attack on Wade. The crowd loved RVD and this was good.

Curtis Axel got interviewed on the app. He said the IC title started in 1990 when his dad won the IC title.

Daniel Bryan Gauntlet
I'm guessing we are maybe looking at Axel, Swagger and Cesaro. My dream is Cesaro, McIntyre and I don't care who is the third.

"Good news Mr. Austin,you are not the father." - Zeb Coulter
Zeb said Stephen Austin would not be happy about what Texas has become and would be sad at his Texas sons.

Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger

DB tapped out Swagger with a Yes Lock in a quick match. We got tons of "OU Sucks" chants since Swagger wrestled for Oklahoma University.

Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro
This is legit my WWE dream match right now and the match between the two best wrestlers in the world. So, this will likely go about a whole 2 minutes. Cesaro sent DB outside early and hit his head off the barricade. Cesaro then did the giant swing to DB on the barricade. Cesaro put him back in and they exchanged great forearms. Cesaro did the Swiss Death Uppercut and got tons of air on DB.

There were two commercials breaks during this, naturally, since I wanted to see it. On the app, Cesaro worked the chinlock.

Daniel Bryan won by reversing the Swiss Death into a cradle. Great match. The crowd was super hot and loved all of this and the work was great. The uppercutted the crap out of each other and Cesaro busted out tons of cool stuff. This was just great and what I had been waiting for. Rating:****

Brad Maddox said he had another one for DB and wanted to see how DB did.

Daniel Bryan vs Ryback

 Daniel Bryan won by DQ when Ryback powerbombed him through a table. Good match here. DB's Yes Lock was totally nasty and I loved Ryback picking him up and straight up tossing him. DB had a great surprise tope too. Rating:***

After the match, Cena made the save and beat up Ryback. He challenged Ryback to a tables match next week and it was accepted. Vince also made Brad sign Kane vs Daniel Bryan for next week.

No Big Show tonight for whatever reason.

Overall thoughts: This was the Daniel Bryan show and it was awesome. He had about 30 minutes straight of great wrestling and he was at his best here. He made the show along with CM Punk and turned what would have been a so-so Raw into a good one!

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