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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/14/1990

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/14/1990

Last week's show is here:

Jesse wasn't happy to be in the home of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and silenced Vince on a "Hoooo".

Ted Dibiase vs Mario Mancini
Ted Dibiase retrieved his Million Dollar Title from Jake Roberts and Wrestlemania 6 and was flaunting it here.

"Big Boss Man, you know the type of cop you are? You're the type of cop, sitting at the truck stop, eating donuts and hitting on that fat waitress and hoping to get lucky. Well Bossman, when you met me, your luck ran out." - Ted Dibiase
"Get a long, good look Bossman. Cuz' I'm comin' after you." - Ted Dibiase

"Take a look at #1." - Ted Dibiase
Ted Dibiase took care of business here, getting the win with the Million Dollar Dream. Teddy hit a suplex, some elbows, a gutwrench suplex and a Million Dollar Dream for the win. The focus here again was Dibiase flaunting the Million Dollar belt and calling out The Big Boss Man.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund
Geno talked about Warriors Double Title win at Wrestlemania before taking us to Jack Tunney.
"Since it is obvious that no one man cannot properly fulfill the requirements of both title defenses at the same timne, The Ultimate Warrior has surrendered to me as of this date, The Intercontinental Championship. I have declared the title vacant and furthermore, ordered that a tournament be held in order to determine who will become the Intercontinental Champion." - Jack Tunney
They announced a tournament with pairings being announced next week, for the Intercontinental Title.

Black Bart vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka

" I want to enter that tournament because I want to be the next Intercontinental Champion." - Jimmy Snuka

"Yeah, I don't really like looking at his face that much." - Jesse Ventura
Superfly Jimmy Snuka got the win with the Superfly Splash. The match was more even than expected and Black Bart was the better of the two. Snuka was pretty much done by this point and wasn't real crisp early on.

They announced that Earthquake bruised Jim Duggan's ribs after his Earthquake Butt Splashes at Wrestlemania 6.

"Life must go on, Hulk Hogan. Now, you must rise up and face me." - Earthquake
The Ultimate Warrior came out, posed with the title and left.

The Orient Express vs Sonny Blaze and Mark Frear
"Rest assured, both Rockers are seeing 20/20 and we got our eyes set on you." - The Rockers, referencing Fuji throwing salt in Marty's eyes at Wrestlemania 6
"Whoa, my goodness. Forget about it." - Vince
"Almost looks like a reverse backbreaker piledriver." - Jesse Ventura
Sato got the win with a Ligerbomb(in 1990 no less) on Sonny Blaze. Good squash here. The Orient Express are quickly becoming one of my favorite teams of this time as they bust out some stiff stuff. Sato in particular plays his role really well. Tanaka chopped the crap out of Blaze.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs Mike Williams

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake got the win with a sleeperhold. He hit a nice jumping knee but that is about it here. Mike Williams definitely got the short end of the stick tonight by getting matched with Beefcake. But hey, he didn't get ligerbombed. Brutus was definitely the worst option though on WWF Jobber Roulette.

The Brother Love Show with Rhythm and Blues

Honky talked about how exciting it was to be singing at Wrestlemania 6.
He said The Bushwhackers ruined their performance and Valentine said, they'd destroy The Bushwhackers like they destroyed their guitars.

Ravishing Rick Rude said he beat Ultimate Warrior before and will do it again. He also said just as quick as Warrior rose, he would fall.

Dusty Rhodes vs Bobby Salsa
Okay, Bobby Salsa is now my favorite jobber. That name is great.
Macho Man attacked Dusty Rhodes before the match began with Sherri's purse and hit two diving elbows and a diving axe handle. He then talked about Sapphire paying respect to the King as Sherri held Sapphire down. Jesse of course had no problem with any of this since Elizabeth got involved at Wrestlemania 6.

The Barbarian vs Mark Thomas

"He can't be hurt and he can't be beat and he won't stop until I tell him to." - Bobby Heenan
"You can walk through the darkest alleys in the world and feel safe with The Barbarian." - Jesse Ventura
"Bobby's like a third base coach out there, sending the signals and his man's responding to them." - Jesse Ventura
The Barbarian won in a quick squash with a diving clothesline from the top. Not much to speak of here as this was a basic Barbarian squash. He was inbetween characters here though as he was getting rid of the facepaint and growing his hair in.

Hulk said when Earthquake splashed him, it hit a 7.2 on the Venice Beach Richter Scale. He said when you hit Hulkamania's fault line, it better be a big one.

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't bad or great but passable. I liked the Orient Express squash and Dibiase wasn't bad. No need to see this one though.

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