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WWE Monday Night Raw 4/22/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/22/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Welcome to my WWE Monday Night Raw Live Review for April 22, 2013.

I'm not too sure what to expect for tonight. We definitely have the Team Hell No and Undertaker vs The Shield match and we will surely get more on Ryback and John Cena. Beyond that, I don't know. I imagine we will get something more on Ziggler/Swagger/ADR and I could see another Bella twin pinning Kaitlyn tonight.

Heyman talked about Brock Lesnar beating up 3MB last week.

 He mocked Triple H for not coming this week.
He said Triple H emailed him though and said Triple H said he would give him an answer next week. Triple H then showed up.

Triple H said he lied and then told Heyman to tell Brock that he would accept. He then hit the pedigree.
They announced Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler for tonight.

R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro
Truth rapped and Cesaro yodeled.
Truth picked up the win here in a quick match. The crowd was into it and it wasn't bad for what it was.

The Shield arrived in a helicopter.

Brodus Clay vs Damien Sandow
Damien Fandow

Damien Sandow got the win with a roll-up. No matter who he is with, a Brodus Clay match cannot be good and this wasn't very interesting. The highlight was a fan dressed as Damien Sandow.

Dolph was admiring his title when AJ came in. AJ called Dolph Ziggler "Zigglypuff", which is a play on a pokemon named Jigglypuff. He said AJ needed a title and they called Kaitlyn a "water buffalo". Team Brickie then walked in and said that if Dolph loses tonight, the three way at the ppv becomes a four way. I think Vickie got some breast implants in the last week. Also in this segment, Big E walked in during a Dolph/AJ kiss and they told him to go away.

The Shield questioned Undertaker sentencing people to rest in peace and said they were the judges and said Taker would know what justice tastes like.

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

"We got the wave going on in London. Who's going to get up first? Them or the crowd?" - Lawler
The fans do the wave
Dolph Ziggler got the win with the Zig Zag. Jericho had the Lion Tamer in and Fandango's music hit which distracted him. Jericho let loose a little and Dolph got out to get the win soon after. The match was okay but honestly boring at times. It went about 21 minutes and the crowd was doing the wave at one point and popped the most for Fandango's son. They danced and sung the song.

They announced John Cena vs Ryback for "The 50-Year Old WWE Championship".

Foley got interviewed but didn't say much when Josh asked him the differences between then and now. He said wrestlers are still wrestlers and don't like to take the blame.

Tensai vs Cody Rhodes
Tensai won with a senton. As you would expect, this wasn't very interesting. They made fun of Tensai for most of the match. Remember everybody, don't be a bully, BE A STAR.

DB was looking for the Undertaker. He wanted to talk strategy and wrote up a plan and diagrams. He asked Kane if Kane could call The Undertaker and Kane said, "The Undertaker doesn't exactly carry a cellphone". Kane then told him not to show him a diagram and "whatever you do, do not try to give him a hug". The Shield then left both men laying in a good segment.

WWEShop sponsored a Smackdown Rebound. Very few companies sponsor themselves. So let me get this straight, WWEShop paid money to WWE to show that rebound?

Ryback was wearing a hat. He said he enjoyed beating up Cena. He said he looks in the mirror and sees the next WWE Champion.

Big E Langston vs
Big E has a new theme and it sucks.
Big E won in quick fashion with The Big Ending which Lawler called "The Big Finish".

The Shield vs Team Hell No and The Undertaker
Kane got caught calling a spot on camera.
The match was a little boring when Kane was in  but once Rollins and DB went at it, Rollins took a ton of bumps and they really woke the crowd up.
The Shield won after a missed DB diving headbutt. The match was good mostly due to Taker, DB and Rollins. The crowd was into all three but could have cared less for Kane. Pretty good stuff here that got a ton of a time and made The Shield look great.

Cena said there's a difference between being smart and being brave. Cena said he didn't know about all this and thought it was a mistake.
Cena gave him a chair to take with him.

Fandango vs William Regal

Fandango came out with Summer Rae of NXT. The crowd was Fandangoing.
Fandango won in a quick squash with a reverse STO. Not much to say here except I wish Regal would be on TV more and I wish this would have gotten the time the other two long matches tonight got. Jericho jumped Fandango after the match and danced with girl, Summer Rae.
Jericho threw Fandango off the stage.

They announced Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio in a No DQ match.Ugh.

#1 Contender Battle Royale for the Diva's Championship
Why do we need this since Nikki Bella beat Kaitlyn last week? Shouldn't that be good enough to make her the #1 Contender? The announcers said the Bella's were DQ'd from this due to their twin magic last week. Kaitlyn was on commentary.
AJ Lee won by eliminating Layla. She played dead and Layla tried to deadlift her out. AJ then got her when she wasn't looking and threw her out. This was not over the top rope.

Ryback said he loved what he did to Cena.
Foley said he didn't count the number of times he was left laying alone. Foley said Ryback would be the champion eventually.
Ryback told Foley to shut up multiple times and told him he is tired of him trying to relive his glory days. Ryback said he didn't care about SuperCena, Foley or the fans and wanted to win the title. He called Foley a "fat, pathetic, lazy bastard"..
Cena got involved when Foley almost used a chair and The Shield came down.
Cena left the ring and The Shield hit.

Then he came back and cleared them off before hitting an AA on Ryback.

The ending was stupid and invoked a lot of questions from me. Why wouldn't Ryback leave the ring too when The Shield hit? Is there some rule where he has to stay? Why did Cena bother to make the save only to attack Ryback? Odd closing angle here.

Overall thoughts: The show had its ups and its down but it was good overall. The Shield were the highlights and they had some matches with good lengths to them.

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