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WWE Monday Night Raw 4/15/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/15/2013 Results and Review

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Randy Orton and Sheamus vs The Big Show
Orton got the win with the RKO. They pushed Sheamus not tagging in Orton during this. I don't know what the point of this one was since Big Show walked out in the same match on SD and didn't want to do it the first time. This really could have used some explanation, especially considering Sheamus and Orton said they were finished with Big Show. The match wasn't much.

3MB said they were going to call out the Sheild for beating them up last week. Good luck with that.

3MB said The Shield tried to steal the show and they said they were the only 3 man band. Drew McIntyre asked for a hand written apology.
Brock came out instead and cleared house. He hit two F5's on Slater on the rails. Brock and Paul then called out Triple H.
Paul Heyman said since Brock and Triple H are 1-1 with each other, that both are too dominant not to settle the score. Heyman then asked for a dirty and old school Brock Lesnar vs Triple H steel cage match

United States Title - Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston
Antonio Cesaro did some yodeling pre-match.
Kofi Kingston won the United States title with the Trouble in Paradise kick. Good match here due to Cesaro being awesome like always. He caught Kofi off of a dive and put him into a backbreaker then caught him in the powerbomb position. Kofi's winning kick was really good and this ended Antonio Cesaro's 240 day US title reign unfortunately. It may be a good thing though for Cesaro. Rating:***

After the match, Kofi was interviewed and said he is bringing the title home. Where is home exactly for Kofi? Ghana? Jamaica? USA? He's announced as from Ghana, so Kofi has brought the US title home to Ghana.

They aired the whole Money in the Bank cash-in from last week.

The announcers said we would hear from Dolph Ziggler next.

Dolph said he didn't care what the fans though and said you show off when you are better than anyone else.
Alberto came down and said he wanted his rematch now.
Vickie came down and said ADR gets it now.

World Heavyweight Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
Zeb came down and Dolph only beat ADR because of Jack.
Swagger came out and put the Patriot Act on ADR and left him laying. That was the end of it.

Alberto was laid out in the back on a bed.

They announced Team Hell No and The Undertaker vs The Shield for next week.

Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players
DB got the win with a flying headbutt. You know how these matches are. Nothing special at all and this was quick. This was also atleast the 4th time we've seen this on Raw recently.

Ryback said Wrestlemania 29 was a great night for Cena and Cena was on top, but Ryback was on the bottom. He said Ryback should be up while Cena should be down.
Ryback said he didn't want to be on the bottom, so he attacked Cena to get on top. He said being a friend with Cena is being below him. He said if Cena is Superman, say hello to Kryptonite. He also said Cena left Ryback to fend for himself multiple times and showed different clips of Ryback getting screwed by The Shield. Of course, Ryback isn't going after The Shield. He said The Shield attacked him 6 times but Cena wasn't there. Maybe he should have been beating him up instead as Ryback wouldn't go after him.
Ryback said that Cena was only there because he wasn't. Ryback then said he was stepping out of Cena's shadow and was the biggest threat to Cena's title reign.
He then said Ryback Rules. This was one of those John Cena Redemption storylines where they decided to backtrack themselves and build up on non-existing angles and failed.

R-Truth vs Wade Barrett
They announced a #1 Contenders battle royale for the Intercontinental title on Wednesday.

R-Truth won with a jumping reverse DDT. This one wasn't that great and the crowd didn't really pop for the upset.

The Raw crew were arguing over what to do with Alberto. Teddy went over their heads ON THEIR SHOW and made Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler with some extra incentive that they didn't mention. Brad asked Teddy if he cleared this with Booker but Teddy said he didn't know if Booker knew. They've slowly been building towards Teddy constantly doing sneaky things and going against Booker T. I wonder where it is going.

The Great Khali and Santino Marella vs Team Rhodes Scholars
JBL said that Hornswoggle had his greenjacket on for winning the mini-golf masters and called Masters champion Adam Scott about it. If you didn't see The Masters go see it. It was great.
Sandow called North Carolina a den of ignorance.
"You're not even doing it right." - Cody
Sandow got the win with a roll-up with the tights. The match wasn't very good or interesting but the highlight was Hornswoggle pulling out The Cobra from his pants. King called it a garner snake. Cody said Horny wasn't doing it right and Khali decked Cody before Cody could hit Horny.

King introduced Fandango and they showed people Fandangoing.
 Fandango asked Lawler to dance and he said no. He asked the crowd to go Fandangoing.
Fandango taught the crowd how to say his name and he said they didn't get it right. He then told the crowd to go Fandango themselves. Not sure what this was here as it seemed to switch from a face to heel promo as it went on. I understand WWE trying to  capitalize on the crowd Fandangoing last week but last week was a special crowd and I think for the overall crowd, they need to clearly get him to be a face.

Cena said he heard what Ryback said and said he would see him in the ring.

Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler
This isn't for the title.
Jack Swagger got the win with an alley oop into a stun gun. The match was decent. Dolph took a nasty looking bump while sitting on the ropes and Swagger looked good. It appears there will be a 3-way program for the title on the SD side.
Del Rio jumped Swagger after and put him in an armbar off the stage.

Sheamus got jumped by Mark Henry right as we came back, just like on Smackdown.

Punk said he couldn't enjoy his reign as champ as he always looked over his back. He wondered where to go next after losing the title and said he went for Taker.
Punk hugged Heyman and left.

Booker T was upset with Teddy and told Teddy that Teddy doesn't know what Booker is thinking. Booker T said ADR and Swagger would both get title matches in a 3-way at Extreme Rules.

Kaitlyn vs Nikki Bella
The Bellas switched to get the win with a roll-up. This one died. The crowd didn't care and the announcers were arguing over which one of the Bella's were bigger.

Cena called "The Ryback" down.
Cena said Ryback waited until his back was turned to get a shot at him, even though Cena invited anyone to get a shot earlier in the show. Cena said Ryback made us sit through a highlight reel of excuses and Cena called it boring.
Cena said he didn't have the brains or the balls to be champ.
Cena dared Ryback to make a move and Ryback left, with The Shield coming out.
Cena got Triple Powerbombed to end the show while Ryback watched. The crowd chanted "one more time".

Overall thoughts: The show was okay as a whole but would have a better 2 hour show.

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