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Ring of Honor TV 4/27/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 4/27/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Steve Corino was out with SCUM. He asked for Nigel to send out three of his best to go against Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton.

C&C and BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Jacobs, Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus

Rhett Titus got the win with a chain shot. Corino gave Rhett the chain near the finish. This one wasn't that great. The crowd wasn't into it and it was hard to see half of it. The work wasn't anything special either and the finish wasn't very innovative. The only real highlights were stereo tope con giro's by C&C.
SCUM got some shots in after until Lethal and Elgin put a stop to it.

They pimped the 5/11/2013 show in Pittsburgh which I'll be covering and reviewing here.
Kyle Oh Oh Oh Oh O'Reilly called Bobby Fish the "Dalai Lama of Yokohoma" and called himself the "Ambassador of Kick Your Ass-a-der" and said they would send whoever their opponents were to Jobber City. Fish just said they'd put whoever it is down. I must say, if Bobby The Fish is going for the math teacher look, he's nailed it down. Greg Gagne had it nailed down too and we saw how far that got him.

Rhett Titus vs Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal got the win with a Lethal Injection. I wasn't sure of this one going in but Lethal did a good job which led to a good match. He hit three topes in a row early and later on did a full backflip bump off of a lariat. Lethal then later hit a nice Lethal Injection for the win. Rating:***

Lethal got on the mic after and said he got the first win for ROH against SCUM. He said at Border Wars, Steve Corino would be gone for good.

Inside Ring of Honor
They talked all about the ROH Border Wars card. I'm really only interested in ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs C&C. They also mentioned Michael Elgin vs Karl Anderson for next week. They failed to mention the Naomichi Marufuji injury as well.
Michael Elgin did an interview and talked about his reputation in ROH. He told Karl Anderson to come prepared and nothing would stop him from getting the ROH title.
Red Dragon cut a promo. Kyle O'Reilly said Davey Richards has been chasing the dragon, which included both members of Red Dragon.  Bobby Fish said Davey's past would catch up with him against Kyle O'Reilly next week.

They showed highlights of Steen vs Richards from Border Wars 2012 and cut to Nigel in ring.
Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole were brought out to sign a contract for their title match.
Steve Corino interrupted from the crowd after they signed.
Jay Briscoe  proposed Rhino and Hardy vs Cole and Briscoe and Nigel said, let's do it now.
BJ Whitmer cut a promo for ROH Road Rage and said he waited all of his life for this shot and said he is one of the toughest men in ROH history.

Rhino and Matt Hardy vs Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe
Hardy threw his shirt into the crowd twice and it got thrown back. They announced that Prince Nana will be doing commentary at the booth next week.
Adam Cole got the win with a surprise roll-up. Cole accidentally superkicked Jay Briscoe in the face and side stepped Rhino which got Jay Briscoe speared. The match wasn't very interesting until the finish. The heels mostly controlled things until the quick finish and that was it. No real big moments or anything.
BJ Whitmer said Rhett Titus stabbed him in the back and at the PPV, he will take his pride and will and make him say "I Quit".
Eddie Edwards said he and Ishimori would now fight in ROH and the hunt is on.
C&C cut a promo calling themselves "The C&C Wrestle Factory". They said they were the new boys last year and they will teach ACH and Tadarius Thomas about the grind.
Jay Lethal said SCUM would die and honor lives at the PPV.
Davey Richards cut a promo against Naomichi Marufuji, who won't be on the Border Wars show, making this very effective. He said he'd fulfill his destiny. Paul London will be substituting for Marufuji.
Mike Mondo said his opponents would get no rest, no mercy and no fear.
Mark Briscoe said he would be TV champion because his face was made for TV.
Matt Taven, Truth Martini and Scarlett just laughed at Mark Briscoe getting a title shot.
Jay Briscoe said he ain't gonna lose his title on the first defense and Adam Cole should plan to get his ass whooped.

Overall thoughts: This show was pretty weak as compared to previous weeks. There was only one really good match and a little too much SCUM and Corino for my tastes. They also really didn't do a good job here of putting over some of the PPV matches as I didn't even know Whitmer and Titus were going to be in an I-Quit match. Let's not forget that they didn't even mention that Naomichi Marufuji won't be at the PPV, which is a big problem. I did like the short promos as the end though and wish they did more of them. This show can be skipped however and wasn't the greatest build to the PPV.


  1. I was at WWE live event yesterday and I shouted to Bryan to come back to ROH. I'm sure he heard it at least once :)

  2. SCUM does have mystery wrestlers at the PPV ;)