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Ring of Honor TV 4/20/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 4/20/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Kevin Steen came out.
The crowd chanted "Thank you, Kevin" until Corino came out. Corino said Steen wasn't returning calls and texts.
Steen said he understands Corino, but he's fine with the way ROH is.  He said his only mission was to get another shot at the belt.
SCUM came down. Steen said he liked SCUM when it was just him, Jimmy and Corino. He said he'd follow Corino anywhere, but he can't follow him with Matt Hardy being in SCUM.
Corino said they aren't on the same page and it is time to go our seperate ways. That's when SCUM came in.
Steen said they could either go through different exits peacefully or do what Corino looked like he was going to do, which was have SCUM jump him. Steen warned Corino that this option would start a war.
Steen went after Hardy and Scum jumped him. Steve told them to get off and said to give Steen the dignity he deserves. He then said, "Jesus, do your work".
Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Steen to end the segment.
Eddie Edwards said he'd like to hold the GHC Jr. Title someday, but said his match with Ishimori is about wrestling and the hunt will be on.

Roderick Strong vs Mike Bennett
Mike Mondo was on commentary.

Bennett dared Mondo to get in the ring, then he got hugged by a random fan.

Roderick Strong beat Mike Bennett with a suplex into a backbreaker after Mondo throated Bennett on the ropes. The match was more about the Bennett/Mondo feud more than anything else as Bennett messed with Mike was he was announcing, daring him to come in. Then Bennett went to spear Strong, but nailed Mondo instead. Brutal Bob interfered, Mondo pulled him off and then cost Bennett the match. The match wasn't that much. It was a lot of chops and some brawling before the finish.

All three men got into it after which makes sense since Mondo was feuding with Strong.

Jorge Santi vs Tadarius Thomas
No contest here as Scum jumped in and ruined what was looking like a good match. Both guys were doing some different athletic spots and looked pretty awesome. It was definitely exciting and then ROH had to kill it. I think this was a dumb move since Santi was looking good. Santi may have earned some more ROH bookings from this. Santi double stomped a leaned over TD and TD got thrown but did a handspring out of the throw here in the two big highlights of the match. They also did front kicked each other at the same time.
Scum jumped both men and Rhino speared Santi.
Corino got on the mic and said Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem will destroy ROH and they said due to their beating on Steen, Steen will never be seen here again. Nigel came down.
Nigel said Scum was dissolving and Corino said they were growing. He said he created Steen and he is the voice of reason and said, "I am god".
Nigel brought out Lethal and Elgin and told them to get out.  Corino said, "you don't tell god what to do". He called Hardy his "spiritual son" and said Hardy would be the last ROH champ. Nigel said none of the Scum wankers will ever get a shot, so Scum will never have the ROH title again.
Corino ripped on Nigel. He said he watched "that stupid documentary you shill" and called it a "stupid piece of shit". He also said Nigel used to complain about the fans and money. Nigel then said at Border Wars, it will be Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin vs Scum. If Scum wins, they get a title shot. If ROH wins, Corino leaves ROH. Corino said "No". He said he would only agree to this match if he could be a commentator as well until "this company is dead". He also said he would speak the truth and wouldn't be allowed to be censored.
Nigel got in the ring and said, "Corino, I'll see you in Border Wars". Corino said, "No, Nigel. You'll see me next week". Corino was good here but this segment went way too long.

Inside Ring of Honor
Jay Briscoe was with his family and told Steen and Scum he would kill them. He then asked Cole, "Who the hell do you think you are?" and said "your ass is mine".
ACH said he's glad people don't think he can win the TV title against Matt Taven tonight as he wants to surprise them. He said you can't get into his heart and he is motivated to win.
Mark Briscoe said he was born to be the TV champ. Mark Briscoe said he wanted ACH to win tonight as Matt Taven has probably caught something hanging around with Truth Martini and he didn't want it. Mark Briscoe said he caught something from the tractor a few years back but, "don't worry about that". I hope I'm not the only one that would have prefered Mark Briscoe winning the title over Jay Briscoe.

They hyped Michael Elgin vs Karl Anderson for next week and said we would learn more about Kevin Steen and Scum.

ROH Television Title - Matt Taven vs ACH
Mark Briscoe was on commentary. They cut out most of Taven's entrance choosing to instead show highlights of his match with ACH at War and saying "it was too hot for TV". If it means less Truth playing with himself, I'm all for it.
This is for you Max.

Matt Taven won with a spike bulldog. The match was okay to good but disappointing. The commercials skipped too much of this and the "hoopla" with Truth interfering, especially near the finish brought it down. ACH looked good here though and it pretty much set now in ROH. Taven didn't get to show much though. The highlights here were ACH's usual offense along with Taven hitting a roll of the dice while ACH was hanging off the apron. The finish came when Scarlett got up on the apron for the distraction and ACH got tripped by Truth for the finish.

Overall thoughts: This was the dirty finish show with all of the matches having dirty finishes. There was too much talk as well so I'm giving this one a thumbs down. A shame too since Corino's mic work was good but went on too long and the last two matches had legit chances to be very good but got ruined by other circumstances.

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  1. I would have nothing against for a date with Scarlett :*
    This weeks matches weren't very good. Main event too short (2nd time in a row). Segments with SCUM OK.
    So this week, watch once and don't come back to this.